Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

About a month ago- in a Fox News phone interview, you offered you might consider running for President of the United States.
Observing the alleged field so far, I've come to the conclusion that you are the ONLY one who can win!
As compared to most, it doesn't appear you've held a life ambition to be President. This has great appeal to us.
I believe you when you say you love America!
I believe you have affirmative solutions to move it back into a healthy direction.
Even with its present ailments, America still maintains opportunities that lure foreigners to come pursue their dreams.
Your business experience, ability to plain-speak, and the passion you have for America's well being are characteristics most of us yearn to have back at the helm!
You are well qualified to lead this nation!
During my 40 years in the executive arena, I knew enough to know I didn't have all the answers.
Therefore, I deliberately sought out people I could place enough confidence in, to turn loose to do all that I couldn't.
They performed brilliantly and joyfully!
Yes. We worked hard together, but damn't - we had a hell of a lot of fun too!
My wife Roni and I have been talking to others about you. She's posted you on her fb for near a week.
We run mostly in the Agri-Culture.
When we both firmly state, "We're supporting Donald Trump!" to our farmer, rancher friends, we're met with shocked silence.
Then they start asking questions, and within about 3 minutes...they too become your supporters!
While we genuinely like many of the prospective candidates, we recognize this has nothing to do with the reality of winning the general!
I'm generally a happy person. But, I'd be happier if you were elected President!
Well yes, I still have enough years ahead to enjoy you and the positive changes you could enforce; but it's more so the promise of bright and certain futures for the generations that will follow.
Although I've actually studied the cabinet, and see other candidates for President who could fill those slots beautifully, I'll share with you one in particular I strongly urge you to consider: Governor Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior.
The DOI now unnecessarily bulges with over 70,000 employees; most of whom are manipulated by The Nature Conservancy, Al Gore, UN, Federal Reserve and more...in their quest to shut down America's domestic resource production, and move all private land and water under their control...which is indisquinishable from federal.
Example: Although Ken Salazar was on the Natural Resources Committee (when McCain picked her as his VP running mate) he either portended no knowledge of Sarah Palin, or was stupid in not knowing she...as Alaska's governor, had to sue the federal government to dislodge their blockade against Alaska's production abilities.
We were aware of her from the onset, because we thought it shameful the federal government would actually block a state from doing that which it was admitted to the union to do.
What needs to be shut down, is at least three quarters of the DOI. Not domestic resource production!
You and Sarah could do the needful pare down.
Roni has one tip for you re: Gay marriage. Her recommended response to that question: "That, is one of many matters that I'll move out of governments arena, and back to the private sector or, in this particular case, the ecumenical councils."
Lastly, the overriding solution to America's economic woes is the American Consumer Tax (ACT) www.AmericanConsumerTax.Blogspot.com - or www.LandAndWaterUSA.com
Mr. Trump, if you were to embrace (take ownership of) ACT and present it with your usual authority, you'd get elected in a landslide, and we - Americans - would all win. For fact!
Encouraging you to run for President of the United States of America,
I remain a very hopeful
Chuck Sylvester
Retired General Manager National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo

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