Thursday, May 20, 2010


Continuation of "What do you no," and Al Gore's Environmental Hypocrisy...

Roni (re: note to Arthur Smith), it is a very kind and gentle note, and a humorous way to get people to fight on without going crazy. It makes me think of Al - let's not forget that he also got away with ripping off Native Americans for their oil. Since it was him, Occidental got a pass from the media. Remember that? The Native Americans concerned wanted to go off and have a mass suicide or something. They didn't have Roni to make them laugh and fight on. I think he just rolled on over them. Oh quite the hero of the Planet.
anyway, that's the way I remember it. M.H.
"Nowhere is Al Gore's environmental hypocrisy more glaring than when it comes to his relationship with Occidental. While on the one hand talking tough about his "big oil" opponents and waxing poetic about indigenous peoples in his 1992 book "Earth in the Balance," the Elk Hills sale and other deals show that money has always been more important to Al Gore than ideals."
Al Gore: The Other Oil Candidate
*by Bill Mesler
Special to CorpWatch
August 29th, 2000
To read Mr. Mesler's entire article, please go to:
And as for Armand Hammer himself, well, there's a history treat. M.H.
I wanted sooo much - to ask David Archer to "qualify/identify" the exact species of "snake," for as you well know - some - like the bull snake - kill varmints.
And I like those kind! Roni

* I tried to find contact info for the Bill Mesler who wrote this excellent article (10 years ago), but to no avail. Mr. Mesler, if you see this PLEASE, let me know whether or not you approve my posting. If not, I'll respectfully remove. Thank you. Roni

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