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Kind of a Legend
Meets n’ Appts: T-Bone, Godfrey Ditch, Weld County 100th, Attorneys, CPA, Class of 55, 3R, NWSS, Doctors, MSPRA & a myriad of letters written, including  “recommendations to Western Stock Show.”
US>both of us; CHUCK>Chuck; RONI>Roni.
FAMILIES  Roni’s children: Philip (56), Geni (52), Jay (51) Lea (45). Grandchildren; Anita (near 31), Kaylyn (27), Kinsey (23), Zoe (19),  Faith (5). Roni’s greatgrandchildren; Savannah (8), Zeke (4).

Chuck’s children: Lois. Grandchildren: Charley, Patty, Sarah, Wyatt. Great granddaughter Trinity.
FRIENDS  Ross & Anita (Bethers), Kent & Cory (Rutledge), Jo (Borg), Verna (Lofaro), Rosie & Tom (Niichel), Ken & Paula (Carpenter), Ron (Morris), Angus (McIntosh), Glenn & Kathy (Werning). Beverly & Ernie (Fischer), Jeff (McManus), Joe (Lynch), Marna (Dowling), Bink & Audrey (Kitzman), Don (Norgren, 1932-2020).

The Ladies:  Perry (Buck), Vicki (Marble), Kimmi (Lewis 1957-2019), Sue (Christiansen), Korry (Lewis).
Oh. And. The paragraphs ungracefully run together! It’s a new game for readers called “Try and Keep Track.” 


January - US: NWSS Press Party, Rodeos, Red Meat dinner (with The Ladies), Jr. Livestock Auction, 3R Winter Party, Kent & Cory dinner, Farm Show, Angus lunch, Beef Club, Denver Ag. CHUCK: Cowboy Downhill with Ron.

February- US: Ross & Anita came down. US: Glenn & Kathy at Bone Fish. Ladies Night T-Bone. Bill & Sylvia Webster & Don Norgren to Ag Dinner. RONI: Water meet with Angus, Margorie Hahn, Dave Nettles & Kevin Rein. Worked on Shalah Perkins (1939-2019) sculpture, “The Example,” with Pat Bohlender. We regret we didn’t accomplish what we set out to do.

March -CHUCK: First Squamous Cell Carcinoma surgery was on his ear, with reconstructive follow up. RONI: Lunch with Jo & Verna. Renewed Driver’s License. Met with Tyler Silvy re: water.  Lunch with Ava Seale. Harrowed 15 acre & 6 acre. Hooked up with Jay, Lea & Faith at Bob Sakata’s farm sale. Jay flew his drone and got more footage of Sakata and sale. Met Dave Petrocco, who leased our farm & within a week was in the fields. US: Stayed with Paula & Ken, then on to Westcliffe for Rebecca Samuelson’s funeral service. Took Don to Denver Ag. Mailed Bunch Quitter postcards,

April - CHUCK: 3 R Sombrero Ride, another 3 R ride, FFA, horse sales. US: Dinner with Bill & Sylvia Webster & Don at Bonefish. Stan Cass and Kyle Miller died. RONI: Dr. Marvin and Eunie Beeman’s 85th birthdays party.

May -CHUCK: Wyoming. US: Cody & Clayton’s College graduation in Laramie. RONI: lunch with Jean & Kit Sutherland.
June -CHUCK : Eva France memorial in Montana, CNFR in Casper, WY, 3 R Shakedown Ride. US: Dinner with Bill & BK Maniatis, Ernie bought a green antique manure spreader & brought it here from N.D. Anita & Bo arrive with Chuck’s 1942 Ford Army Jeep. Escalante, UT with Ken & Paula so Chuck & Ken could trail check the 3R big ride with the Griffin family.

July -CHUCK: To 3 R layover day (in Escalante, UT) with Dick Houck. US: Chuck drives (1942 Ford Army Jeep) Veteran in Greeley 4th of July parade. Meet up with Ernie Fischer at Terry Ranch where he gives away a buffalo calf. CICA convention in Pueblo. CFD finals with Kent & Cory. RONI: Lunch with Jo & Verna.

August - US: PRCA Hall of Fame for our friend (Chuck calls him “son”) Leon Coffee induction. Bunch Quitter Soiree (Chuck Sylvester recognized as Bunch Quitter of the Year.). FFA Blue Jacket Breakfast Ag Day. CHUCK: 2nd Squamous Cell Cancer surgery, now on neck. Montana to Sarah’s wedding.  RONI: Knees gave out before Hall of Fame & I finally crashed and burned. Extreme high blood pressure, heart murmur, osteoarthritis braked my Property Rights passion.

September - US: FFA Blue Jackets breakfast. Rim to River dinner. Hide Party. Jeff came up from KS, boys drive to WY to hunt at Circle Bar.

October – CHUCK: Chuck and Bink went to Lingle for Wyatt’s football game, then on to the ranch. WY couple more times for Elk hunting. RONI: Jay videoed Dave Petrocco. Here’s his 3 min. video .

November –US: Bought a new Buick Enclave. Lunch with Jeremy Cohen & Merc Pittinos. Thanksgiving here.  CHUCK: WY for hunting. RONI: Drove to WIFE meeting in Santa Fe. Celebrated Faith’s 2nd birthday and Zeke’s 1st birthday. Began slew of medical tests.

December- CHUCK: NFR in Vegas. RONI: US: Christmas here. Kent & Cory dine. CHUCK: NFR, Honorary Colonel CSP.


January - US: NWSS, Red Meat dinner (with The Ladies), Beef Club,  3 R Winter Party at the Brown Palace. CHUCK: Cowboy Downhill with Ron in Steamboat Springs.

February -CHUCK: US: Denver Ag, Colorado Ag Hall of Fame (Chuck was inducted in 2004).
March – CHUCK: More surgery. Jay videoed Dr. Marvin Beeman at the Arapahoe Hunt, and Dr. Johnny Matsushima bowling. Ross and Anita came down. RONI: Lunch with Faith, Lea, Jo & Verna. Colonoscopy, eye doc.
April – CHUCK: Started Libtayo infusions, Sombrero Ride, CSU Rodeo, to Wyoming. Tony Mayer flew Chuck & Ken to Escalante, UT. RONI: Kit & Jean Sutherland lunch. Flew to Phoenix for Geni & Steve’s master’s degree graduations.

May – CHUCK: 3 R ride. FFA. Jeff and Chuck to Circle Bar couple times. RONI: Cataract surgery (both eyes in the month),  Ross and Anita brought lunch to Jay & I. US: Dinner with Bill & Sue Lake.

June – CHUCK: 3 R Ride, Wyoming trips.
July – CHUCK: 3 R layover day. RONI: Doc appts. US: Bill & Tiffany Thomas shower, CFD finals with Kent & Cory.

August – CHUCK: Infusions. US: Emily & Eric Hobbs wedding. Kent & Cory’s Anniversary. R-Calf Convention, Deadwood. RONI: Denver Dinner with Barbara Knight. To NE with Lea & Faith to appreciate Geni’s finding and interring Mom’s ashes in Fairview Cemetery. Drove home in an electrical storm/downpour so fierce, had to stay in Ft. Morgan.

September – RONI: Jo & Verna lunch. US: Bunch Quitter Soiree (Jim & Roann Keen recognized Bunch Quitters of the Year.). Glenn & Kathy lunch. Centennial Farm tour at The Farm. NW Hyde Party. Kent & Cory dine. Wilson Ogg & fiancé Brittany had their engagement photos taken here…some even wading in the S. Platte river!

October – CHUCK: Wyoming- hunting season with Joe & Jeff. RONI: Bill & Tiffany Thomas wedding in Estes Park.

November – US: Our 18th Wedding Anniversary. Western Heritage National Rodeo Hall of Fame OK City. I went to Cheyenne but can’t remember why.

December – CHUCK: “Seek,” our “best cat in the whole world” died. NFR with Ron. RONI: Lunches with Jo & Verna & Marna. Friend Kimmi Lewis, who I called “Little Sister,” died after a tough damn fight with cancer. Drove to LaJunta for Kimmi’s funeral service and Branson for her burial service. So, so very sad… US: Dinner with Kent & Cory.


January- US: Ross & Anita here, then off to the NWSS. Red Meat dinner (with The Ladies), Rodeos. Mexican Extravaganza (Always grand to see our “familia” Jerry, Staci & Nicolas Diaz.), Beef Club, Cowboy Church & 3 R Winter Party at The Brown. Kent & Cory at finals. Both of us got very sick! Probably COVID. CHUCK: Cowboy Downhill with Ron.

February – US: Saw Tracy Byrd at Union Colony, Carbonaro at Loveland (with Doug & JoAnna Grant) & Hugh Fitzpatrick at Lea Marlene’s Actors Studio. Helped Lea move out of studio. Dear friends Al Martin & Sylvia Webster died.   

March – US: All of the usual. CHUCK: To Durango.
April -  Meets n’ Appt’s broken up by lapping down the best fish n’ chips ever via “On the Hook Fish n’ Chips” truck!

May - Watched Zoe’s H.S. graduation streaming online. Dear, dear friend Don Norgren died.

June – CHUCK: Another surgery. RONI: Lunch with Janice Birney in Genesee. Lunch with Marna at Elway’s. Dr. Angus McIntosh, a stiller gentleman, died. Angus was my “go to” guy on everything Property Rights. His death leaves an immeasurable gap in the hearts of many. He and Chuck founded RAO.

July – CHUCK: To NM for 3 R ride. US: Walker Shuman came and did a lot of chores on The Farm.

August – CHUCK: Consummated an exhausting, wildly interwoven complicated bunch of 1031’s with Steve & Jennie Lou Garland & Ross & Anita. US: R-Calf convention, Deadwood, SD. RONI: To Wes McKinley Water Court in Springfield, CO.
September – US: Tom & Rosie breakfast, Cory Gardner reception at The Linn’s, Gary & Teresa Odenbaugh pigeon shoot, Bunch Quitter Soiree (All B.Q.’s were recognized as B.Q.’s of the year.) CHUCK: to WY.
October – CHUCK: To Wyoming & again with Joe. US: Wilson & Brittany Ogg wedding in Estes Park. RONI:

To Delta, CO to speak on Water.

November – All of the usual!
December – CHUCK: NFR with Ron. Party at Vicki Marble’s in Ft. Collins. Christmas here. Chuck’s long time close friend Kevin McNicholas died. Received “Ayra” a sweet, colorful pastel original doe painting by Maureen Bader. We love Maureen’s work. Ayra makes the 2nd original we now enjoy.


January – NW Cancelled  - Breakfast with Tom & Rosie.

February – US: Ladies Night T-Bone, Yvonne Paez “Perspectives.” RONI: Breakfast with Korry Lewis in Windsor. CHUCK: Meets n’ Appts.

March – US: Chuck took Yvonne & Scott Paez & Scotts Mom & Lea & Faith on a wagon tour of the river. John McArthur, our friend & General Contractor for 20 years died. A REAL cowboy & longtime cherished friend Delane Griffin died. I rode many miles with Delane & called him “Dad.” CHUCK: Went to Tombstone, AZ to hook up with 3R. RONI: Addressed Water at Perspectives 101. Mary Horton breakfast in Windsor. My true buddy Sue Hollis died; I miss our talks…

April – US: Chuck honored at a rodeo at Island Grove. Dr. John Maulsby party. Went to Colonel Mark & P.J. Trostel’s BIG ol’ party in Wetmore, with Joe Lynch & Bill Rossman. Our friend Jim Carpenter & Chuck’s fellow 3R rider died. RONI: Breakfast with Korry. First time in over 60 years, I started 3 funky little gardens.

May – CHUCK: Ron M. and Ray Petersburg spent the night, then took off on a 3R ride next day. To Wyoming to replace roof on Circle Bar. Andy Holst, Chuck’s friend, and fellow Roundup Rider died. RONI: Crystal Harris birthday party here at The Farm. Cousin Bruce Bowling came and spent the day. Boy O boy did we ever have some laughs over the past!
June – US: Rebecca Fisk and her Dad came to The Farm. Tony & his new bride Megumi came to The Farm. Nephew Stuart Bell & his wife Sandra & their son (my great nephew) Zachary came to The Farm. Geni & Kinsey came up and we all had a sparkling good time! CHUCK: After driving Dodge Rams for 25 years, Chuck treated himself to a sharp bright Red GMC! To WY. RONI: Lea, Faith & I went to NE so I could be a “Pioneer” on a float in the Papillion Days Parade. Sheriff Steve Reams deputized John Anderson. Geni & I went to Papillion for cousin Peggy’s husband Dean’s funeral.

July – CHUCK: To 3 R ride. To WY. RONI: Abel Cisneros organized a celebration of John McArthur’s life at The Farm.
August – US: Farmers Inn gang here at The Farm. CFD with Kent & Cory. R-Calf Convention, Rapid City. Major tree trimming . CHUCK: Jim Carpenter’s celebration of life. RONI: Geni went back to NE with me for my 59-year class reunion. It was RICH seeing classmates I’ve stayed friends with for 70 + years!

September – US: Bunch Quitter Soiree (Lyle & Pam Laverty - Bunch Quitters of the Year.). Rim to River dinner. OK for National Cowboy Wester Heritage induction ceremony – to posthumously induct Ben Houston. I clowned around with Barry Corbin & Bruce Boxleitner. Got up close videos & photos of my favorite living actor Robert Duvall. Hide Party. We were honored to host the marvelous wedding of Jada Dale and Duane Badker at The Farm. Helped Lea & Faith move out of “Floyd House” (What we called where she & Faith & Jay tried to live in Englewood.).

October – US: Started GRAND with a stunner of a wedding in our woods pasture. Bruce & Barbara Cameron did ALL the work on their wedding. So holy moly! All Chuck & I had to do was ENJOY ourselves! Jeff, master tractor restoration expert, flat-bedded my Bar B (That’s --- over B.) tractor back from his home shop in KS. We had a “Welcome home Bar B” celebration with pink champagne from Champagne France. C.S.U. honored Chuck for his work with the NWSS. CHUCK: To WY. RONI: Lunch with Chris Hoppe in Sterling, lunch with Alaine Lessing at Perfect Landing. Enroute back to N.D., Ernie stayed the night. We LOVE visiting with Ernie!! Dinner and Pavlo with Marna & Mary Dowling and Marna’s mom Charmaine. My H.S. classmate, gentle lady and friend Marilyn Meilke died.

November – US: Lunch with Chuck & Kathy Schroeder at Pepper Pod and picked up the striking colorized painting Chuck did from a B/W photo of Chuck as a 10-year-old with his first steer. We LOVE having the “little boy” in the kitchen now. Swim party for Faith’s 5th birthday. P.J. & Mark Trostel came to The Farm; we dinnered at Meeker’s, had front row seats for Chuck’s long time friend Michael Martin Murphey. We PLAYED well into the P.M. of the next day! Thanksgiving here. Chuck’s long time friend Butch Cosby died. Ron Sinnett, husband of my friend Kathy for 76 years, died. Great friend & mentor Dr. Bernie Rollin died. Chuck’s friend Cecil Vigil, died. Chuck’s grade school friend, Bob Briggs, died.

December -CHUCK: NFR with Ron. US: Ron Heimbuck (master woodworker) rescued us doing several “fixes” around the house. RONI: Karen Salmen, my webmaster for 14 years, died. Lunch at Perfect Landing with Jo & Verna.  

Between 2028 – 2020, we lost too many cherished friends including: Helen Keen, Lindsay Serrell, Stan Cass, Pete Martinez, Shala Perkins, Kimmi Lewis, Don Norgren, Mike Hoppe, Sylvia Webster, Richard Keen, Fred Larkin, Al Martin.  


Brief Overview Finale

Due to COVID, Faith & Lea stayed at The Farm a lot in 2020, and sporadically in 2021. Tuesday Lea called & asked, “Is Chuck at T-Bone?” I said, “how would you remember that?” She answered, “Mom. I’ve been your roommate the past couple years!” Faith knows every inch of the house – and FARM. She LOVES the swings John McArthur & Henry put up for her 3rd birthday present. Throughout 2018 to present I made many runs to Denver to enjoy watching Faith grow!

John McArthur did a full restoration on our home in 2001, then the entire middle level again after the 2013 flood. John began renovation on The Barn in 2018 and finished a couple weeks before he died in 2021. We didn’t have one thing in writing over John’s twenty years of building here. We miss his HUGE talent! That 115-year-old Barn is now a beaut! We’ve been fortunate to be able to still hire Henry (John’s helper.) periodically to help us around here. This summer, Chuck, Henry, and I made a pretty darn good dent in the woods pasture by mowing, push’n dirt, sawing branches etc.

We get together with Tom & Rosie often!
Philip watches The Farm when we’re gone, takes care of our 3 horses (Sundowner, Dusty, Atlas) dog - Miss Dulce Rose, and cat June, fixes whatever “complicated stuff” needs fixing, and bakes “homemade” pizzas on call!
Ken Kleinsorge & his son built a “Deere Jane” outhouse to sit next to our “Deere John” outhouse. They installed new sunlight panels on the shop roof. In John’s absence now, it’s a relief to start “building up a carpenter team again.”
We geriatrics need all the help we can get. Not because we’re disabled, but because we’re lazy now.

I spent 2 “GRRRR” months trying to get security set up. Found out we need two, Hughes Net & Century Link, to ensure our computers, TV & ADT run smoothly. What’s so modern about these days again??

Chuck completed 28 Libtayo infusions and is now cancer free. Praise God! The past 4 years have been a blur of non-stop doc visits. Poor feller. Like he’s been beat to hell these past 4 years! His team of docs communicate with each other…which is comforting! Thank goodness Chuck’s a good man because he draws “good folks” who help us a lot! 😊
Forgive me, but I kind of forget the months. But I DO remember the people: Had breakfast with Cyn French. Jim & Kristie Docheff are always a treat to dine and well mostly chat with! Yup!
Guys like Bink, Joe & Jeff keep everything running, including the beer. Scott Shuman checks in - “Momma Roni, need help?” His son Walker meticulously wired the steel rims to the wooden wheels on our dump wagon.

Chuck even enjoys his attorneys, Jeremy Cohen & Merc Pittinos. Maybe because after doing “the office work,” they go to Pappadeaux for oysters?

Our Farm is always “alive” with the sights, sounds and actions of good people, good animals, good equipment streaming in and out of here. We’re grateful!

Each and every month is jammed with “Meets n’ Appts.” Silly me gets on a rant on Facebook and Twitter. Oh well, eh?

This spring I got ta do’n circles in the paddock with the Ford 4000 & blade. When through, I thought, “Hummm. I think I just made raised gardens.” Chuck had a big time giving away tomatoes, Armenian Cucumbers, carrots etc. Next year I’ll expand the Artichokes, for they did well. Looking forward to the asparagus and will plug some strawberries.

After physically crashing and burning, I pared way back on the Water/Property Rights juggling. Now I’m doing great, and love mowing nearly everything (paddock, woods pasture, yard) all the time! Chuck keeps both of my mowers fuel fueled!

We’re learning a lot about veggie growing from Dave Petrocco (leases this farm). He hires the best workers and grows the most succulent sweet corn we’ve ever had! Don’t know how many acres Dave farms, but he gets up at 3 a.m. to check on them from Brighton to Eaton (I think). He had a Romaine lettuce field plowed because “hail hit their leaves a tiny bit.”

Ross & Anita are miracle workers managing Chuck, AND his Wyoming farms while growing Grade A dairy Alfalfa!
Jennie Lou and Steve Garland bought Chuck’s NT Bar ranch. They still lease the Circle Bar. You couldn’t ask for finer people! Both of these young couples are thoughtful, sweet, hardworking, honest & really SMART! We’re blessed!
Ron and Lou Schram drive out from NE for our Bunch Quitter every year. The past couple years they’ve stayed with us, as has our “glittery lady auctioneer” buddy Cookie Lockhart. Cookie got slammed hard with COVID in October. She’s SLOWLY on the mend. High altitude Steamboat works her lungs overtime. We’re hoping she’ll get to lower altitude.
Colonel Trostel and Scott Shuman have graciously taken over  M.C’ing our (small private invitation only) Bunch Quitter Soiree. It was RICH watching Scott’s adorable teenage daughter Shelby professionally auction off everything in the B.Q. auction (winners write a check to “their” favorite charity) the past two years. Especially with Cookie, the “first female auctioneer inducted into the National Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame,” proudly watching on…
Chuck and I contracted Jay to video Dr. Marvin Beeman, Dr. Johnny Matsushima, Joe Lynch, Dave Petrocco and Bob Sakata, because we wanted  “to document them!” Now we’re trying to decide what to do with the dynamite “historical footage in the can.”  Only Jay should log/edit/produce/finish the footage. We haven’t had time to do so, or to look into “markets” we know nothing about. With what Chuck I have into it, plus what it will take to have about 25 minutes of PBS quality programing. I’m estimating the cost would be less than $120,000. Of course, more, if Jay has to generate new footage. Jay won a Heartland Emmy for work he did with John Ferrugia. He’s good. Really good!  

Chuck enjoys taking his grandchildren & great granddaughter out to eat. They try getting together often.

On my drives into Denver, I always called Angus with questions, and got an hour of private tutoring on Property Rights. Regarding Property Rights, particularly on Federal Lands, Angus was a walking encyclopedia on statutes, policies, case law. This past June I drove up to Craig, CO to meet with his widow Linda and daughters Mary & Anna. The McIntosh family is special crew of honest, smart, hard workers. And they’re fun!  Yes, we laugh. Angus would have wanted that.
Brother Stuart calls often to update me on – well – first it was politics, and now he’s onto genealogy. Stuart needs to do a podcast simply titled “Stuart.” He remains one heck of a funny, witty, and knowledgeable about everything guy from truck engines to hay stacking! About 65 years ago he saw me sitting in the dirt studying bugs rolling up mud. He said, “What ja doing Ronita?” I said, “Trying to figure out these bugs.” He said, “You know what they are don’t you?” “No,” I answered. “They’re manure bugs! Look,” he said, “they’re rolling up manure. Egyptians said they ‘roll the sun through day and night and across the sky east to west.’” I’ve been in awe of him since!
Anita, mother of Savannah & Zeke, is well into her childhood dream of becoming a Veterinarian.  Kaylyn is going on 10 years with California Closets. Kinsey was co-mgr. of  Body Shop. They closed. She managed a shoe store until she had to close it by herself, “because she couldn’t find anyone who wants to work.” Those are words we hear from far too many employers. It’s a pathetic state of affairs.
Zoe is in her 2nd year at Grand Canyon College in AZ. Confession!  My granddaughters – ages near 31 to 5 – are sharp, interesting, original thinking conservationists. We LOVE visiting with each of them!

Recently Faith got bored with her preschool class, so she went over to her teachers conferencing, and asked to join them.
Lea LOVES coaching her students…even via ZOOM. Jay overheard her coaching one day, and he called to squeal on her, “Mom. Lea knows what she’s doing! She’s a great teacher. Great teacher! I’m impressed!”
Geni is a family counselor now. She commutes to Colorado Springs for her appointments. Traveling with her this summer, I learned a lot a lot about “addressing people’s hurts…” Stephen’s been with UPS for 21 years now and is working on his doctorate in – ah shoot, I always forget. Anyway, he wants to teach and lead religion seminars & more.
Chuck and I are happy to be busy and grateful to have so many wonderful, wonderful, wonderful friends.
That means YOU who’s reading this!

May God be with each and every one of you.

Merry Christmas with love,

 Chuck & Roni  

Corrections & Additions:   Sylvester Christmas Tome 2018-2021
Should read “between 2018 – 2020, we lost too many cherished friends…” With sadness we add: Cheryl Frederick,  Bob Longenbaugh, Lydia Garland,  Brian Allmer, Julie Sutton, Bill Seale, Karen Trahan…
Dr. Angus McIntosh died in June of 2021.
Ship Tavern, January 2020: We had a “ho, ho, ho” dinner with Gladys & Leroy Van Dyke. Leroy had just turned 90!  Now he’s 92! Gladys & Leroy let’s laugh over dinner at Ship Tavern in 2022!
Dr. John Matsushima was the first 100-year-old to participate in our Bunch Quitter Soiree. A toughie, John’s now recovering from COVID. He’ll be 101 December 24, 2021. Happy Birthday Johnny!
Ship Tavern, November 2021: Met with Lyle & Pam Laverty to give them their “Bunch Quitters of the Year” plaque & enjoy their company! Good Lord we’re thankful for friends like Lyle and Pam!
Angie Plumb cleaned this old house every 2 weeks for near 16 years. Then she gave birth to Ada Mae December 10, 2020. Now I clean this old house. And it’s dirty. But…Oh well. I least I get “some” exercise!
Many “impromptu” gatherings & deaths of friends aren’t on our calendar. It’s my excuse for the corrections & addendums.  

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


Are You A Social Experiment?
By Roni Bell
Whether you're aware or not, we've been "teaspoon" fed socialism over the past several decades.
Some of us correctly identified it as poison and refused to partake; regardless how pretty it was garnished!
And we sure as hell didn't feed it to our children.
The rest - well -they ate the poison and fed it to their children.
You see Vladimir Lenin admired Ivan Pavlov, and embraced his "behavior modification," and used it lavishly to "indoctrinate."
Contrarily Pavlov "denounced communism, stated that the basis for international Marxism was false, and said, “For the kind of social experiment that you are making, I would not sacrifice a frog’s hind legs!”'
In other words, those who embrace socialism do so because they've been indoctrinated. They're confused.
What we're being subjected to today, are those who shun socialism vs. those who've been "indoctrinated" to embrace it.
Because I'm old and know stuff, I'll stake the claim the anyone who takes the time to look up Vladimir Lenin and Ivan Pavlov, and really study them, will "leave the social experiment!"


With my "best dog Beno," in front of Milking Parlour - photo by Anita Bell about 1959
Law Enforcement and Cows
By Roni Bell                                                                                                  6/8/2020
When I turned about 13 years of age, milking our cows became my assignment.
Twice a day I brought in our 45 something cows, sorted off the dry and milked the remaining.
After milking, I washed the milkers, backwashed the pipes to the bulk tank, hosed out the parlour, ate breakfast and went to school; repeat after school.
Dad bought a tiny bunch (maybe 5) of what I called, "The Poland cows." They were unruly and had too much "white in their eyes."
Keeping the Holstein bull at bay was challenging enough. I didn't want "those cows" in the mix.
Now. If Dad was stupid - like those who think dismantling law enforcement's a good idea - he would have dismantled our whole herd.
Instead, as any smart farmer does, he got rid of "only" the Poland cows.
Cities with law enforcement officers who are unruly and have too much white in their eyes, should ID and get rid of "only" them.
That's all...

Thursday, May 7, 2020

MICHAEL MOORE & DRIESSEN AGREE Wind, Solar & Biofuel are>

A miraculous turn of events

Michael Moore and Driessen agree! Wind, solar and biofuel energy are devastating Planet Earth.  by Paul Driessen

Never in my wildest dreams did I envision a day when I’d agree with anything filmmaker Michael Moore said – much less that he would agree with me. But mirabile dictu, his new film, Planet of the Humans, is as devastating an indictment of wind, solar and biofuel energy as anything I have ever written.
The documentary reflects Moore’s willingness to reexamine environmentalist doctrine. It’s soon obvious why more rabid greens tried to have the “dangerous film” banned. Indeed, Films for Action initially caved to the pressure and took Planet off its website, but then put it back up. The film is also on YouTube.
Would-be censors included Josh Fox, whose Gasland film Irish journalists Phelim McAleer and Anne McElhinney totally eviscerated with their FrackNation documentary; Michael Mann, whose hockey stick global temperature graph was demolished by Canadian analysts Ross McKitrick and Steve McIntyre, and many others; and Stanford professor Mark Jacobson, who just got slapped with a potential $1-million penalty (in legal fees) for bringing a SLAPP (strategic litigation against public participation) and defamation lawsuit against a mathematician who criticized Jacobson’s renewable energy claims.
These critics and their allies are rarely willing to discuss any climate or energy issues that they view as “settled science,” much less engage in full-throated debate with “deniers” or allow former colleagues to stray from the catechism of climate cataclysm and renewable energy salvation. They prefer lawsuits. But they sense the Planet documentary could be Fort Sumter in a green civil war, and they’re terrified.
Their main complaint, that some footage is outdated, is correct but irrelevant. The film’s key point is the same as my own: wind, solar and biofuel energy are not clean, green, renewable or sustainable, and they are horrifically destructive to vital ecological values. The censors believe admitting that is sacrilegious.
Director-narrator Jeff Gibbs never talks to coal, oil or natural gas advocates – or to “renewable” energy and “manmade climate crisis” skeptics. Instead, he interviews fellow environmentalists who are justifiably aghast at what wind, solar and biofuel projects are doing to scenic areas, wildlife habitats, rare and endangered species, and millions of acres of forests, deserts and grasslands. He peeks backstage to expose bogus claims that solar panels actually provided the electricity for a solar promotion concert.
After speaking with “renewable” advocates in Lansing, Michigan, and learning that the Chevy Volt they’re so excited about is actually recharged by a coal-fired generating plant, Gibbs visits a nearby football-field-sized solar farm. It can power 50 (!) homes at peak solar intensity. Powering all of Lansing (not including the Michigan State University campus) would require 15 square miles of panels – plus wind turbines and a huge array of batteries (or a coal or gas power plant) for nights and cloudy days.
The crew films one of those turbines being erected outside of town. Each one is comprised of nearly 5,000,000 pounds of concrete, steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, cobalt, rare earths, fiberglass and other materials. Every step in the mining, processing, manufacturing, transportation, installation, maintenance and (20 years later) removal process requires fossil fuels. It bears repeating: wind and sun are renewable and sustainable; harnessing them for energy to benefit mankind absolutely is not. (Go to 36:50 for a fast-paced mining tutorial on where all these “clean, green” technologies really come from.)
Then they’re off to Vermont, where a wooded mountaintop is being removed to install still more wind turbines. Removing mountaintops to access coal, bad; to erect huge bird-killing wind turbines, good?
An aerial shot features 350,000 garage-door-sized mirrors sprawling across six square miles of former Mojave Desert habitat – with the giant Ivanpah “solar” power plant in the center. The system gets warmed up each morning by natural gas-powered heaters, so that it can generate a little electricity by sundown.
This “environmentally benign” solar facility now sits where 500-year-old yuccas and Joshua trees once grew. “Outdated” footage shows them being totally shredded to destroy any evidence they ever existed.
Gibbs and Moore next discuss ethanol – and the corn, water, fertilizer and fossil fuels required to create this “clean, green, renewable” gasoline substitute, which emits lots of carbon dioxide when burned.
Even worse is the total devastation of entire forests – clear cut, chopped into chips, maybe pelletized, and shipped hundreds or even thousands of miles ... to be burned in place of coal or natural gas to generate the electricity that makes modern homes, factories, hospitals, living standards and life spans possible. The crew gets “five seconds” to leave a denuded forest and “biomass” power plant area in Vermont – or be arrested. Haunting images of a bewildered indigenous native in Brazil and a terrified, mud-covered orangutan in Indonesia attest to the destruction wrought in the name of saving Earth from climate change.
You’re left to wonder how many acres of corn, sugarcane or canola it took for Richard Branson to fly one biofuel-powered jet to mainland Europe. How many it would take to produce the 96 billion gallons of oil-based fuel the airline industry consumed in 2019. How many decades it will take to replace the millions of acres of slow-growth forest that are incinerated each year as a “carbon neutral” alternative to coal.
“Is it possible for machines made by industrial civilization to save us from industrial civilization?” the producers wonder. “Renewable” energy systems last only 15-20 years, and then must be torn down and replaced, using more non-renewable resources, “if there’s enough planet left,” they say. “We’re basically being fed a lie.” Maybe we’d be “better off just burning fossil fuels in the first place,” than doing this.
Indeed. But bear in mind, the devastation that so deeply concerns Moore and Gibbs is happening in a world that is still some 85% dependent on oil, natural gas and coal, 4% on nuclear and 7% on hydroelectric. Imagine what our planet would look like if we went 100% (pseudo)renewable under various Green New Deals: millions of wind turbines, billions of solar panels, billions of batteries, thousands of biofuel plantations and denuded forests, thousands of new and expanded mines, and more.
But where some see devastation, others see opportunity. Or as Arnold Schwarzenegger says in the film, where some see the Mojave Desert as miles and miles of emptiness, he sees a vast “gold mine.” Al Gore sees endless millions in profits, a lovely seaside mansion and cushy private jets. Koch Industries sees bigger solar and biofuel empires. The Sierra Club and Union of Concerned Scientists envision raking in more millions off climate doom and renewable salvation, while founder Bill McKibben can’t seem to remember that the Rockefeller Brothers and other fat-cat foundations gave him millions of dollars, too.
But Moore and Gibbs aren’t indicting free market capitalism. They’re indicting government-mandated and subsidized crony corporatist opportunism. And the solution they ultimately proffer isn’t recognizing that climate change has been “real” since Earth began; that humans and fossil fuels play only minimal roles amid the powerful natural forces that brought glacial epochs and interglacial periods, Medieval Warm Periods and Little Ice Ages; or that modern nuclear power plants generate abundant CO2-free electricity.
Instead, they propose that we humans must “get ourselves under control.” This means not just slashing our living standards (may we all have “carbon footprints” as small as Al Gore’s) and “de-developing” and “de-industrializing” the United States and Europe, while simultaneously dictating to still impoverished nations how much they will be “permitted” to develop, in accordance with former Obama science advisor John Holdren’s totalitarian instincts. It also means having far fewer humans on this glorious planet. (How exactly that is to be achieved they don’t say, though several twentieth century dictators offer ideas.)
This is where Planet of the Humans takes a troubling, wrongheaded, neo-Malthusian turn. But these final minutes should be viewed attentively, to understand what still motivates far too many “environmentalists,” who too often get lionized or even canonized for their devotion to Mother Earth – even if the price is measured in billions left in unimaginable poverty, malnutrition and energy deprivation, and millions dying long before they should.
Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs have done us a great service in exposing the environmental degradation from pseudo-renewable energy. Now they just need to reexamine neo-Malthusian doctrines as well.
Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power ● Black death and other books and articles on energy, environment, climate and human rights issues.

Monday, April 20, 2020


Al Gore
by Roni Bell                                                                                               4/19/20

Though I've listened in earnest for over 15 years, I still don't "get" those who so blindly support Al Gore's anthropogenic global warming claim.
Al's followers cannot give a scientifically based reason as to why they believe man controls the climate. Yet when you counter with science, they're quick to shout, "you don't believe in science!"
Yeh. It's a real head banger!
Let's get serious and pretend Al shows up on your doorstep eager to sell you his "man controls the climate" product.
Al can't describe his product, but you know instinctively it isn't something you need or want.
He boasts, "97% of all scientists believe in my product."
When you ask for the names of these scientists, he answers, "I'm not interested in telling you."
So you ask, "Well, will you at least provide 1 among them to debate any 1 of the 30,000 scientists whose findings differ?"
Al repeats, "I'm not interested."
You ask, "What good will your product do for community..."
Al begins shouting, "I'm not interested in arguing with you," and leaves!
You begin researching and find that Al's product is quite shoddy, doesn't come with a warranty, and has a price tag that Mom would say, "You can't afford that! If you really want it, work hard and earn enough to pay cash!"
But Mom's advice was for items around a hundred bucks. Not Al's price tag of several trillion bucks!
Then Greta Thunberg came along. I don't know this child, but just observing her from afar, she appears to be an angry, troubled child. A child likely being used by adults to sell Al's stinking rotten product.
Greta, like most who believe in Al's product, reads from the same script. It's as though they belong in the same cult.
Which brings thoughts as to how Jim Jones lured people into believing him.
So evil was Jim Jones and his People's Temple and Jonestown, that one has to really steel up to research...even for a minute.
But I did. And found this:
"Those who join cults don't do so with the intention of demeaning themselves or torturing children. They join in the hope of creating a better world, and because they believe in a lie, or a series of lies, in the same way that the rest of us sometimes find ourselves falling in love with the wrong person or allowing ourselves to be manipulated." By K. Harary, published March 1, 1992 Psychology Today
Friends, I see Harary's words as pretty much summing up the whole of believers in Al Gore's AGW claim.
That's all...