Monday, February 20, 2017


The Pueblo Chieftain
Gentle Folks:
It is with great pleasure that we read in The Chieftain that electricity from wind and solar is becoming cheaper than electricity from natural gas.
The reason this is great news is that we can now save over ten billion dollars of taxpayers’ money every year. The renewable-energy industry no longer needs subsidies, investment tax credits, and production tax credits. They no longer need double-declining depreciation tax breaks and local tax breaks, because their product is very cheap and very competitive. Utilities will no longer to be forced to buy solar electricity from consumers at retail rates (as is now required by net-metering laws). Because solar and wind are so cheap, we will no longer need Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (mandates) to force utilities to get energy from these renewables.
In fact, Pueblo won’t need City Council’s resolution to get 100 percent of our energy from renewables by 2035, because the low price of wind and solar will get us there without any action by the Council.
One caveat: Don’t ride in elevators powered by solar and wind, because you might get stuck for a few days. But that’s a small price to pay for having cheap energy.
Best Regards,
Howard C. Hayden


What Happen November 8, 2016?
Years back, a person came through our home, saw Sarah Palin's book on our counter, and turned it face down. 
It was a gift to me from Chuck, for he knew I'd been following Palin ever since she had to sue the federal government - just for the right for Alaska to produce. 
Putting Sarah's face down, ended up being prophetic and symbolic of these past 8 years. 
How's that?
President Obama's administration started putting middle Americans face down. 
Then Obama's supporters followed suit. 
Emboldened by this, Obama's whole kit and kaboodle ramped up their face down treatment of middle Americans. 
Obama became the leader of feral humans who spit at and tagged middle Americans as racists, homophobes, misogynists, Nazis, redneck assholes, animal haters, fascists, water dirtiers, environment destroyers, climate deniers and right wing stupid morons. 
Obama's people got away with destroying private property, sending swat teams after innocent property owners, heaping on crippling false regulation violation charges, followed by jailing some, imprisoning others and shooting one. 
Even the pollsters didn't "see" middle Americans, because they were "face-down." 
Wanting only to "work and raise good families," the face-down Americans finally said "ENOUGH! I can't breathe!" 
They flipped themselves over, and voted for Donald Trump. 
Now you know what happen on November 8, 2016.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Rants against President Trump, respective of his passion to protect Americans, saddens me. 
Why? Because I offered a draft bill to our General Assembly that simply asks that Property Owners on government land have Equal Standing to government employees. 
It's been tabled. Why? "It's too complicated," they tell me.
I'm only a H.S. grad/homemaker/farmgirl. But I understand it clearly.
So when people demand equal rights for illegal immigrants, while I fail to make headway for equal rights for U.S. Citizens, yes. I get just a little steamed up.
You want to talk about detained?
Then talk to Chuck Sylvester, and how government refuses to "justly compensate" him for housing excess feral horses. Government "detainment" has accrued to over a million dollars.
You want to talk about detained?
Then talk to the farmers in Klamath Falls area, and how government refuses to "justly compensate" them for its "water takings."
You want to talk about detained?
Then talk to your local farmers, and how government takes their water and doesn't "justly compensate." They're being detained from growing crops, and therefore detained in earning a living. Government adds more injury to the farmers by "flooding them out."
You want to about detained?
Then talk to Carol Bundy, and how her loved ones are being detained; without due process.
You want to talk about detained?
Then talk to the Hammond family, and how their livelihoods and very lives are being detained, for "not committing a crime."
You want to talk about detained?
Then talk to Jeanette Finicum, and the way her husband was permanently "detained," for trying to drive from one place to another...within the U.S.
There are hundreds of examples of U.S. Citizens being "detained" their rights to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I offered you some of the many I know "personally" who've been "detained."
 How about protecting the rights of U.S. Citizens first. Then if you have any time left over to whine, then whine.

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Heck! I don't know. When I review #hatehoarder threads, it's as though I've wandered into the Saul Alinsky country of ridicule.
A country where the inhabitants barf out their words of slang that pertain to the gynecological, urological, scatological gymnastic contortions they order you to do...should you question all.
They're definitely not equal opportunity believers, for their demands exceed the abilities of geriatrics in diapers, those under pancreatic cancer treatment, have had limbs removed or are paralyzed, are cancer survivors of prostate/testicular/breast/cervical (and so on). 
They hate. They're cruel. They're crude. They're a blight on civility.
They're tragic messes of wordsmithers who haven't learned the word love.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Dear President Trump,
Please ignore the hatehoarders. Each time you give them attention (through tweets/whatever), you give them more fire to burn good people.
Hatehoarders belong to the Saul Alinsky brainwashed cult. I know this because I read them. Void of independent thinking, they write and mumble from Saul's script.
You gave us "a voice." 
But each time you respond to an Alinsky cultist, they go into over-slug trying to silence any who thinks outside Saul's script.
Here's the picture: You tweet about a cultist. Cultist and the whole damn cult immediately corners then black and blues any person whose original thoughts differ from Saul's script.
It's pretty damn ugly out here in the field. Really ugly. Think wolverine. 
I just want everyone to be safe. 
So please, President Trump. Pick battles that won't black and blue us, the original thinkers.
Thank you.