Wednesday, March 22, 2017


To: "Self-called" Women's Rights Groups 
Some "self-called" women's rights groups, have long shouted, "I want to abort my child. And I want taxpayers to pay for my abortion!" It's you, the following is addressed.
The U.S. population is approximately 323,150,000, with about 130 million women and 193,150,000 men. 
Not sure how to quantify abortions (because they're annual) but, for now let's just say out of the 130 million women, about 1,000,000 abort children. This leaves a balance of 129,000,000 women who do not abort children.
Questions for you:
What constitutes "women's rights?"
Which women do you defend: The 129,000,000 who do not abort children, or the 1,000,000 (annual) who do abort children?
Of the 1,000,000 aborted children, how many are females?
Do you believe that killing females in-utero helps those females with their reproductive rights?
Do you include the approximate 193,150,000 men in your calculations? If no, could you be misandrous?
In brief, it appears you may represent about a million females.
It also appears you do not represent about 322,150,000 individuals. 

Therefore, don't you think you should delete the word "women" from your materials?
Don't you more accurately represent "Female White Supremacists?"

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