Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Want to know the tie between cigars and perfect thefts? Read on...
by Roni Bell  1/16/2018

Keep this in mind hereon: The only way one can work a perfect theft, is by breaking laws.
A perfect theft begins with thieves who enlist legislators from both parties, news outlets, county attorneys, state AG's and the U.S. Department of Justice.
Together, they find property they want to take. Without property owner's permission, they use it in their prospectus.
With stolen property they gain funding enough to break ground on...stolen property.
Property owner notices activity on their property. But the thieves are so far along, property owner's attempt to stop them is futile.
As stolen property generates revenue for thieves it reduces property owner's revenue.
Property owner continues to try and stop thieves. But can't. For thieves collusion is so tight, it protects their perfect theft.
Using their media partners, thieves get public sentiment behind them with messages like, "Look what we're doing for YOU. We're giving you clean water, air, landscapes blah, blah blah. We work hard for you and future generations."
Now the public’s involved. They hammer the property owner, and the thieves go play.
The stolen property bears big fruit, exotic cars, wine, diamonds and travel for the thieves. Over fine dining at "the Brown," they brag while puffing on fine Cuban cigars.
Property owner goes to the capitol and pleads with the legislators. But they're busy heading to the Brown.
Left to their own means, hiring attorneys, taking out time from their jobs and more, property owner finally becomes physically, mentally and financially exhausted.
Thieves care not about anyone's future. They care only about their own - here and now!
Now that you have a clearer understanding of a perfect theft, here's what you can do to stop perfect thieving. Ask questions: Whose property are you using? Are you using property owner’s property in your materials? If yes, do you have their permission to do so? Can you show me a signed agreement with property owner? Provide contact information of all involved (includes money sources). Will you intend to, or have you trespassed? Who will gain? Who will be harmed?
Demand the answers in writing. If refused, don't proceed.
Should you proceed anyway, know that you're a willing participant in a perfect theft.

And I pray God he'll give you such a pang of guilt you'll choke on your cigar.

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