Monday, March 27, 2017


Dear Friends,
Rep. Kimmi Clark Lewis, a Republican member of the House Agriculture Committee, needs your help to bring Country of Origin Labeling for beef products produced and sold in the state of Colorado.
HB 17-1234 is a simple proposal. The bill merely states that any retail store selling fresh beef products within the state of Colorado must provide a placard indicating the Country of Origin in which their beef was produced. 
If your local grocers know where the beef is from, they must provide that information on to you, the consumer.
Consumers want to know where and how their food is made and where it comes from...
...and we, proudly, wish to know that customers want to buy USA raised beef!
We need to stand up for the American Rancher, a group that has been given the short end of the stick by both parties. Stand with Rep. Lewis and call on the other members of the Colorado House Agriculture Committee asking to pass a bill that equalizes the beef market to become a more competitive one for hard working Americans, not foreign "big-beef" monopolists.

Contact the House AG Committee Members Here:

  • Rep. Jeni James Arndt, Chair - 303-866-2917,
  • Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush, Vice Chair - 303-866-2923,
  • Rep. Jon Becker - 303-866-3706,
  • Rep. Perry Buck - 303-866-2907,
  • Rep. Jessie Danielson - 303-866-5522,
  • Rep. Daneya Esgar - 303-866-2968,
  • Rep. Chris Hansen - 303-866-2967,
  • Rep. Steve Lebsock - 303-866-2931,
  • Rep. Hugh McKean - 303-866-2947, 
  • Rep. Lori Saine - 303-866-2906,
  • Rep. Donald Valdez - 303-866-2916,
  • Rep. Yeulin Willett - 303-866-2583,

HB 17-1234 is set to be heard by the House Agriculture Committee on Monday, April 3rd, at 1:30pm at the State Capitol. We will provide more details on location and bill order when they become available. 
Please come and show your support for USA BEEF. 

Team Kimmi Lewis

For further reading:
  • HB 17-1234 - Beef Country Of Origin Retail Placard Act, Sponsored by Rep. Kimmi Clark Lewis and Senator Vicki Marble

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