Wednesday, June 20, 2018



This morning I asked, "The horribles pitched Russian Collusion at Trump. Then Stormy Daniels. Now immigration. What's next in their script?"
Don Gay answered, "Probably circle back to global warming."
Chuck Schumer, Alijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff - and for sure some vile putrid late night hate pusher (Why are they called comedians? They're not funny.) will come up with another something using 'babies;" their weapon of choice. 
Something like: "Donald Trump hates babies. He's trying to murder them because he refuses to tithe to Al Gore's Church of Anthropocentric Global Warming. Without those tithes, Al won't be able to buy sun screen for the babies. Trump WANTS babies to burn to a crisp! DEMAND Trump issue an executive order, that all taxpayers tithe to Al!" 
Anyway, it'll be something connected to babies. 
With exception of saving them from malaria...or in-uteri.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


Dad and I in 1956   Photo by Anita Bell 

Ronald Edwin Bell 1910-1997
Growing up on the farm, I never gave Dad much thought. 
He was just there. 
"Feelings" never entered the day. You had work to do and you did it.
What I knew is that Dad was my "buddy!"
I spent more time with Dad outside, then with Mom inside.
After "the boys" (my 3 older brothers) left the farm, Dad and I were in charge of 140 acres and about 45 Holsteins.
Mom and Dad got into a huge fight over me: "But Ronald," Mom shouted, "You don't understand. It's time for her to come into the house and learn to be a lady!"
"But Anita," Dad quietly answered, "I need her outside."
Dad and I crippled along for 3 full years. I ran the dairy and Dad did all the field work.
Sick of milking cows and not being able to do anything fun with the "city kids," I was beyond joyful when we sold the farm and moved "to town."
But I still didn't give Dad much thought.
Until later years. After he'd died.
Dad was always cheerful. Always singing. Always kidding around. Always laughing. Always whistling.
That was just Dad. I took his cheerfulness for granted!
As an adult, I began pondering on stuff like: How'd he get off that tractor, clean up, put on his suit, suck on a lemon and drive into town to "sing a solo at a wedding, funeral, choir?"
Dad rarely missed Thursday choir practice and Sunday choir.
Dad taught me how to drive a tractor; pull a loaded hay wagon down a steep hill without jackknifing; hay mow terraces without tipping over; use the hydraulic lift on the Ford tractor (he bought for me) to help pound in fence posts; wash utters, pre-milk, milk with automatic milkers and strip; look for and doctor mastitis and seal corn.
The only times Dad would get stern with me, is if I bulked trying to play opera songs so he could rehearse. Yes, he even sang opera. Mom made him a clown costume and he sang Pagliacci.
How'd he do all that he did?
I'll never know.
What I do know, is that he was my buddy.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


Near Jeffrey City, Wyoming     Photo by Roni Bell (c) 2018

At the Wyoming Stock Growers meet this past week, many ranchers asked me to look into "The Fremont County Public Lands Initiative"
First of all, "Public" Lands is incorrect. Should read "Federal Split Estate Lands." 
After reviewing the website, I began reviewing websites of groups who are interested in using said lands. 
Shouldn't have. My blood pressure started up again.
Because comments about "damn old ranchers & welfare cowboys" reigned. Many potential users hate Range Allotment Owners! 
Sure. I wanted to rip into their ignorance, but settled down and thought on it all instead. 
Here's the deal.
The Federal Government is the progenitor of such hate. 
How's that?
Through their deliberate misleading of the public. 
Yes. That's right. Federal Government employees and elected officials refuse to correct "public" to "federal-split estate." 
How come? 
Well...not sure, but, history's told us "it's because Federal Government employees and elected officials are in bed with eco-criminals and greedy bastards whose whole mission is to control all land and water in the U.S."
I could go into detail, but darn't all, I've been working outside all day and am tired and in need of a beer. 
So I'll leave you with this. 
Please DEMAND the Federal Government quit misleading YOU! 
There are NO "public" lands in the U.S. Government's inaccurate referencing perpetuates an "attractive nuisance," that is harmful to everyone. Period! 
Demand they post signage that will educate everyone about the "preexisting valid rights" of "property owners" on Federal Split Estate land. 
Signage could include language like: "
You are now entering Federal Split-Estate Lands. There are Property Owners on this land. Please be respectful of them. Leave gates open that are open, gates closed that are closed, carry out your trash, don't endanger, stress, harm domestic or wild life. Property Owner owns the forage, easements, improvements and beneficial use of the water."
Thank you.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


by Roni Bell 
Here it is, melted down for your convenience.
The debates are always between those who think they're entitled to another's property, and those protecting everyone's property. 
To own property is the foundation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 
Make no mistake. Government agencies including EPA, DOI and USDA - and their private sector pals use excess feral horses, Planned Parenthood, illegal immigrants, conservation easements, endangered species, Al Gore's fauxweather, monument designations, twisting water law and so on as weapons to illegally seize control of property.
Because our Domestic Resource Providers have to have land and water in order to provide the world food, fuel and shelter, property seizers have attack them forever.
Now, our Domestic Resource Providers recognize all the signs. They can spot a "takings without just compensation" the minute the seizer trespasses their property.
Well funded, plus having the perk of the entire DOJ covering their booties, seizers will bully, threaten, intimidate, fine, jail, sue, imprison and murder....instead of sitting down at the kitchen table with the property owner, and properly work out the "real estate" transaction.
Some brag, "Oh Obama. He had a corruption free tenure."
My answer, "Not to property owners!"
How's that? Well, just look at all the corrupt property seizures he supported...still supports.
Obama came awfully close to annihilating America's entire Domestic Resource Production.
Obama's actions to kill America's timber, fishing, coal mining, farming, ranching, energy industries were the ultimate in corruption.
Obama knows, that to control the people, you must control the food.
To be fair though, many past presidents, including the Bushs and Clinton, didn't recognize private property rights.
I think the main reason the Trump-haters hate Trump, is because like a feral child with their hand in someone's pocketbook, they hate that Trump's found them out.
As Dr. Angus McIntosh states, "If the government could take your property "legally," they would have done so years ago."

Friday, May 18, 2018


Colorado Water Law, "first in time, first in right," is extremely easy to understand: Water dates of appropriation "go with the flow."
Sure. Hydrology is complex. Water "law" is not. If there's no water, there's no water.
Governor Hickenlooper keeps harping, "We need water to keep up with the population growth."
I ask, "Why?"
This is a semi-arid desert. We don't have water.
Yet developers from Denver to Las Vegas, barge in with unreasonable, unattainable demands for water.
We have a some of Delph Carpenter's books on the Colorado River Compact. Nowhere does the compact state that Colorado should be denied delivery because of Las Vegas demands.
Like most compacts, including the Colorado - Nebraska compact, the Colorado River Compact is forgiving respective of variable climatic conditions.
Because Colorado water law is not being enforced, there are some who are being significantly harmed, some who are becoming significantly wealthy, and most who just don't care...
Side point of interest: In our books, I found this letter to Delph Carpenter from President Herbert Hoover.