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A friend wrote:
First, I don't buy all of the things you send about our becoming a socialist society.
What does concern me is what was said so succinctly on one of today's news programs: For someone to win a Senate or House seat, they have to raise over $3 million. They get it from all sorts of entities with vested interests. That's a major reason for the lack of corporation between Republicans and Democrats today. Our representatives have become "professionals" and their loyalty isn't to us.
With the Supreme Court ruling that businesses can openly contribute to campaigns, what happens to John Q Public? Is this one reason why the FDA has buried the information about the diabetes drug and increased heart attacks? How else will we be impacted?
What can your group and others do? JM
My response:

JM: Thank you for your thoughts. I really do appreciate your feedback.
I'm not as cold as I once was - regards the socialism - because I finally understand individuals who are receivers of what I consider "stolen" goods. 60% of the populace do not pay taxes. Some receivers of stolen goods are well into the fourth generation, and know of no other way of life, than to take from the 40% who do pay taxes.
Please try to understand the reason why I call socialism by its correct name, is because it hit in the resource provider arena first...through multiple fronts; Species, monument, park, conservation easements, tax-tax-tax, reg-reg-reg, roadless (and on), and therefore giving me opportunity to stare it straight in its dark, evil eyes.
I can recognize it clearly. Friends who've yet to be raped by socialism - naturally don't recognize it; but it'd be nice if they'd at least not dismiss or call us (who've been raped) liars.
Sometimes when I get temporarily stuck in anger over the whole damn deal, I grouse and say ugly things like, "Gee, as long as we're into this big "spread the wealth" deal, I'd like to have some of the PERA."
The "favorite child" treatment - started with Bush, and has escalated into an art form by Obama.
I totally agree that campaign funding has transcended obscene!
You're right. Their loyalty isn't to us...they take our money to give them personal entrée into the game of "politics."
We truly have become un-willing pawns for ugly (remember - I love the original Democrats and Republicans) ones within both parties. Last week, I finally became a registered "Constitutionalist." Back to the bare basics!
Sue O'Brien was a friend. She was one of few who not only understood my idea for campaign finance, she embraced it.
When she died, I felt I'd lost a champion for this concept:
Individual contributions - to a candidate- are tracked and tallied; regardless of how the individual gives his or her money (pac, union, 521, whatever). When individual's contributions (again - to an individual candidate) has reached an agreed upon ceiling (say $2,000 within a campaign cycle), that's it! They cannot give another cent!
It's easy, transparent, and would eliminate the cronyism and ugly ads that invisibles run. It would also make campaign finance really simple. When I was the campaign finance director for Gloria Gonzales Roemer, I had to go through over a week's intensive training. Then - much to her chagrin, removed a great many prospective contributors - just because they had shaky histories (Didn't want her to suffer taint of scandal.).
Today, hell, - it's almost become a badge of honor to take money from the convicted, obviously corrupt, and blatantly communist/Marxist/socialist/anti-American.
Back to campaign finance. Two things that make campaigns so un-necessarily expensive: So-called, "political consultants;"
and media buys (getting your name I.D. up).
Frankly I wouldn't give you a plug nickel for James Carville, Raul Emmanuel, Dick Morris or Karl Rove. NONE of them listen or care about us, for they're so enraptured with "the game," and caught up in their own self importance, - that well, it's kind of "The hell with the little people (you and I.)."
If, for example, Barack Obama really wanted what's healthiest for America, he'd impeccably stay with our Constitution, return states rights, abolish "income" tax and federal reserve, eliminate all his czars, and move in the American Consumer Tax. I would love more than anything in my entire life, if he'd do those things. He'd be my all time HERO!!!
I'd LOVE that! His beautiful wife and children deserve that!
You raise good questions. Thank you.

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