Thursday, March 9, 2017


Where are all you angry militant women coming from? 
Believing you "group speak" for ALL women transcends arrogance and shows your void of modesty. 
 You strident, militant, female useful idiots of Soros need to know about the ladies in families and fields whose way of going is wholly different than yours. 
Who are we? We are ladies who bring food, fuel and fiber to all. We are Domestic Resource Providers. We are ladies you'd be hard pressed to find 10 of, in the world, marching with you.
Here are some of the differences between us - Domestic Resource Providers - and you - useful idiots of Soros:
1) You vagina talk to silence voices.
We brain talk to let voices sing.
2) You buy off judges so they'll jail, imprison and shoot our fathers, sons, cousins, nephews and husbands.
You steal our partners and loved ones from us.
3) You believe in genocide.
We believe in life.
4) You hate us. Period.
Though we scratch our heads and "what the heck?" We still love you; in spite of your gross, embarrassing, strident, crude, unnecessary, unladylike behavior.
5) You're an elitist club, in that one must believe in genocide, vagina talk, hatred and judicial buy offs to belong.
We don't believe in your way of going - at all!
6) You think for others.
We think for ourselves.
There's more, but, let me just say: Your harmful actions constantly pull us away from our work; and at zero pay.
If any of you vagina spokeswomen had to do what we do, you wouldn't have one minute to march against us.
And that is, after all, what you're really doing; marching against us, ladies.

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