Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fascism Came and Parked Its Fat Ass on My Life

Fascism Came and Parked Its Fat Ass on My Life

Each morning I awake pondering, “What can I possibly write that will help the layperson get a better understanding of reality?” 
Each night my last thought is, “What can I do to encourage vile behaving people become thoughtful loving people?”
Still at a loss, it just now hit! Pick one thing that is begging to be addressed. And that is the gross misuse of the word Fascism.
People flip about the word fascism like so many stale pancakes. 
Puffed up as self-appointed authorities on everything, they blah, blah on and on, “So and so’s a fascist!”  Most I’ve witnessed have so little real knowledge about fascists, they see not their self-describing…as a fascist!
Bear with me here. Not being college educated, you won’t read any big fancy words, verbal gymnastics or legalize. What I’ll try to relate instead, is my truth. My truth as in how fascism came and parked its fat ass on my life!
Let's start with the bare bones definition of fascism. Fascism is denied use of property. 
An example: A fascist will help themselves to your car. They won’t “steal” it. They’ll just inform you, “You can’t use it.” 
You're still held to making payments and taking care of the insurance and maintenance, while they drive it. 
When they return your car, it's an un-drivable pile of junk. They'll arrogantly state, “Sue me. I have the DOJ (Department of Justice) on my side.”
How do they get the DOJ on their side? Usually by partnering with bureaucrats (aka government employees and elected officials). 
The very foundation of America is built on the right to acquire and enjoy private property. This right is what makes America a desirous place to thrive in.  
Though fascists equally enjoy that right, they have some kind of tic in their brain that makes them want to deny YOU that right!
Property rights include freedom of speech, right to bear arms, the song/joke/play/book you wrote, choice of doctor or school, and opportunity to toil in the soil or play on a stage.
Why deny one use of their property rights? If your bent is to “control” your neighbor and seize their property, it's the sneakiest, quietest, most effective way to do so.
I understand Domestic Resource Providers (DRP) better than other industries, so I’ll use them as an example of Property Owners who are fascist targets. 
Because DRP – aka logger, fisherman, farmer, rancher, energy provider - generally own Property that holds valuable land, water, gas, oil or mineral resources, they’ve been a main target of fascists for years. Fascists lust over DRP Property! 
Although fascists deploy many ingenious actions to seize control of DRP Property, here are three main ways: Endangered Species Act (ESA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and Monument Designations.

But first, they Trespass!

Please own this fact! No one, including government employees, may access your property without your permission, a warrant, or extenuating circumstances like fire and a ditch rider. Accessing one's property without their permission is trespass. Trespass is illegal!
It’s unlikely a fascist gets permission from a Private Property Owner before they jump on their Property and begin denying its use. 
And everyone knows how cavalier some bureaucrats are about tromping onto private property without Owner's permission! 
So the first step a fascist takes, is an illegal one into trespass!
Trespass includes physical presence, drones and google earth. They can be considered relatively innocent until the fascist includes Property in their propaganda. 
Using other people’s property is how fascists get government grants and other contributions that build and sustain their power and revenue stream.
If Property is on Federal Land, fascists begin a trespass when they gather samples of Property's water, take photographs, measure forage stubble height and meddle with gates, fences and easements. 
Again. This would be innocuous if they didn’t use Property in their propaganda materials.
Everyone knows it’s against the law to use another’s Property without their permission! But they do it anyway. 
When they FOIA government, they’re not supposed to get Proprietary Information. But they do! Otherwise, how do fascists gain access to your physical address and personal business dealings?  While they enjoy anonymity. 
Their bureaucrat partners enjoy immunity and DOJ protections. 
Now you know why a fascist/bureaucrat partnership is one sly way to seize control of Property.
Some private entities even file for Metropolitan Utility District (MUD) status, just so they can flex the muscle of eminent domain and or condemnation, and collect taxes.

Endangered Species Act

Fascists misuse the Endangered Species Act by claiming something on Property “might be vulnerable, threatened, endangered.” They order shut down of grazing, tilling, drilling etc. while they take a “look see.” The look see goes on into perpetuity! They’ve won, the minute they’ve denied use of Property.
To backup my claims, check out these things: Spotted Owl denied logging, faux Salmon denied fishing and land Ag, common Preble’s mouse and polar bears denied resource production and building of needed facilities, Sage Grouse denied grazing and Whooping Cranes deny agriculture water.
Please be acutely cognizant of the fact that fascists factor everything into their equation, including: Schedule meetings, tours and testimonies during the busiest seasons for the Domestic Resource Provider. 
Fascists are PAID to set up meetings etc. DRP LOSE money. Fascists KNOW this and use it well to wear down DRP.
The Fascist will drag DRP into litigations, and kill their revenue source by denying them use of their property.  Property Owner becomes so physically, mentally and financially exhausted they’re left with one choice: Give up!  
You won’t see one, not one “Here’s how to increase your profit margin” hawker address the diminished profit margin caused by fascist actions. 
Fascism is particularly onerous to price receivers like a cow-calf producer.
It’s classic Wall Street Hostile Takeover 101.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Here, the Property Owner gets slammed with so many unconstitutional regulations, the fascists seize property via “regulatory takings.”
Again, I remind you, the first thing a fascist does before they slap on a regulation, is break the law by trespassing. 
Long ago fascists seized control of the EPA. Since, they use it to choke down DRP using the Waters of the U.S, Clean Water Act, wetlands, emissions, Climate Change and more.
I could elaborate in detail, but for now, I’ll leave you with this fact: There are innocent individuals whose lives have been absolutely destroyed, due to EPA trespass and subsequent “made up” regulations.
Note: A “judge’s decision” is NOT law. A “regulation” is NOT law. Only State General Assemblies and Congress can make law. Period!

Monument Designations

If a President of the United States wants to “make a deal” with a personal contributor (like Bill Clinton did trading S. Central Utah for contributions from Indonesians), their ultra-liberal voter base or whatever, all they have to do is make sweeping land mass declarations that exceed the defines of the Antiquities Act.
As part of their psychological warfare, fascists used to appoint females (I don’t know if they still do.) as monument directors. Why? Monuments are always in wide open spaces mostly inhabited with well-mannered cowboys who’d never deck a woman.
Though I could continue on, and in more detail, I’ll stop here with an assignment for you. Some celebrities who own more than say 1 acre include Mark Ruffalo, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Martha Stewart, Julia Roberts, Barbra Streisand, Michael Keaton, Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Rosanne Barr, Sheryl Crow and Ted Turner.
Your assignment is to figure out why none (to our knowledge) have ever been subjected to fascists denying them use of their property. 
Have fascists ever planted wolves on their property? Or claimed to have found a vulnerable plant or critter, coerced them into a conservation easement, charged them with a regulation violation or  designated their Property as a wetland or monument? 
Have fascists trespassed their property barking alleged permit violations at them? 
Here’s what I can guarantee you. If any one of the before mentioned had to contend with fascists, equal to what our DRP's deal with, they wouldn't have one minute to sing, act, play in the dirt, or ridicule and scold Domestic Resource Providers! 
See if you can find out their secret. The one that prevents fascism from parking its fat ass on their lives. Domestic Resource Providers will be eager to use it! I know I sure will!

Thank you. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Have you ever been threatened? 

by Roni Bell 

While watching James Comey last July, my gut instinct shouted, "He's been threatened!" 
All these months later, my gut instinct still considers that someone whispered to him, "Sure hope nothing happens to one of your loved ones," knowing full well that if Comey even uttered that occurrence, they could dismiss him with - "Oh. Poor Comey. He's clearly lost it." 
I've witnessed first hand the intimidation manipulation threat of individuals, in particular older predatory men on young women and gay men. 
In the early 90's, I thought Colorado would be a terrific place for the film industry. After all, it has everything except an ocean. A film producer told me, "Get right to work for CO and I'll be there in a heartbeat!"
So I forged ahead. BAM! Union thugs blocked me from capitol doorways with their physical muscle and blinding camera flashes. 
Colorado's still not a right to work state. So instead of passing cost free to taxpayers RTW, Governor Hickenlooper just gives away taxpayer dollars to film producers. 
When I first began speaking up on land and water theft, the thieves and their chumps stupidly showed their colors many ways including: Patronizing me; telling me stuff like, "No, no. Don't talk to them. We'll handle this," and circulating emails that suggested I'd lost my mind. 
To date, each time I ask a water thief, "Where are you getting your water?" they smirk and break into a fancy dance. 
 Please grasp this fact folks: A "threat" is the most effective way to shut someone down. It's the finest form of "entrapment." 
A combo of control freaks, America deconstructionists, gangs, thugs and perfect (as in Hemorrhoid free) assholes deploy every entrapment threat in their playbook against Donald Trump. Admittedly, it's kind of amusing to witness his further enraging these vile people, by simply "tweeting" them away. 
If you've never been threatened, then at least have the courtesy to restrain from ridiculing and couch coaching replays of those who have. 
Thank you.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


Listening to Chuck Schumer, this realization hit! 
Do the trace back folks. Do the trace back! Each and every property rights protection offered, progressives vehemently oppose. 
They WANT YOUR private property! Period!
If you're an urbanite, you're probably thinking, "So what! Those greedy bastard farmers use water to grow food, when WE want that water to swim, float and grow houses with! Damn farmers!" 
Or, you're thinking, "Those greedy bastard ranchers! They're using land to grow things on when WE want that land to hike, bike and watch feral horses run on!" Damn ranchers. 
Well folks. Think. Just think for a minute. Native Americans antiquities and wildlife have roamed every acre of America. Yet New York and Los Angeles residents have NEVER had one hour of their work or play interrupted by government and such as TNC, Sierra Club or Center for Biological Diversity demands, "Give us your land and water NOW! We found a shard! You must leave Manhattan Island for we're going to designate it a monument!" 
Or, "Barbra! Move off Point Dume! We have to plant wolves there to return it to its original habitat." 
Schumer claimed the estate tax was needed because it taxed whatever income level. He completely left out ALL family farmers and ranchers who lose their farms and ranches due to estate taxes. 
But think about it. Of course a progressive would NEVER want to end estate tax, because it'd remove one of their propaganda tools for taking control of your land and water through conservation easements.
How's that? 
Well just listen to the C.E. pitch: "If you let us control your property, that will put estate tax at bay."
Yeh right. And the birds will be singing and the sun will be shining...for THEM. Because they get what they want: YOUR property! 
Urbanites. Do the trace back yourself. Then THINK for crying out loud! Progressives get the rural properties first...then they'll come after yours. 
So yes. We're willing to keep hearing you call us names and arrogantly denigrate us (just listen to Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey and Nancy Pelosi), because we know that it's only a matter of time before they WILL come after you. 
We're just being proactive by saying "No. Your thievery stops here!" 
 The ONLY time a progressive will pay any attention to us, is when they include our private property in their prospectuses; even though it's against the law to use someone else's property, without their permission, for personal enrichment. 
 I mean hell! Look what Bill Clinton did to the communities in South Central Utah. He shut down pre-existing jobs and made damn sure a job in the pipeline (Andulax) never fired up, just to pay off his Indonesian contributors. Boy! Talk about something screaming for investigation! 
Anyway, if Leonardo DiCaprio, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, Oprah Winfrey, Al Gore or Nancy Pelosi spent 1 month trading places with any Domestic Resource Provider, I guarantee you you'd never hear another peep outta any of them, for none would have the time, money or energy to bitch about anything; except maybe how damn exhausted they were about fighting themselves! 
Do the trace back folks: Al Gore's AGW scam, monument designations, WOTUS, endangered species, EPA regs, conservation easements and so on...are ALL ploys to seize control of private property.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's YOUR property too!

Written October 2011
OK. Been thinking about gross abuse by government employees all night.
Past two weeks, I've done nothing but help individuals directly harmed by deliberate actions by government employees. And now I'm listening to the crap Eric Holder dishes out coupled with Obama's venture capitalism forays. These individuals go on and on and on NEVER being held- as individuals - accountable.
BP cleaned up the spill and paid fines. When the private sector screws up, they PAY.
When government screws up, they stick a gun in your back and demand PAY...MORE!!!
It's as though government employees KNOW they can walk into a bank, demand tellers - and customers empty their pockets, turn on the fire sprinklers and flood the place, yank extinguishers off the wall and lavishly spray them everywhere, riddle art work full of holes, arrest all bank employees under claims NOT of legal standing, cite the customers for patronizing the bank and having bubble gum on their shoes, leave crates of coyotes and determine the
surrounding private yards good places to dump off a few thousand feral horses, set all the trees on fire, and seize all the children in the bank- declare them government property and launch into teaching them self-masturbation, then shove wind turbines and solar panels into your view shed, all in the name of "public good."
Can you tell I'm just a tiny bit angry?
Update: 4/19/17
Found out the Army Corps of Engineers allegedly has "millions" to spend on "water projects" in Colorado. And all property owners have to do to get a little bit of those dollars, is to *"bank" their private property in Conservation Easements.
Quick fact: Army Corps of Engineers has no authority over "water" in CO.
If you're interested in learning the facts about such, I could explain it fully; with backup from Dr. Angus McIntosh, Debbie Bacigalupi, Ramona Morrison and more.
Folks. This is the same damn formula being used to "seize" water - in particular- in states under Prior Appropriation.
The difference between 2011 and today? I'm no longer angry.
Neither my or any private property owner’s anger makes a whit of difference to bureaucrats nor NGO's. For they are either stupid, or complicit. They're on a mission, and YOU, the private property owners is in their way!
Plus. Since 2011, Chuck and I had that little thing called the "Friday the 13th Flood." It interrupted us.
The challenge? Trying to help you, the urbanite, understand that our work is not exclusive only unto rural property owners. We're protecting our property today, so you won't have to protect yours tomorrow.
Every day I hear about the exotic trips people take, "learning the language, culture and customs of "other
countries." Never do I hear about a "trip into the country" where one learns the language, culture and customs of ranchers and farmers.
Presently, we have a General Assembly that's more concerned about giving special rights to illegal immigrants, vagrants and fluid genders, than equal rights to property owners.
As I stated to a fellow farmer last night, "As far as the people I know personally in our General Assembly, there's two who can't be bought off. And those who can't buy them off are making damn sure they make their lives a living hell. Nice eh?"

*"bank" - Same damn formula used to "seize" water - mostly in states under Prior Appropriation.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

UNION PACIFIC ACTION! Update on the Hwy 85 bridge...

Update as of 3/27/2017 

Dan Smith with Union Pacific contacted me on 3/22/2017.
On 3/27/2017, he met with me on location on the West side of Hwy 85  Union Pacific trestle and East side of Hwy 85 CDOT bridge; in other words, right between the trestle and the bridge.
We had a very productive visit, consummated  with his commitment to have his crew on location before one month - or April 27th. He projected that the trestle would gain an 80% efficiency.
Dan thanked me for bringing this to their attention. I thanked him, and told him that though we'd walked Governor Hickenlooper around the bridges in 2014, to date he hadn't initiated any action to get it cleaned.
Only Weld County Commissioner Julie Cozad, has tried to help.
I asked if he knew a Johnny Olson, a contact name I'd been given, and he hadn't.
He told me the Hwy 85 Union Pacific trestle - originally wooden - was built in 1867. They've done a great job of maintaining for a 150 years!
Highway 85 came long after (maybe even 75 years after...I forget now), and well, not so good at maintenance!
Dan committed to: a) Clearing out the tall willows on the  north west side of the trestle. b) Cleaning out the sediment wherever needed. c) Maybe removing some trees.
He also offered to remove the dead trees on the West side of CDOT's bridge, because "If whoever owns that property doesn't remove them, it's only a matter of time before they'll move down here and block up our trestle."
He then explained how any kind of blockage can create like a sandpaper action (my words) that could corrode the pillars, and showed me an example under CDOT's bridge.
We discussed Latham ditch's lack of maintenance and diversions, and how that added to the back up lake like problems.
I told him that in about 2008, Ensign was about to build their fence. The Latham ditch rider came and asked me to visit with them. We went to Bill Kidd (now deceased), project manager, and they worked it out so Latham could maintain their ditch. Maybe Latham's cleaned it once since? Chuck said "And that's the FIRST time Lathem cleaned their ditch -  to my recollection  - going back to 1940!"
I shared my speculations as to CDOT's lack of interest in maintaining their easement: Want pretty little multi-use paths along the Platte (We got a good laugh out of that.); want to slope the banks and plant petunias and inverted dead tree roots (which will of course rot quickly). And since the lower end's already overhydrated the upper end, decreasing the consumptive use value, they want the Platte to back up so some government agency can declare the whole bottom a "wetland."
Whatever "whoever's" motive, I know it's not good for the property owners along there!

 May 2015 on the west side looking South.
 May 2015 where Governor Hickenlooper, Chuck & I walked in April 2014.
 Early May 2015 looking west. Note the building sand bars. There are several "choke" points on the S. Platte, that encourage the "lake like" back up!
 June 2016 looking north on the west side of CDOT bridge
 June 2016 looking east on the west side
 Dan Smith with UP 3/27/17
 Looking west under the Hwy 85 bridge  - and example of how corrosion begins.
 Looking north along Hwy 85 - on the east side
 Looking north along Hwy 85 on the east side of CDOT bridge. If you look closely at the trestle, you can see a taller stand of willows. UP will remove them.

Update as of 3/22/2017

Zero action on the Union Pacific trestle and CDOT bridge on Hwy 85 between Evans and LaSalle, CO.
Haven't heard back from Dan Smith with U.P. 
Should we get significant rainfall, adjoining property owners west of the bridges, may count on being in a backed up lake.  
It's becoming apparent that CDOT and Union Pacific choose to leave untended, their easement/right of ways under their bridges. 
A reminder: "Left unattended, these log jams will jeopardize the public health and safety of Weld County residents. Leaving the log jams as is, could easily result in additional significant property damage; and more tragically the possible loss of human life."
Lack of action from Governor Hickenlooper (On about April 14, 2014, he walked under the Hwy 85 bridge with us.), CDOT and UP has us considering Colorado nuisance laws. Someone must be held liable for the damages they've caused, by basically maintaining a nuisance on their property. 
CDOT and UP are allowing an accumulation of debris, and maintaining their bridges in such conditions that they cause greater back up lake like flooding then has ever historically occurred. The U.P. bridge may have been built before our home was built in about 1903. But the HWY 85 bridge was built after. Regardless, we can prove our home was never flooded to the degree of the 2013 flood prior to the bridges and the stop of *senior well pumping. Chuck's grandfather would not have built there, nor would his parents been able to stay there if the area was prone to such flooding. 
*Judge Roger Klein stopped senior well pumping on the upper end of the South Platte. This overhydrated the area to such degree, that a 2012/13 study included as one recommendation, "start pumping wells again." Non-pumping has raised the water table from its historic 20ish feet to 2 feet and surfacing. We figure this is the 17" that destroyed the first floor of our home. We're looking into who should be held liable for creating this nuisance of the high water table.
Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester 3/22/17
Attached: CDOT 2017-04-01 report on the S. Platte

Following includes some cut and pasted correspondences from January 17, 2017 back to 2015. 
From: Roni Bell Sylvester
Sent: Tuesday, January 17, 2017 2:20 PM
Cc: Angus Mcintosh, Chuck Sylvester, Dan Ochsner, Kathy Werning
Subject: Re: Update re: U.P. bridge - - - Urgent matter for Weld County Commissioners

To: Dan Smith and David Zwick with Union Pacific,
and affected Property Owners along the S. Platte River

I forgot to note the date I visited with David Zwick (UP) and Dan Smith (UP) but I think was January 5, 2017.
David and or Dan, please correct or confirm. Thank you.
Anyway, I first explained the problem with the debri under both Hwy 85 bridge and UP trestle, to David Zwick. 
Shortly after,  Dan Smith called. We visited in depth for over an hour, and agreed that a location meeting would be essential. 
Then the Stock Show interrupted...So please forgive my lateness in this update.
David asked, "If UP cleans their right-of-way, and CDOT doesn't, then what?"
I answered, "That would remove liability from U.P."
Property Owners agree the river so low, now would be a good time for U.P. to clean up their right-of-way.
Thank you,
cc: David Zwick 
From: Roni Bell Sylvester
Sent: Monday, December 12, 2016 5:06 PM
Subject: Re: Update re: U.P. bridge - - - Urgent matter for Weld County Commissioners

Update on Hwy 85 bridge.

There's been zero progress. Talked with UP again on 11/23/16; they gave me a number for a "Seth" Frazee. I left 2-3 messages. Nothing.
Today I called UP again and a guy transferred me so fast I didn't get his name. I left a message on the "new number."
Kyle (Seth) Frazee called back. He explained that he was the "rails" guy, and that Dan Smith was "under the trestle" guy. He also explained that they didn't have the equipment available to clean under the bridge. I answered, "The farmers and ranchers along there have the equipment to clean - and our offer to do so was countered with, 'that'd be trespass.' I said letting the S.Platte form a lake and flood property was like a reverse trespass.
Then I called and left a message for Dan Smith.
It's beginning to look as though UP isn't interested in maintaining under their bridge.
From: Roni Bell Sylvester
Sent: Monday, November 7, 2016 4:57 PM
Subject: Fw: Update re: U.P. bridge - - - Urgent matter for Weld County Commissioners

November 7, 2016

I, Roni Bell Sylvester, spoke with "Abby" with Union Pacific (402-544-5000) regards update on the Hwy 85 UP trestle.
She found the record of my Sept 7th  conversation with "Alicia." After reviewing it, she said that UP had checked and found the trestle to be sound.
I told her there'd been no evidence of clean up, and asked if they'd addressed our complaint of debris/sediment/logs/willows etc.
She checked again and said no, and that the record apparently referred to assuring the trestle safety.
I answered, no, that we needed the debris cleaned out because it was backing up, creating a lake and flooding out residents; that all we had to know is when that would be taken care of, and that we could get farmers with their equipment to clean it all out in a day.
She responded, "No. We wouldn't want you to do that, because that'd be criminal trespass."
She was very nice and thorough, we visited about 15 minutes or so. And then she essentially re-classified the complaint as "Vegetation on the right of way."
She offered that if "it isn't cleaned out in a week, please call us back."
The reference # is 2016-11-07-083AAF.
Let's all keep out eyes on hopeful progress.
Questions for our commissioners: If that's a "right-of-way" does that mean UP has title to the land under the trestle, or only an easement?
Same with CDOT: Does CDOT have a "right-of-way, easement" or do they have title? The answer is important, for if one or the other or neither own the land (because the Platte is not navigable) under those bridges, maybe we should find the owner and ask them permission to clear out the debris.
Respective of "criminal trespass," due to our suggested entrance and subsequent maintenance of said land, what about criminal trespass of water on our properties due to CDOT and UP's "non-maintenance" of said land. Couldn't their non-action with subsequent entrance of unwanted water on our property be construed as criminal trespass?
Thank you,

On Sept 7, 2016, at 11:46, Roni Bell Sylvester <> wrote:
Good Morning W.C. Commissioners,
Just spoke with an "Alicia" with Union Pacific main headquarters Omaha (402-544-5000)
I explained the debris situation under the Hwy 85 UP trestle.
Paraphrased, here's the jest of our conversation:
She quickly looked up the location, verified, then began asking questions: Is it trash/garbage etc.?
I clarified, "logs, trees, sediment, willows grown to the underbelly of the trestle. It's reached critical mass."
She asked something; I can't remember exactly what it was, but it generated my answer, "To our knowledge, it hasn't been maintained in 60 years. It now backs up and creates a lake."
She asked if I was with an organization.
"No, I said, "I'm one of the property owners on the S. Platte who's being impact."
In close, I offered, "Just for your information, our Weld County Commissioners and CDOT are aware of this.  Basically CDOT claims the major part of the problem is Union Pacific's."
She said she'd report this immediately and "get someone on it and get it taken care of!"
Though I sensed this was possibly the first time such was brought to U.P.'s attention, I was very impressed with Alicia's thorough, thoughtful, efficient handling; and got the impression U.P. would "get on it and get it taken care of."
Together, let's please stay on top of this. If U.P. cleans out from under their trestle, and CDOT cleans out from under their bridge before spring runoff, it will bring great relief to all property owners up stream.

Thank you,
cc: Brian Varrella, property owners
Hard copy mailed to U.P.

To: kevin.s.o'
Subject: Rep. Garret Graves - re: Army Corps
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 09:41:04 -0600
Dear Congressman Graves,
Thank you for helping LA flood victims.
Here's what I posted on my Facebook:
Having endured a flood (that was partially man-made), we are very, very sad for what Louisianans are now going through.
Chuck and I are extremely impressed with the magnitude of work Louisianans did in removing their belongings and stripping their homes down to the frames. And so amazingly fast!
We pray Governor John Bel Edwards immediately sets up a LA State liaison between home owners and FEMA.
It's a known fact that Federal won't hesitate to later tag "grants" as... "loans" and send aid recipients "bills"; and or just "take" people's property like they did in Sandy and Katrina.
Congressman Garret Graves was spot on when he mentioned something along the line "had the Army Corps of Engineers finished some projects it would have diminished the flood's impact."
Guess the Army Corps was too busy plugging up (sand bars for the Piping Plover) the Missouri River to finish old projects.
Roni Bell Sylvester
Volunteer Editor Publisher
P.O. Box 155
LaSalle, CO  80645
H# (970) 284-6874
Dear Julie,

Thank you so kindly for setting up the meeting. I really appreciated the opportunity to share some of what's happening - boots on the ground.
Thank you for this information from Mayor John Morris.
Really need to convince Governor Hickenlooper to withdraw Colorado from the PRRIP. We have zero water to spare. And, I have no idea who benefits from the $'s when we don't meet the water delivery. It's a horrible agreement begging to be terminated.
Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester
Volunteer Editor Publisher
P.O. Box 155
LaSalle, CO  80645
H# (970) 284-6874

Subject: FW: Trail/sidewalk along South Platte
Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2016 21:51:54 +0000

See below from Mayor John Morris.  Thank you both for your time this morning!  Have a great weekend.  Julie

Julie Cozad
Weld County Commissioner, District 2
1150 O Street
P.O. Box 758
Greeley, CO 80632

Office:  970-336-7204
Cell:  970-515-2424
Fax:  970-336-7233

Confidentiality Notice: This electronic transmission and any attached documents or other writings are intended only for the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure. If you have received this communication in error, please immediately notify sender by return e-mail and destroy the communication. Any disclosure, copying, distribution or the taking of any action concerning the contents of this communication or any attachments by anyone other than the named recipient is strictly prohibited.

From: John Morris []
Sent: Friday, July 29, 2016 1:31 PM
To: Julie Cozad 
Subject: RE: Trail/sidewalk along South Platte

Hi Julie, here is response from staff.

We intend on removing the concrete trail just downstream of the bridge that washed into the river. The trail section immediately under the bridge is actually in good condition except for some debris and would be re-used. The work would take place in 2017, and it would depend on the contractor’s timeframe as far as what is done first but since they would be doing demolition first they likely would remove the concrete in the river sooner.

John L. Morris / Mayor
City of Evans
Evans, CO 80620
(970) 475-2209
Met with W.C.C. Julie Cozad and Brian Varrella July 28, 2016 
Varrella claimed it was mostly U.P.'s fault. I asked for U.P. contact info. Can't remember if he provided them or if I got them on my own.
The photos Varrella showed of the bridges, were taken from such an angle one could basically see only sand bars and cleared bridge and trestle;not the massive log debris, sediment and willows that reached their underbellies. 

From: Roni Bell Sylvester []
Sent: Wednesday, June 01, 2016 1:20 PM
To: Julie Cozad Subject: RE: CDOT Hydraulics Memo for the South Platte River, SH60 to US85

Hi Julie,

It's been so confusing around here of late, not sure if I responded to you or not.
My apologies.

The Report: The two (2) US 85 structures create no more than three (3) inches of increased flooding on properties upstream in their configurations today, and the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) Bridge downstream of US 85 creates nearly a foot of rise on upstream properties.  This indicates the US 85 bridge presents only a minor flooding hazard to upstream and adjacent properties.
Our comments: Regardless who's at fault - CDOT bridge or UPRR - the debris  needs to be cleaned out.
Question: Where were said "measurements" taken? We're pretty certain they exceeded 15 inches at the Oshner's (right at the bridge)  for at our home (a quarter mile further west) it was a non-historic 55".
The Report: Recommendation #2 – CDOT should continue to remove debris from the US 85 and SH 60 bridges under the same regiment currently utilized by its Maintenance professionals in Region 4.
Our comments: To date, we haven't witnessed any debris removal around the US 85 bridge. The willows now touch the bridge undersides, and as the bank on the north side erodes, new trees fall into the river, adding to the blockage.

Please remind whoever's in charge: Clean out the debris and the sediment NOW! 

Thank you,
From: Roni Bell Sylvester [
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 1:46 PM
To: Mike Freeman <>; Julie Cozad <>; Barbara Kirkmeyer <>; Sean Conway <>; Steve Moreno <>
Subject: Thank you - Urgent matter for Weld County Commissioners

Dear Commissioners Freeman, Cozad, Kirkmeyer, Conway and Moreno,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us this morning.
Thank you for arranging for CDOT and W.C. Planners et al to participate.
We appreciated the time to get on record, our emergency request on the debris/sediment Highway's 60 and 80 bridges.
If you have minutes of the meeting, we'd love a copy.
Will send you our brief recap soon.
Thank you again,

Chuck & Roni Sylvester
Glenn and Kathy Werning
Karen Little 

Subject: Urgent matter for Weld County Commissioners
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2015 11:04:35 -0600
Matter of Emergency!

To: Weld County Commissioners
1150 O Street
P.O. Box 758
Greeley, CO 80632
phone: (970) 336-7204
fax: (970) 336-7233 x 4021

District 1: Mike Freeman 
mfreeman@weldgov.comDistrict 2:Julie Cozad jcozad@weldgov.comDistrict 3: Barbara Kirkmeyer bkirkmeyer@weldgov.comAt-Large: Sean Conway sconway@weldgov.comAt-Large: Steve Moreno 
Weld County Property Owners on the South Platte River
Regarding: Log jams under  bridges
Weld County Property Owners on the South Platte River agree it is imperative you take immediate action to remove log jams under the Highway 60 and Highway 85 bridges over the S. Platte River.
As our Weld County Commissioners, we are confident you'll want to exercise your emergency powers to remove these log jams immediately! 
Left untended, these log jams will jeopardize the public health and safety of Weld County residents.
Leaving the log jams as is, could easily result in additional significant property damage; and more tragically the possible loss of human life.
Please schedule 2 hours to meet with Property Owners within the week (before Friday October 23rd, 2015). I will notify the Property Owners of your set date and time.
Together, we can, and must, remove the log jams now!
 Thank you. 
 Roni Bell Sylvester - Meeting Coordinator
(970) 284-6874
Bcc: Property Owners along the upper South Platte River
First, federal jurisdiction only applies to "navigable waters of the United States" so if the South Platte is non-navigable, then there is no federal jurisdiction in the first place. 
Second, even if the South Platte was "navigable" then Title 33 USCA Chapter 26 Section 1370 says: "Except as expressly provided in this chapter, nothing in this chapter shall... 
(2) be construed as impairing or in any manner affecting any right or jurisdiction of the States with respect to the waters (including boundary waters) of such States." 

Third, the law pertaining to the requirement for obtaining permits, Title 33 USCA Chapter 26 Section 1344 says:    
(f) Non-prohibited discharge of dredged or fill material
(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2) of this subsection, the discharge of dredged or fill material—
(A) from normal farming, silviculture, and ranching activities such as plowing, seeding, cultivating, minor drainage, harvesting for the production of food, fiber, and forest products, or upland soil and water conservation practices;
(B) for the purpose of maintenance, including emergency reconstruction of recently damaged parts, of currently serviceable structures such as dikes, dams, levees, groins, riprap, breakwaters, causeways, and bridge abutments or approaches, and transportation structures;
(C) for the purpose of construction or maintenance of farm or stock ponds or irrigation ditches, or the maintenance of drainage ditches;
(D) for the purpose of construction of temporary sedimentation basins on a construction site which does not include placement of fill material into the navigable waters;
(E) for the purpose of construction or maintenance of farm roads or forest roads, or temporary roads for moving mining equipment, where such roads are constructed and maintained, in accordance with best management practices, to assure that flow and circulation patterns and chemical and biological characteristics of the navigable waters are not impaired, that the reach of the navigable waters is not reduced, and that any adverse effect on the aquatic environment will be otherwise minimized;
(F) resulting from any activity with respect to which a State has an approved program under section 1288 (b)(4) of this title which meets the requirements of subparagraphs (B) and (C) of such section,
is not prohibited by or otherwise subject to regulation under this section or section 1311 (a) or 1342 of this title (except for effluent standards or prohibitions under section 1317 of this title)."