Tuesday, March 24, 2009


By Roni Bell Sylvester

Some old posts on Socialism, Al Gore, Taxes...
Socialism is the main concern of well-informed Americans. Thus, the disparity amongst those who are presently voting. Because the majority of those who will vote in the General Election are illiterate, and truly believe that the candidates who promise them the sky...are rich, and will take that money out of their own pockets and give it to them.
This will fare well for socialist programs, and be the ultimate doom for our Republic.
I will vote for any candidate, regardless their gender, ethnicity, religion, political party, who publicly disavows socialism of any hint.
One who will be pro-active enough to stop harmful disease and bioterrorism, at the border, instead of trying to figure out how to manage mortality once it's seeped in. I will vote for the candidate who will stop the destructive actions of European Union, illegal immigration, Endangered Species Act, Conservation Easements, LOST, and any other action that threatens us through the taking of our land and water out of resource production.

I plagiarize abundantly from the "un-tainted, un-slanted, un-biased verifiable facts from www.GoodNeighborLaw.com
If Mr. Gore is so correct, then why doesn't his defend his product? He won't, because he knows his theory has been blasted full of holes by scientists. He cannot risk having his scam exposed. He is not a saint. The man is a crook of global proportions.
The kind of guy who would, after reading your blind defense of him, laughs at you.
GW is no saint either. He's royally sold us out. A major dissapointment.
McCain too. Mostly everyone in government is beholden to enviros. It's a sad deal.
By the way, what steps are you taking to prepare for a socialistic government?
Regardless who our next president is - Hillary, Barack, John - that's exactly what we'll have!
And are you planting a garden - one that will meet all the NEPA, ESA, clean water regs?
If not, you better, for if Mr. Gore is successful in shutting down farming that's where we'll be.
Oh and lastly - produce at farmers markets will be much, much higher this season, because of fuel costs.
Request for Al Gore to debate
Good Morning Kalee

Please encourage Mr. Al Gore to debate Lord Monckton.
We've recommended CBS bring back Mr. Gore and have Leslie Stahl moderate such debate.
I'm sure Mr. Gore would welcome opportunity to dispel any notions contraire to his beliefs.
Additionally, we're certain Mr. Gore would be absolutely appalled if he knew our children are being exploited (Schools propagandizing "save the polar bear, save the wolf, change climate change, I.D. the premise your livestock show animal resides, and on.), by a handful of entities who seek a windfall of wealth through the destruction of America's resource producers. Thank you. Roni

Dear Roni. Mr. Gore does not believe that a debate is required to clarify the matter in the way you describe. Cheers, Kalee

Here we are a year later,and look where we are: Knee deep in Socialism!
The way out? Transition out "income" tax, and replace it with an Equitable Consumption tax.
Who's up for this? Anyone?

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