Monday, March 16, 2009


By Roni Bell Sylvester

Dear Elected Officials,

You got America a little bit pregnant.
Apparently you studied how some businesses sign up for stuff, then not pay for it, thereby forcing the provider into a odd partnership whereas the provider would give away more stuff on hope of getting paid some day.
This practice is known as, “getting them a little bit pregnant.”
So how did you get America a little bit pregnant?
Through grants and subsidies.
You signed up millions of welfare recipients, state governments, school districts, public colleges, agriculture, universities, lending institutions, non-profits, manufacturers, illegal immigrants and energy producers, thereby forcing us into an odd partnership whereas we give you our money in hopes you’ll give some back…someday.
Here’s agriculture as an example: You subsidize climate change lies which, while producing nothing of value, forces food providers to pay in advance for any action they may or not do, that may or may not disturb an allegedly globally heated up prairie dog, feral horse, common meadow chick, hen, tom, rat or mouse causing it to become homeless in the year 3024.
You fund the religious followers of global warming, into body blocking the lowly cow‘s farts from these alleged “most precious of precious crown jewels of the living world.”
Through imminent domain, conservation easements and land trusts, you dangle tax break carrots in front of farmers and ranchers, then bring on the mandates that force them to give up their land and water.
You give stipends to enforcers of geographical indicators (Proof to foreign markets they’re getting the best - in this case American beef - in the world.), aka National Animal Identification System, so they pad sign-up numbers to get more money.
More than any other business, agriculturalists are forced to deplete their personal income and time, just to continue bringing you safe food supplies. Each day one cashes in their child’s college fund, their pension plan, insurance policy, acreage or water, to keep providing you safe, nutritious, cheap food.
Imagine what will happen if you are successful in shutting down America’s food industry, forcing a hungry urban person into growing food in their yard. Most likely they’ll get sued by Homeowners ,WWF, EPA, NEPA, NAIS, TNC, USDA, IRS and ESA, for disturbing common mice, water, dirt, manure, herbicides, insecticides, disease, mortality disposal, animals, tools, fertilizer, buildings, identification, electrical, fuel, attire or zoning.
As a bureaucrat, this is how you participated in getting America a little bit pregnant.
Now you might ask, pregnant with what? The answer? Socialism.

A damn good salesman told me “The best way to sell a product, is to give people a taste of it!“
Socialists gave Americans a “taste of their welfare product,” then put a real spin on the sale by taking our paychecks and mandating purchase of it!
If I were your representative, I would transition out “income” tax, and replace it with some fair form of an Equitable Consumption tax.
You’d keep your paycheck and pay taxes only on goods you chose to buy.
This way everyone, illegal immigrants, tourists and hookers, would participate in the upkeep of America; for each time one bought a diaper, Grand Canyon trinket, lipstick or lobster, they’d support America.
As your representative, I’d mandate public debate between opposing views, followed by a vote by the local people most impact.
I’d force the federal government to honor states rights regards the outcome of that vote.
When you allow socialism to mandate American’s purchase of an idea or product they can’t afford, don’t want, don’t need, you get America just a little bit pregnant.
February 2009

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