Friday, April 13, 2018


Flooding Sylvester Farm - Friday the 13th of September 2013
Though drafted 6 years ago, the following Demand Notice was never sent. 
On Friday the 13th of September- 2013, property owners suffered severe flood 
damage; more so at the hands of man - than God. 
Over the past 6 years, we've repeatedly urged Colorado legislators to so order State 
Water Engineers to administer water in prior appropriation. 
In other words, all we ask is that "preexisting law" be enforced! 
They refuse. 
That's correct. 
Colorado's Governor Hickenlooper and General Assembly refuse to enforce water law. 
The devaluation of property grows so rapidly, projections claim that within 3 years
some won't be worth anything. 
Water thieves are stealing water...severely damaging and devaluing property...and 
getting away with it. 
Colorado's State Attorney General takes an oath to "uphold the United States and Colorado 
Constitutions." Water Law is included in the Colorado Constitution. AG should demand it be 
Many of the water thieves are on record. 
Would you like their names made public? 
Looks like that may be the only retribution Water Theft Victims will ever get...

To: State of Colorado
136 State Capitol Denver, CO
Attention: Governor Hickenlooper
Reference: Prior Appropriations doctrine                                                                  February 8, 2012
__________________________________the undersigned, also known as Private Property Owner 
(hereafter referred as Owner) is a  landowner with properties (hereafter referred as Property) 
located in the Township______________ in the County of _______ near _________________ in 
the state Colorado.

It has been brought to my attention that the *State of Colorado as Water appropriator or owner 
(hereafter referred as State), has allegedly included Property - through voiced intentions, public 
media, prospectuses and certain other papers- for proposed uses (hereafter referred as Plans) 
including proposals that allow Water, by diversion or other artificial means, to *non-historically 
surface and run on Property.

Owner has never given State, or any other party, permission to include Property in Plans. By 
allowing Water to non-historically surface and run on Property, State has created a non-historic 
event that is needlessly disturbing and encumbering Owner from rightful usage of Property.  
This man-made (agency or court) decision is destroying Property via Water State declares I 
may remove; but at my own cost and without cost offset of selling, storing or putting to beneficial 
use (includes irrigation).

In addition to real damage to Property, this Act by Agency (not an act of God) has resulted in 
devaluating Property, clouding its deed, and violating Owners private property rights.

Because the Undersigned is not employed by State, had no knowledge of Plans, did not give 
permission to State or any other party to be included in Plans, State’s Water is destroying 
Property, I  hereby demand State:

a) Erase and delete any past referencing of Property in Plans.
b) Must receive written permission from Owner before referencing Property in future Plans.
c) Hold Owner harmless and totally exempt from any liabilities whatsoever that may result from 
any representation whatsoever State may have made to any persons as pertains to Plans.
d) Physically remove/drain Water from Property posthaste; Spring and its subsequent melt off 
are sure to accelerate this non-historic surface flooding.

In keeping with our Colorado State and United States Constitutional rights to acquire, possess, 
enjoy and protect Property, we hereby demand State provide Owner a signed outline before 
February 18, 2012, that spells out State’s commitment to remove/drain Water and complete 
reclamation of Property, and at no cost to Owner.

Should State not meet the February 18, 2012 deadline, I will initiate a “Lien placement on State’s 
Water” on February 25, 2012.  Lien will not be released until 15 days after such time State has 
drained and completed reclamation of Property to my approval.  

As may be appropriate and provided by law, should State’s non-compliance result in Owner’s 
action to remove Water, Owner will  charge State any and all associated costs – including 
legal fees, court costs, accrued administrative fees, gasoline, and labor costs at the rate of $55.00 
per hour. Out of courtesy to State, Owner does intend to help offset costs to State, by utilizing 
Water through storage and possible sale to entities in need of water. Owner promises to keep 
and submit accurate accounting's in billings to State.

As Owner of Property, I  want to make it clear that exercising my  right to assess possible future 
fees does not waive my  right to collect any accrued past fees Constitutionally defined as 

Signed                                                                                                                                                              Date
Signed                                                                                                                                                               Date

*State’s declaration one cannot sell water to other water users, 
or put to beneficial use (includes irrigation) State recognizes 
State as water appropriator/owner.
* Hydrological engineer and lifetime resident analysis confirm 
 surface flooding as a non-historic Act by an Agency…not an 
act of God.

Notary Seal
Cc: ____________County Commissioners, Legislative delegation, State
Water Engineer, Colorado Attorney General...

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Appalling GAO report!
By Dr. Angus McIntosh 

The GAO report that just came out is appalling! 
Only a complete imbecile would believe that when 4 Globalist corporations control nearly 90% of the market that there is no price-fixing going on. 
An NCBA official recently confirmed to me publicly, that NCBA colluded with their Big4 packer-members to fix prices. His comment was basically that producers should be grateful to NCBA for the pittance they allow ranchers to get for their cattle.
When I taught Ag-economics at Texas A&M it was an axiom among economists that whenever 4 firms controlled 60% of the market, that constituted a monopoly. 

Every State cattleman's association needs to vote to dis-associate themselves from NCBA like SDSGA did, and affiliate themselves with R-CALF.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


by Roni Bell
Though it nauseates me to the "throne," oft times I'll review posts by individuals who are trying to destroy America.
Don't mistaken their intent to kill our Republic, just because they cloak it behind Trump investigations. 
Knowing some of these destroyers, this just kaboomed me! 
Most have never built a successful business and met a payroll.
The couple who do have businesses, write threatening letters to service providers to squirm out of paying their bills.
One takes $'s pretending they have a non-profit. A quick check with the SOS confirms this as a lie. 
They ALL tout themselves as champions of women's rights, yet embrace their murder in-uteri. 
They will weasel out of paying child support and scold the mom, for "having the baby." 
Many will condemn you as "racist, misogynist or homophobic," yet REFUSE to present their color and gender charts that would ascertain the basis of their condemnation. 
The thread of commonality lays in their blanket hatred of Farmers, Ranchers, Loggers, Miners, Fishermen, Roustabouts - aka Domestic Resource Providers. 
They march with claims "they're trying to kill us!" 
They apparently overlook the fact that Domestic Resource Providers drink the same water, eat the same food and use the same fuel to keep their homes warm and vehicles running. 
None know our U.S. Constitution. And I do mean NONE KNOW OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION! 
None know our statutes and laws.
None grasp the fact that Mohammed's religion is Sharia law...a form of governance; and Al Gore's Church of AGW is also, a form of governance. 
They're incapable of understanding that the minute one "trespasses" - as do "illegal" immigrants, they've "broken the law." 
They're an exceptionally "scoldy" bunch. Honest to God, they actually wag their fingers and state stuff like, "I did not give you permission to do that." 
Like I, you honest guys and gals probably wonder what the hell can be done with these deconstructionists. 
Of course, my thoughts always go to farmer/cowboy ways of handling such varmints. 
Then I smile. 

Monday, April 9, 2018


Are you a Treasonist or an American?
by Roni Bell

Treason: "The offense of attempting to overthrow the government of one's country or of assisting its enemies in war; specifically : the act of levying war against the United States or adhering to or giving aid and comfort to its enemies by one who owes it allegiance."
Think on this...long and hard. 
The past 9 years, a once quiet whittling away at America's Republic, is now a loud axing! And war was "levied against the United States." 
There's a pattern. 
A pattern of surreptitiously "attempting to overthrow the United States" of America, under a veil portend to crush President Donald J. Trump. 
By blocking each action initiated by President Trump, Treasonists take Americans captive. Don't you see how this is just a cleverly disguised way to "assist America's enemies?" 
Their "army" comes in many forms including: Illegal immigrants, Planned Parenthood, polar bears, Antifa, BLM and DACA. 
Treasonists give "aid and comfort" to evil dictators while spitting upon U.S. Citizens. 
The Clinton's et al assisted Russia in waltzing off with some of our uranium. 
With a stroke of a pen, Bill Clinton helped Indonesians, by shutting down Coal (in Escalante). 
And frankly, I can't stop wondering if they're using similar tactics (and financing) to take control of our water. Of course ALL of you know how that'd translate. No fuel, no food. 
Take away a country's food, and you control the people. 
For example, see what the feds did to the Wayne Hage family - to get water. 
Look how Federal keeps reinventing approaches to seize control of U.S. water. 
Then there's Colorado's water. 
Why there's even a fella in Colorado who has Russian connections and control over one hell of a lot of water. Yeh. It's likely to be just a coincidence. But my fertile imagination never rules out anyone until they've PROVEN without doubt to be innocent. 
PLEASE consider these things. Weigh them. Do your own research. Don't be stupid. Don't be lazy. 
You're either with the Treasonists, or you're with Americans. 
As Elie Wiesel warned over and over, "You must choose a side." 
He was ignored...

Sunday, April 8, 2018


Politicians must consider unintended consequences
Mileage standards and tariffs help some – while penalizing countless others, often severely 
Paul Driessen
It’s become a recurring, frustrating pattern, as legislators and regulators ignore the immutable laws of unintended consequences, to drive political agendas or aid favored constituencies, while harming others.
A good example is corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) standards on vehicles. Originally enacted in 1975 to offset the impacts of the OPEC oil embargo and US oil price controls, and slow the rapid depletion of oil reserves, the mileage standards grew increasingly stringent. During the Obama years, the earlier justifications were replaced with claims that a vastly tougher 54.5 mpg standard would somehow help prevent “dangerous manmade climate change.”
However, EPA’s own analysis showed that the new mileage standard would have brought emission reductions of a barely perceptible 3 billion tons of CO2 over the lifetime of vehicles covered by the new standards – out of an estimated two trillion tons of CO2 emitted worldwide during the same period.
That meaningless 0.15% savings was fraudulent enough. But as Competitive Enterprise Institute general counsel Sam Kazman, other analysts and I have often pointed out, the real impact of these rules has always been on people. CAFÉ standards kill, maim and paralyze drivers and passengers – because they force auto makers to downsize and plasticize cars and light trucks, making them less crashworthy.
Insurance industry and other studies found that the earlier 27.5 mpg standard resulted in 2,200 to 3,900 additional fatalities every year, and hundreds of thousands of additional serious injuries, in collisions with cars, trucks, buses, trees and other objects. Minority and other poor families suffer disproportionate injuries and deaths, because they can least afford the higher priced cars and light trucks with advanced safety features. One can only imagine the extra tolls that would be associated with the 54.5 mpg rule.
Hopefully, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will underscore this lethal reality as he reexamines the Obama CAFÉ standards. (His predecessors paid no attention to the likely death and injury tolls, and Democratic politicians, environmentalist groups and liberal media have excoriated Pruitt’s proposal – raising serious questions about their priorities and concern about human lives and welfare.)
In contrast to this important and long overdue regulatory change – and in equally sharp contrast to his many other deregulation and reduced taxation actions – President Trump’s recent decision to impose a 25% tariff on imported steel products seems to have paid too little attention to unintended consequences.
Steelmakers and even the Commerce Department claim “cheap” foreign substitutes “threaten national security.” That’s a highly suspect claim. But even to the extent a threat can be demonstrated, the tariffs themselves represent a serious threat to national security … to every company, project and job in other sectors of the US economy that depend on affordable steel … and to the president’s promise to Make America Great Again and make American energy a dominant player on the global stage.
Indeed, one can understand an anti-fossil-fuel President Obama imposing these tariffs. But Mr. Trump?
Just consider their impacts on oil and gas drilling, fracking, pipelines, refining, petrochemicals and LNG (liquefied natural gas) export terminals. These are steel-intensive operations. Add 25% to the cost of pipes and other specialized steels, and you raise exploration, production, construction, maintenance and repair costs by millions, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars.
Building drilling rigs and production platforms that operate in thousands of feet of corrosive sea water, send drilling and production pipe thousands of feet into high-pressure rock formations, and bring oil and gas to terminals and refineries miles away requires millions of tons of high-quality steels that most US companies don’t even make anymore. Horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations do, as well.
Steel pipes that go down these holes have to be flexible enough to bend without cracking or breaking. They must be durable enough to last decades without corroding or rupturing. This niche market represents just 3% of the total US steel market, the Association of Oil Pipe Lines (AOPL) notes, so most American steelmakers left the pipeline business to overseas competitors, who pay workers less, face fewer regulations, and can survive on lower profits. Subjecting this specialty pipe to tariffs makes no sense.
In 2017, America’s oil and gas industry spent $8.5 billion just on the steel pipe used in 11,300 wells to frack shale and drill conventional formations. That same steel would have cost $2 billion more, if these 25% tariffs had been in place, the AOPL explains. Similarly, a “typical” 280-mile pipeline would cost $75 million more, a “major” (Keystone XL) pipeline some $300 million more, under these tariffs.
China has already slapped tariffs on US soybeans, and recently signaled that it can add to these oil patch woes by directly targeting shale country products, such as petrochemicals and liquefied propane. The Chinese meanwhile use spies and hackers to steal US corporate, military and government information, and demand access to patents and trade secrets as a price for granting access to huge Chinese markets.
Ironically, two of the main beneficiaries of these tariffs and trade wars could be Russia and OPEC, who would see their own exports and revenues climb in response to declining US oil and gas production. The primary source of export revenues for the Russian economy is oil and natural gas, and many European countries get 50-100% of their natural gas from Russia. That leaves them vulnerable to Putin threats of pipeline closures – and less willing to challenge Putin in Syria, the Crimea, Ukraine and elsewhere. 
That also resurrects the links between anti-fossil-fuel US environmental groups that have received funds laundered via the Sea Change Foundation and other intermediaries, from Russian energy oligarchs with strong ties to Putin. Perhaps Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller should investigate that Russian collusion. 
(Oil and gas companies can submit a tariff exemption request to the Commerce Department, if a product is not readily available from American manufacturers or is needed for national security reasons. But separate requests must be made for each product; they take months to process and are valid for only one year; and American aluminum and steel makers can object to the request, dragging the process out.)
In essence, these tariffs might save a few hundred steel and aluminum manufacturing jobs. But they put thousands of US workers out of work in other industries that depend on affordable steel products as their basic raw materials. The protectionist tariffs also put dozens of projects on hold or out of reach.
In another irony, many of President Trump’s much desired and ballyhooed infrastructure construction and repair projects could become the victim of soaring steel prices, on top of 1931 Davis-Bacon Act rules that local prevailing union wages must be paid on public works projects. Still more people will then be injured and killed, due to dangerous road and bridge conditions that poorly thought out policies perpetuate.
Tariffs on foreign metals also persuade US steel and aluminum companies that they can raise prices, while still undercutting foreign competitors. That’s why American Keg – the last US manufacturer of stainless steel beer kegs, and a patriotic user of only domestic steel – had to lay off a third of its workers.
Environmentalists oppose mining in the United States. They oppose coal and natural gas as fuels, and the rail and pipe lines to get those fuels to power plants, foundries and factories. They are OK with the Trump tariffs, since they help stymie fossil fuel projects. But radical greens fail to recognize that wind turbines also require massive amounts of specialty steel for rebar, turbine and transmission towers, generators and other components – making them and their high-cost electricity even less affordable and justifiable.
The United States clearly cannot merely present diplomatic protests, while letting other countries engage in unfair trade practices, and worse. However, the politicians whose actions affect our lives in so many ways must do a far better job examining the nature and scope of the unintended consequences of their decisions. Mileage standards, trade wars and tariffs tend to get out of control, and innocent people suffer.
Meanwhile, the brinksmanship continues. Can the White House and Congress find better answers?
Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy and environmental policy.