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Roni Bell Sylvester Going to give ya'll a little different way of viewing this: Property Rights. Entities have historic gas, oil, mineral and water rights in Colorado. 
Gov. Hickenlooper constantly reminds us, "Golly gee. YOU, owners of Gas, Oil, Mineral (GOM) and water 
rights MUST give up those rights to make way for population growth!"
Those of us who have those rights ask, "Governor, why do we have to give up our food growing water for toilet flushing water? Why don't you shoot straight with those wanting to move here, and honestly inform them, 'you are now moving to a semi-arid desert that's dependent on snowpack and precip for the water. In other words folks, water is limited. And, since you like food (farmers markets and farm to plate...), please know it takes 'water' to grow food. Some of you moving here should know that we have this thing called cold weather. You might want to stay warm, and that takes energy production. Some of you even like to drive a vehicle to the mountains where you hike, ski, fish etc. It takes again, energy production to fuel your vehicle."
Colorado simply does NOT have the water to supplement the projected population growth without taking it away from ag and energy production. That's an undeniable fact. 
But Governor Hickenlooper and his cohorts do not care a whit about anyone's future. They care only about making money for themselves in the here and now. Therefore, developers develop and use their windfalls to buy off politicians and so it goes. 
Solutions: 1) Reinstate Water Engineers administration of water in prior appropriation. 2) Mandate developers provide "full disclosure" as to the locations of GOM owners so buyers have a choice as to whether or not they're buying close to a future production site. 3) Property Owner who - in their efforts to protect their property - is forced to accrue 'down time' should be compensated equal to whoever's threatening a 'take" of their property. 
Lastly, I live on a farm that has three water sources, a multitude of production sites, livestock and crop production. ALL - including us 2 old gray haired farmers, work and thrive in harmony. 
When the sandboxes, pots, veggie trucks, tankers etc. roar past our home by the hundreds, we thank the Lord people have jobs and people are being fed and kept warm.
It's all about property rights. Yes, you have the right to move here...but you don't have the right to steal another's property.


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Dean Frei I'm a Colorado native my family were farmers and land owners over the years since the late 1800s we have lost all of our land to greedy government land grabs all in the name of progress. I have seen the state I love be over ran by people coming here from other states and I see the results. Farms going away for subdivisions water supplies dwindling because of over use and I have seen those that come here try to change our way of life to fit theirs. I agree with your statements 100%. I believe it's time to stop the constant building it's time to say sorry folks we are full go somewhere else. Thank you for your post.

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Problem: Non-historic high water table S.Platte River 
Solution: Reaffirm South Platte River Vested Water Property
HB 1278 study of the South Platte Alluvial Aquifer.
Dr. Reagan Waskom recommendations:
Mitigate Localized High Water Table Conditions; Increase augmentation plan efficiency; Implement basin-wide management;
HB ________Reaffirms 1278 and applies its recommendations as follows:

1. Reaffirm Colorado Statutes as pertaining to South Platte River Vested Water Property.
2. There shall be no agreement, decree, diversion or court decision made, that violates the Constitution of the
3. State of Colorado or established Colorado statutes as pertaining to South Platte River Vested Water Property.
4. Reaffirmation of Colorado Statutes will "Mitigate localized high water table conditions."

Reference: This document reflects changes current through all laws passed at the First Regular Session of the Sixty-Ninth General Assembly of the State of Colorado (2013) *** 
Vested Water Property 
C.R.S. 37-82-104 (2013)
37-82-104. Not to impair vested rights
Nothing in sections 37-82-103 to 37-82-105 shall be construed to amend or repeal section 37-82-102; or impair, diminish, or destroy any valid appropriation of water for any beneficial use which has been made or decreed in accordance with law; or modify, amend, or affect any decree of court or the statutes limiting the time wherein appropriators must appear for determination of priorities of right for diversions from natural streams or the decisions of the courts construing the statutes.
C.R.S. 38-30-102 (2013)
38-30-102. Water rights conveyed as real estate - well permit transfers - legislative declaration - definitions 

5. Colorado Statutes affirms the conditions under which diversions are allowed or disallowed. Adherence to these conditions will
6. "Increase augmentation plan efficiency."

No diversions allowed
C.R.S. 37-81-101 (2013)
37-81-101. Diversion of water outside state - application required - special conditions – penalty 
 “…it is unlawful for any person, including a corporation, association, or other entity, to divert, carry, or transport by ditches, canals, pipes, conduits, natural streams, watercourses, or any other means any of the water resources found in this state into any other state for use therein…”

7.  by its course of reaffirmation of Vested Water Property, date of
8. Adjudication and yearly quantity will prevail, and the South Platte River 9. will correct itself, and, Implementation of basin-wide management will 10. be achieved. 

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Roni Bell Sylvester & Lord Christopher Monckton April 2012

Scanning through Colorado's General Assembly bills 2018, I found a worthy bill wherein "organizations and individuals that provide leadership in response to climate change" would be awarded. 
Should Representative Hooton's bill pass and become law, we would be honored if the committee would consider our nomination of  Lord Christopher Monckton. 
Brief background: April 2012, Lord Christopher Monckton traveled from his home in the U.K., to Denver, Colorado.
In the Old Supreme Court Chambers at our state's capitol, Lord Monckton gave a world class address on Climate Change, that was enthusiastically received by all in attendance! 

Lord Monckton has dedicated over 2 decades of his life, selflessly traveling the world, educating governments, organizations and individuals, on Climate Change. 
Here's a bit more information on Lord Monckton: 
We'd be honored to provide our letter of nomination in the formal manner, once the bill is passed and submission details provided to the public. 
Thank you Representative Hooton. For taking time to recognize individuals who are leaders in the world of Climate Change. 

Charles W. and Ronita M. Sylvester
PS: Should a qualifier be confined to Coloradans only, we will be honored to nominate individuals including Dr. Richard Keen, Tony Heller, Cork Hayden and Dr. Bill Gray (posthumously).
Global consideration, there are many including Patrick Moore, Dr. Richard Lindzen, Dr. Willie Soon, Dr. Fred Singer, Steve Milloy, Dr. David Legates, Chris Horner and Dr. Robert Carter (posthumously). 

Video produced in Denver, Colorado by Jay C. Hutcheson 

Regular Session Seventy-first General Assembly
Bill Summary (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced and does not reflect any amendments that may be subsequently adopted. If this bill passes third reading in the house of introduction, a bill summary that applies to the reengrossed version of this bill will be available at The bill adds the duty to develop a Colorado climate leadership awards program to the responsibilities of the climate change position. The program will award organizations and individuals that provide leadership in response to climate change. HOUSE SPONSORSHIP Hooton, SENATE SPONSORSHIP (None), Shading denotes HOUSE amendment. Double underlining denotes SENATE amendment. Capital letters or bold & italic numbers indicate new material to be added to existing statute. Dashes through the words indicate deletions from existing statute. 1 Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Colorado: 2 SECTION 1. In Colorado Revised Statutes, 24-20-111, amend 3 (2) as follows: 4 24-20-111. Climate change position created - duties - report. 5 (2) The duties of the position created pursuant to subsection (1) of this 6 section include, at a minimum: 7 (a) Development and periodic update of a climate action plan or 8 similar document that sets forth a strategy, including specific policy 9 recommendations, that the state could use to address climate change and 10 reduce its greenhouse gas emissions; and 11 (b) Collaboration with other entities regarding climate change 12 preparedness studies; AND 13 (c) DEVELOPMENT OF A COLORADO CLIMATE LEADERSHIP AWARDS 14 PROGRAM. THE PROGRAM WILL RECOGNIZE OUTSTANDING 15 ORGANIZATIONAL AND INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP IN RESPONSE TO CLIMATE 16 CHANGE.THE PERSON WHO HOLDS THE POSITION CREATED IN SUBSECTION 17 (1) OF THIS SECTION MAY COLLABORATE WITH A PUBLIC OR PRIVATE 18 ENTITY COMMITTED TO ADDRESSING THE EFFECTS OF CLIMATE CHANGE. 19 THE AWARD REQUIREMENTS MUST BE BASED ON OBJECTIVE SCIENTIFIC 20 CRITERIA DESIGNED TO MEASURE THE ACTUAL OR ANTICIPATED EFFECT OF 21 SPECIFIC ACTIONS INTENDED TO REDUCE GREENHOUSE GASES AND 22 EMISSIONS. TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR AN AWARD, AN ENTITY MUST HAVE A 23 PHYSICAL LOCATION IN COLORADO, AND AN INDIVIDUAL MUST RESIDE IN 24 COLORADO. THE PERSON WHO HOLDS THE POSITION CREATED IN 25 SUBSECTION (1) OF THIS SECTION MAY SEEK, ACCEPT, AND EXPEND GIFTS, 26 GRANTS, OR DONATIONS FROM PRIVATE OR PUBLIC SOURCES FOR THE 27 PURPOSES OF THIS SUBSECTION (2)(c). THE PERSON WHO HOLDS THE -2- HB18-1080 1 POSITION CREATED IN SUBSECTION (1) OF THIS SECTION MUST ACCEPT AND 2 CONSIDER APPLICATIONS FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING AWARDS: 3 (I) AN ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP AWARD RECOGNIZING 4 ORGANIZATIONS ADOPTING COMPREHENSIVE GREENHOUSE GAS 5 INVENTORY AND EMISSION REDUCTION GOALS; 6 (II) AN INDIVIDUAL LEADERSHIP AWARD RECOGNIZING PERSONS 7 WHO ENGAGE PEERS AND PARTNERS IN RESPONSE TO CLIMATE CHANGE; 8 (III) A SUPPLY CHAIN LEADERSHIP AWARD RECOGNIZING 9 ORGANIZATIONS ADOPTING COMPREHENSIVE GREENHOUSE GAS 10 INVENTORY AND EMISSION REDUCTION GOALS IN AN ORGANIZATION'S 11 SUPPLY CHAIN; 12 (IV) A GOAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD RECOGNIZING ORGANIZATIONS 13 THAT PUBLICLY REPORT AND ACHIEVE GREENHOUSE GAS AND EMISSION 14 REDUCTION GOALS; AND 15 (V) AN INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIP AWARD RECOGNIZING 16 COLLABORATIONS THAT SET MEASURABLE GOALS FOR GREENHOUSE GAS 17 REDUCTION. 18 SECTION 2. Act subject to petition - effective date. This act 19 takes effect at 12:01 a.m. on the day following the expiration of the 20 ninety-day period after final adjournment of the general assembly (August 21 8, 2018, if adjournment sine die is on May 9, 2018); except that, if a 22 referendum petition is filed pursuant to section 1 (3) of article V of the 23 state constitution against this act or an item, section, or part of this act 24 within such period, then the act, item, section, or part will not take effect 25 unless approved by the people at the general election to be held in 26 November 2018 and, in such case, will take effect on the date of the 27 official declaration of the vote thereon by the governor. -3- HB18-1080

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Want to know the tie between cigars and perfect thefts? Read on...
by Roni Bell  1/16/2018

Keep this in mind hereon: The only way one can work a perfect theft, is by breaking laws.
A perfect theft begins with thieves who enlist legislators from both parties, news outlets, county attorneys, state AG's and the U.S. Department of Justice.
Together, they find property they want to take. Without property owner's permission, they use it in their prospectus.
With stolen property they gain funding enough to break ground on...stolen property.
Property owner notices activity on their property. But the thieves are so far along, property owner's attempt to stop them is futile.
As stolen property generates revenue for thieves it reduces property owner's revenue.
Property owner continues to try and stop thieves. But can't. For thieves collusion is so tight, it protects their perfect theft.
Using their media partners, thieves get public sentiment behind them with messages like, "Look what we're doing for YOU. We're giving you clean water, air, landscapes blah, blah blah. We work hard for you and future generations."
Now the public’s involved. They hammer the property owner, and the thieves go play.
The stolen property bears big fruit, exotic cars, wine, diamonds and travel for the thieves. Over fine dining at "the Brown," they brag while puffing on fine Cuban cigars.
Property owner goes to the capitol and pleads with the legislators. But they're busy heading to the Brown.
Left to their own means, hiring attorneys, taking out time from their jobs and more, property owner finally becomes physically, mentally and financially exhausted.
Thieves care not about anyone's future. They care only about their own - here and now!
Now that you have a clearer understanding of a perfect theft, here's what you can do to stop perfect thieving. Ask questions: Whose property are you using? Are you using property owner’s property in your materials? If yes, do you have their permission to do so? Can you show me a signed agreement with property owner? Provide contact information of all involved (includes money sources). Will you intend to, or have you trespassed? Who will gain? Who will be harmed?
Demand the answers in writing. If refused, don't proceed.
Should you proceed anyway, know that you're a willing participant in a perfect theft.

And I pray God he'll give you such a pang of guilt you'll choke on your cigar.


Resolving Illegal Immigration 
By Roni Bell 1/16/2018

Give illegal immigrants and childhood arrivals of age 30 days to secure and show proof of sponsorship (employer, Mother country etc.). 
Sponsor is mandated to assume fiduciary responsibility (education/medical etc.) for illegal immigrant and any underage child, until illegal immigrant becomes a U.S. Citizen. 
If, as claimed, all illegal immigrants of age are employed and pay taxes, this will be easy to implement. 
Any immigrant found without a sponsor should be deported, and Mother country pay deportation costs.