Monday, March 16, 2009


By Roni Bell Sylvester

Having observed the manner in which the USDA has handled Premise I.D. and NAIS over the past 4 years, I took the stand, "Animal I.D. needs to be stopped...mainly because it's based on a lie!"
The lie? Federal government's claim, "If we know I.D. number and exact location of your animal, upon notification we will have vaccine there before animal's heart stops beating."
OK. Let's use their claim to draw a hypothesis for the year 2012:
Animal's Owner notices ailing animal and informs State Veterinarian and Brand Inspector the exact location of animal. Vet and Inspector call USDA. USDA shuffles through national data base to ascertain if involved parties are in fact who they claim to be and gets confused because they told him in quarantining animal they moved it from I.D.'d pen into a non-I.D.'d pen. USDA gets out 10,003 page handbook, " Federally Approved Rules & Regs Regards Animal Disease Outbreak." USDA thumbs through book trying to find rule, law, regs involved parties may or may not of broken by moving animal.
USDA calls involved parties and orders, "Stay right there! You violated something. The sheriff's coming to seize the animal!"
Remember. We're in the year 2012. The Horse Slaughter Ban has now expanded to include all animals, rendering said Animal un-slaughterable and instead to be turned out with billions of animals now known as, "Concrete Jungle Animal Waifs" (C-JAWS), for their bloated bellies overlap street curbs, park benches and vacated diving boards.
The wandering Animal now infects C-JAWS thus generating a national epidemic which kills all animals.
Veterinarian, Brand Inspector and Animal Owner are sent to prison by a Judge who overturns Jury's "innocent" decision and rules, "You moved Animal without written federal permission!"
Think I painted this a bit over-the-top silly? Think again.
Today in the United States, law-abiding American citizens are in prisons, for reasons more "over-the-top silly" than my story.
Now, let's shift gears and steer towards solutions!
In a recent visit with Dr. Marvin Beeman (World respected Equine Veterinarian), he passionately explained why I.D.'s are important, "Quick vaccine response to prevent tragedy of disease outbreak."
He further explicated how he saw the matter go astray, "NCBA wanted to hold the data in their own private data base, and the whole thing went down hill political from there!"
Former Colorado State Veterinarian Dr. John Maulsby told much the same.
From the onset of his position as state vet, John made it clear that he was there to "practice medicine and keep Colorado disease free."
With a focus on "preventing disease" (herd vaccination before disease outbreak),
Dr. Maulsby had concerns about USDA's claims of vaccine readiness (delivery).
Additionally, he was uneasy about a national data base and knew USDA's use of children to mandate I.D. programs was iniquitous.
Colorado's Department of Ag wanted him be an I.D. salesman; but because he would not compromise his medical practice by becoming a pitchman, Dr. Maulsby politely resigned.
Dr. Beeman and Dr. Maulsby are in strong agreement about "preventing and controlling animal disease," as are most veterinarians and animal owners.
That's the advisement -"prevent and control disease" -government should start with in reconciling this matter.
Governments should never forget the genesis of reporting a possible animal disease comes from the animal's owner, regardless where that animal is housed - and -
perfectly inspect animal imports -live or not (Prevents 99.9% of diseases from entering the U.S.)!
Governments should:
a) Never allow animal imports from any country known to have any animal disease.
b) Provide vaccines for pre-inoculations (Prevents disease.)
c) Insure vaccine delivery less than 24 hours from disease report (Prevents mortality.).
d) Leave animal identifications in state data bases.
e) Recognize brand laws in 17 states as I.D.
f) Honor I.D. laws compiled individually and by the remaining states.
g) Remove all I.D. mandates off children.

For our governments to do less than these things, is to ignore reconciliation and disease control opportunities, and continue their lie.
March 4, 2009

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