Wednesday, March 18, 2009


By Roni Bell Sylvester

Mom taught me to be cautious of strangers bearing gifts.
“They come with BIG strings attached you’ll have a tough time cutting!” She advised.
A couple years ago, a young stranger appeared on the public horizon, bearing gifts for all.
He smiled broadly and often while explaining long and earnest how he had pockets deep enough to feed, clothe and shelter each person on earth.
The mire handful of skeptics must have had Mom’s like mine.
In their hypnotic state, most cried out his name and wept, as they stretched their hands cupped ready to receive his cornucopia of goodies.
Drone like they queued up, voted for him, and waited for the advent.
OK. Bottom line. While now President Barack Obama is an immensely likeable cuss, I did not vote for him. Why? He was a stranger bearing gifts. Only this time I could see the gift, and it was plug ugly full of evil socialism. Still is.
If that young man had publicly commit-promise-swore not to exercise any action that would smack of socialism/communism - I would of aggressively campaigned for him.
But, his socialistic/communist ties and bent were red flags that shouted loud enough for all to hear, but most ignored.
Now he’s here, and we have a big mess.
Obama claims he’s fumbling because he inherited a mess.
What if John Elway made the same broad sweeping irrational moves, dropped the ball, blocked his team (The way Obama blocks U.S. Citizens.), took the Broncos into a major nose dive, then blamed his actions on, “I inherited a loosing team.”
When you stake the claim you’re ready for the major plays, you damn well better be ready!
Obama was a state and federal senator with 17 years of grooming before taking over the presidency.
Was he living in a cocoon, is he stupid, or is he cunning and is simply executing a well laid out plan?
I think the later.
Transition out “income” tax and replace with an Equitable Consumption tax.
Stop making policies based on Al Gore’s voodoo climate change scam. As more verifiable evidence exposes Al Gore, those who still fervently defend his scam will be scorned and tossed out of town with him. And those who’ve profited off Al’s lies (false advertising) will hopefully receive rightful punishment.
Demand Barack to do these things.
I’ll start.
Dear President Obama:
Please identify the profiles of socialism and communism and explain exactly how you’re going to thwart them; realistically assist “end of war” efforts; encourage domestic resource production; stay our constitution and hold eco-fascists accountable for their damaging actions.
Transition out the divisive, personally invasive income tax, and transition in an Equitable Consumption Tax where everyone- - including illegal immigrants, tourists, hookers et al - - will participate in the upkeep of America by paying taxes.
Stop making policies based on climate change (Weather or not…it happens!).
Stop taking land and water out of domestic resource production.
Enforce Endangered Species Act the way it was written.
Stop giving money to groups like The Nature Conservancy; they use it to compete with us, and that’s just dead wrong!
And for crying out loud, if you’re going to name 26,000,000 acres after someone, don’t name it Bruce Babbitt. To do so would be the same as naming the Elie Wiesel Foundation the Bernie Madoff Foundation. Babbitt began the run on destroying our domestic resource providers, and Al Gore’s finishing them off!
Finally, stop pretending you have deep pockets enough to cure our woes.
We don’t want, don’t need, and can’t afford the strings that come attached to your gifts.


in behalf of author said...

He's doing all of this fumbling on purpose and he helped create the mess - he wants this all to fall apart and fail so he can justify having more government takeover of everyday operations at all levels. All a thinking mind has to do is to follow the money and go back through time to trace the events and examine the cabinet he built from the Klinton administration with all the "newbies" he has appointed (or attempted to) with all the IRS and corruption issues. But then I'm asking too much of the gulag when I ask them to think............


in behalf of author said...

What I don't understand is this: Is each and every elected official ball-less - or - in on the deal?
And what about people of celebrity status - is there not one amongst them who can help stop this?
I simply do not get it.

Somehow they are getting a kickback either monetarily or politically, so I'd say they are in on the deal. Plus, consider that their voting constituents at the majority level voted FOR Hussein Oblovator and thus don't want to upset their voting base.

And as for celebrities, when would a celebrity even attempt to stop abhorrent behavior? When did any off them, other than John Wayne, ever have a spine? Hollyweed wanted him in there no matter what! Even the actors I once thought were upright (Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks for example) started doing movies supporting f_ _ _ _ _ _ , maggots and n_ _ _ _ _ _ (look up niggard in the dictionary - it's not a race thing) thus losing my support of their film works............celebrities don't have credibility to begin with........
Kickbacks? Probably a combo of that plus...lust for power.
I don't think it's a conspiracy. More likely many fractured entities all jockeying for power, money, control.
With exception of core socialists Obama's fronting for. Putin? Chavez? Osama? Soros? Who?
It's disturbing to hear Obama constantly mention "ten years." You know they're gunning for a dictatorship!
Re: Hanks and Willis...Will Smith too... I share your dissapointment. Thought they were leaders. Crushing to find they too are only sheep.
There are "objective thinking bunch quitters" in Hollywood: David Mamet, Kelsy Grammer, Hugh Gregory, John Voight, Gary Sinise,
Lea Marlene, David Zucker (NOT to be confused with Jeff!), to mention a few.
An aside - if you haven't seen "Grand Torino" GO! It's a great flick!!! I love when Clint Eastwood sits on his porch, aims his
finger at the thugs, and does that little "click" sound with his mouth.