Monday, September 24, 2018

Dr. Ford, FBI, Water

Chuck Sylvester by the S. Platte River 
Dang! Water flooded my thinker last night. 
Combo of the ease in which Dr. Ford's been able to garner national attention on her claim "Kavanaugh accosted me," her subsequent demand "F.B.I. investigate," her fierce defenders before hearing the evidence, the fierce "he's guilty" decisions - before hearing the evidence, and the absolute lack of knowledge most have respective of our U.S. Constitution and what the F.B.I. does and does not investigate...
Bottom line, though we have solid, "memorable" evidence, documentation of Water theft IN THE PRESENT, not one media outlet will cover it, and not one law enforcement, investigative agency, or bureaucrat will initiate an investigation; though they've all been asked.
Seeking an investigation, I took my Water files to the F.B.I. They explained the requirement of "federal" connection, and politely asked that I comeback if/when I found that connection.
Respective of Ford's demand of F.B.I. investigation into a 36 year old private matter, I wholly "get" the F.B.I.'s decline.
A little something I am pondering though, is if this obviously deliberate obstruction of a Kavanaugh vote now constitutes "federal crime." Why? Because of its cost on We the people!
Now. If YOU had all the verifiable, documented information that I have on the Water theft, what would YOU do with it?
I'm serious now.
Please don't blast out the same O same O denegrations of a political party, or slams on individuals. Those aren't "solutions."
I'm looking for affirmative solutions that will stop the Water theft!
Water theft is: Takings without just compensation; causes significant destruction of property; devalutes property and violates Water Law.
Know that!
It's fact!
Not just some mind visit by a fuzzy bygone.

Monday, August 20, 2018


Water - photo by Roni Bell 

Water Kleptocrats 
The Water they steal is their "revenue stream." 

Kleptocracy: A form of political corruption in which the ruling government seeks personal gain and status at the expense of the governed, literally meaning “the rule by thieves.” Through graft and embezzlement of state funds, corrupt leaders amass tremendous wealth at the expense of the broader populace.
Colorado's full of Kleptocrats! Water Kleptocrats! 
Samples: Some present and former elected officials, other bureaucrats and private entities publically remind, "We will oppose any move that will stop our 'economic returns from selling recharge accretions to the river." 
Translation: The Water they steal is their "revenue stream."
One even stated"...the wells were shut S. Platte River has a 'robust portfolio." 
Translation: Now they, the Water Kleptocrats, have more stolen water to sell.
They are in fact, "amassing tremendous wealth" at the expense of Senior Water Rights Owners. This is fact!
Kleptocracy falls under Public Corruption, one of many areas the F.B.I. investigates. 
In August of 2012, I met with the F.B.I. respective of my Water thievery findings up till then. 
Although my documentation file was fat, my knowledge as to what constituted justification enough for the F.B.I. to launch an investigation was skinny.
Six years later, I have plenty of justification, but zero energy to pursue. 
Plus, with sadness, I see the F.B.I. is busy investigating a crime that never happen. 
Will the Water Kleptocrats win?

Thursday, August 16, 2018


Water Confession
Health finally pushed me to find a place to put away the Water thievery. 
So as I roll around in my office chair, sorting through stacks of research files, memories of meetings with Governor's Mead and Hickenlooper, countless meetings with Senior Water Rights Owners and the thieves, and testimonies at the capitol make my heart heavy. 
It was all for naught. 
Years wasted.
Good friends lost their property, some had heart attacks, and others grew old not enjoying any justice.
Not one power that be is interested in our solutions; including one that reaffirmed our "preexisting" Water Law.
With exception of Marjorie Haun, news reporters bulk at digging into this.
Everyone knows about Water thieves. They're busy diverting Water all over America. But, there's not one damn thing we can do to stop them!
Well, using Colorado as one example, the thieves include elected officials (past and present), government, media and private corps.
Stealing Water generates such a strong "revenue stream," they can retain lobbyists, attorneys and judges that embolden them to threaten, "You just try and stop us. We'll sue you!"
Anyway, I've found a place to put the Water thievery; out in the open, for all to see!
Expect the unveiling in a couple weeks.
If you find it worth investigating, thank my Doctors. Not me.
In looking forward to retirement, I remain...Thank God.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Immigration Reform 101

1)  Set up satellite offices to expedite the process of transitioning illegals into legal citizenship, with all the responsibilities and liabilities of being such.

2) Uphold and enforce preexisting laws.

3) Close and protect all U.S. borders from any illegal entry.

The U.S. should NEVER engage in granting amnesty for any illegal residing here. Instead, the U.S. should give Illegal immigrants the opportunity to:

a) Step forward and be identified without risk of arrest. Employers should assist them.

b) A Sponsor Party, such as their employer, consulate from their mother country, or a union would be required to co-sign and thereon be held accountable for payment of services rendered; including medical and educational. Sponsor party would be held accountable for that one individual, plus any additional individuals (family etc.) connected. Cannot be a State or Federal Government agency.

c) Learn conversational English within one year.

d) File tax report and begin fulfilling tax obligations such as a payment plan for back taxes that may have accrued.

e) Regardless of age, each illegal immigrant must show proof of application for Citizenship, and then get in line.

f)  Verify length of time in U.S. illegally. Anyone who cannot show proof of coming to America before __________ will be deported (forced to leave).

Upon completion of requirements, each applicant would be issued a Citizen Transition card. Card would show proof of U.S. Citizenship application. 

A reasonable amount of time would be allowed to assure processing illegal immigrants, after which any person found without a Citizen Transition card would be deported (forced to leave).

For illegal immigrants, education, learning the English language and how to do things lawfully, is the only real hope for a healthy future for them, and America. For this to fully work there must be participation expectation from their Mother country until they become a U.S. Citizen. 

For each illegal immigrant educated and provided medical care prior to activation of Sponsor Party,  the U.S. deserves compensation, whether through the barter for goods - or real dollars. Example: With countries that are short on money, but have an ample supply of gas, oil, minerals etc., U.S. should barter an exchange of their resources equal to services rendered to illegal immigrant. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2018



This morning I asked, "The horribles pitched Russian Collusion at Trump. Then Stormy Daniels. Now immigration. What's next in their script?"
Don Gay answered, "Probably circle back to global warming."
Chuck Schumer, Alijah Cummings, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff - and for sure some vile putrid late night hate pusher (Why are they called comedians? They're not funny.) will come up with another something using 'babies;" their weapon of choice. 
Something like: "Donald Trump hates babies. He's trying to murder them because he refuses to tithe to Al Gore's Church of Anthropocentric Global Warming. Without those tithes, Al won't be able to buy sun screen for the babies. Trump WANTS babies to burn to a crisp! DEMAND Trump issue an executive order, that all taxpayers tithe to Al!" 
Anyway, it'll be something connected to babies. 
With exception of saving them from malaria...or in-uteri.