Monday, August 21, 2017


More Water thefts in progress were brought to my attention this past week. Of course my blood pressure shot up!
Water Rights Owners, PLEASE get proactive and do these things NOW!
a) Find your original Water Rights certificates.
b) Note the "Allotment Quantity."
c) Note the "Date of Adjudication."
d) Demand whoever's trying to take your Water (could be an MUD, one of the 7 Water Districts etc.) to show you the date upon which they claim your Water Rights were extinguished. They can't, because those rights - under Colorado's "Prior Appropriation" have NEVER been extinguished!
The following may be happening on other rivers, but because I'm most familiar with the S. Platte, hereon I'll be referring to it. Should you want to sell your shares, I urge you to sell your original "Allotment Quantity," NOT your Consumptive Use. Or, if you do choose to sell your Consumptive Use, remember that you retain and may use the margin between Consumptive Use and Allotment Quantity.
Why do I recommend this? Because the Water Thieves are manipulating instream flows making for a deliberate overhydration effect. Overhydration simultaneously raises the water table and decreases your Consumptive Use, thereby diminishing the value of your shares.
Demand Governor Hickenlooper withdraw Colorado from Governor Bill Owens tri-state agreement called the Platte River Recovery Implementation Program.
Colorado doesn't have either the Water or the $'s to giveaway...period!
You should ask, "Why isn't the acre feet or $ commitment amount of the PRRIP noted in the Colorado Water Plan?
The "why" is allegedly: It's the "carriage vessel" used by Water Thieves to move Senior Water past its historic dry up around Kersey, CO where it's peeled off (aka diverted) and sold to power plant, cities, and popping wells for new pivots (aka "redistributing agriculture").
When you pass new pivots out around Sterling, CO, just be aware that they were installed by Junior Water Rights Owners who are probably using Senior Water to make the massive lush cornfields (Sold for ethanol?).
Anyway, please know that you have "rights." And by God, exercise them!
Thank you.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


by Roni Bell
Most people don't know what fascism is. Some pretend to know, then complicate it beyond recognition. 
Here it is, in its barest, stripped down, easy to understand: 
Begin by knowing, beyond a shadow of doubt, what's foundational to America; the very reason people risk their lives to come to America. And that is this: To OWN PROPERTY is the very foundation of your LIFE, LIBERTY and PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!
Fascism 101 is to "deny one's use of their property." 
So hereon, when you witness a bureaucrat, private individual, whatever, "deny another lawful use of their property," you are witnessing a fascist. 
Fascism is an insidious, circuitous, sneaky way to "steal property." 
Here's how it works: Senator Joe and private individual Ralph see some gas, oil, mineral or water they want. Regardless if the private property is deeded - or on Federal land, they will choose from a potpourri of ammo to go after it. 
The potpourri includes: Claim to have found an endangered species (Yesterday, it was the spotted owl. Today, it's the Native American.); monument designation (Clinton shut down Escalante coal competitive with Indonesian coal.); run excess feral horses (to illegally steal AUMs); bastardize "navigable" -claim it's "flow" instead of "commerce" (Fine the hell out of whomever's property may connect to so-claimed "flow."); Al Gore's anthropogenic warming (Which has received a carte-blanche pass.); trespass, as in "your cow trespassed, therefore we must fine you," even though your cow did not trespass; conservation easements (Seemingly innocuous, but one of the most effective tools in "denying one use of their property."); imprison, as they did with the Hammonds for burning their own forage; shoot, as they did LaVoy Finicum for no reason. 
In ALL of these incidents, the first action is to stop the property owner from "doing business as usual." When they've done that, they've won. They've denied the property owner use of their property, and that is their goal. 
Environmental Protection Agency is an example of fascism alive and well in government. 
I can stake this claim, because I've dealt with it first hand: The EPA works in collusion with several other government departments including Army Corp, Interior and Agriculture...and, private entities including the Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, Center for Biological Diversity and Earthjustice, to cripple our Domestic Resource Providers. 
Using the EPA to do fascist work is perfect! For who would ever think a "government" agency with the sweet word "protection" in it, would harm the very people it claims to protect? But it does.
Which reminds me, the EPA also facilitates depopulationists, due to the fact it refuses to save millions of lives by lifting its ban on DDT.
They "market" their "denying property owners use of their property," with lovely messages spoken in soft tones, "Save Swinging Gate in Post, California. It's the last great place on earth where you can see skipping gummer snails." 
Innocent people want to see skipping gummer snails. They don't realize that to do so, they're lured into trespassing and subsequently becoming an unwitting party in taking away another's right to use their property. 
Look at Planned Parenthood. It denies one woman use of her money, giving it instead, to another woman. Pure fascism. 
I could go on and on and on, citing one example of fascism after another. 
But for now, I ask that you KISS: Keep it Simple Stupid. Embrace the fact that "Fascism is denied use of property." 
If you're an artist, pretend how you could work if say, the EPA denied you use of paints, colored pencils and canvas, in "violation of wrongful disposal."
Or, if you're a writer, pretend how you could work if say, the EPA denied you use of words that used too much ink, in "violation of our too much ink regulations." 
Or let's say you're an actor, and the EPA fines you because you step on their newly declared wetland, which happens to be on set on private property. 
Hereon, when someone asks you to jump on their bandwagon, "Save this, save that," ask these questions: Whose property is involved? Will human life be saved? Will there be trespass? Who will benefit? Who will be harmed? What is the cost? What's the money source, taxpayer $'s or private?
Samuel Adams summed it up nearly 2 1/2 centuries ago: "Now what liberty can there be where property is taken away without consent?"
Now that you have a better understanding of Fascism 101, Please, do not succumb to any fascist asking. 
Thank you.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Don't ever call President Trump a fascist! 
By Roni Bell 
Too many things to list, are happening at mach speed to my fellow private property owner friends. Obama's manipulative residue is still caked all over them. 
You block President Trump from helping us. Don't you know how that harms us, not him?  
I can assure you if you pulled such destructive stunts in the old west, John Wayne types would knock you silly while saying, "Kid, you had negligent upbringing!" 
While you ugly, rude, cold, heartless, nose in the air arrogant progressives wordsmith and opin ad nauseum, we keep marching along, pulling your damn weeds, feeding your greedy stomachs and making sure you have fuel for your artsy fartsy little alternative energy cars that are funded by our dollars. 
Remember? Obama was a high risk venture capitalist who dabbled in insider trading. And with your $'s...not his. 
BTW. Speaking of Obama. What's he doing in his D.C. bunker anyway? 
Right this moment, I am so angry, if any of you were to show up on my doorstep, I swear I'd punch your arrogant nose in the air to the ground. 
Don't you have one modicum of compassion? 
Do you "think?" 
Are you really that debited in critical logical thinking, discernment and common sense? 
Are you stupid or something? 
I witness you "racist this racist" that, with zero cognizance of the message and challenges you're giving children of interracial marriages. Pretty damn insensitive of you.
I witness you cavalierly call President Trump a fascist, when it was Barack Hussein Obama who fast-tracked denying us use of our property, jailing us without due process, imprisoning us for NO valid charges whatsoever. 
And the most vile act of all? You shot and killed one of us, for simply trying to drive to a meeting. 
What the hell is wrong with you? 
You really want to help America get strong and healthy again? 
Then here's some starter tips: 
Don't ever, ever, ever call President Trump a fascist! Ever again!
We know who the fascists are in our lives, and Trump is NOT one of them! 
Go pull the weeds on your property, then help your neighbor pull theirs. 
Lend a helping hand to the Hammond, Bundy, Finicum, Duarte, Robertson families. Never heard of them? Well there's part of your problem right there. 
Study statutes and our Constitution. Then honor them!
Go volunteer at a Wounded Warrior facility, Salvation Army or local animal shelter.
Be respectful of other people's property. 
Be mindful of the fact that the person you're tailgating and trying to shove off the road is a precious human being deserving to live. 
NOTICE, for crying out loud, your surroundings, and the people you impact. 
Do you want to show them how an honest, peaceful person with compassion and love behaves? Or do you want to continue being a low-bred jerk? 
Open a door for someone. Then stand there with a big smile and make sure they get in safely. 
Be aware of your aura of influence. Then make a conscious decision as to exactly what you want it to be; are you fueling the fire, or helping to extinguish it? Choose! 
The ripple affect of your actions will either harm or help many. Choose! 
Say "thank you." 
Ask "please." 
Just be nice. 
Thank you.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


President Trump is Trying To Stop Fascism

Daily, a bureaucrat denies someone use of their property. Denied use of property is fascism. 
Because some bureaucrats and their taxpayer funded buddies are denying property owners use of their property, they are fascists. 
They've engaged in fascism forever. But under Obama, they ramped up their fascist acts big time! 
Example: Using the Endangered Species Act, monument designations and unconstitutional regulations, the Environmental Protection Agency, United States Department of Agriculture and Department of Interior deny Private Property Owners use of their property. 
Water thieves are doing the exact same thing: They paid off a judge who ordered, "You may NOT use your Water Rights." Water thieves also deny use of property by illegally dumping Water on it. And, they're raising the water table so that Consumptive Use declines. 
Water thieves criminal actions are protected by "Water Court."
What I'm getting at here is - WE KNOW FASCISM! 
President Trump is trying to STOP fascism! 
So when someone points their finger at President Trump and us and states, "You're a fascist," I want to punch them right in the nose!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


My Man, my 80 year old man, fell backwards into the irrigation ditch this morning. 

While irrigating, he flew backwards real fast, when a dam stay came out unexpectedly easy! 
When he came into the house sopping wet, my mind flashed a parallel to the feral wimpy ass boy punks who dominate the news. They get paid to be rude, obnoxious, and extra whiny shrill bitchy about our President and good folks like "My Man."
Betcha while Chuck was out doing an honest day's work, they were reading Saul Alinsky to get their marching orders on how to destroy President Trump...and My Man.
The only mumbling from Chuck was, "Lost my hat. But, when we stop pulling water it'll show up." 
Thank GOD there are a few "My Mans" left on this earth. 
The self-absorbed feral wimpy ass boy punks see not the My Mans who support them. They believe Obama pulls bucks out of his personal bank account to feed, clothe and shelter them. 
They don't do a "damn" thing, while My Man does the dam thing.

By Roni Bell 
Chuck Sylvester on his good horse Wolf with his good dog Miss Dulce Rose