Friday, April 3, 2009


By Roni Bell Sylvester

Republicans, Libertarians, Independents and Democrats! It’s time to join together and stop socialism’s tyrannical movement.
Charging through our villages, it is raping, plundering, and ripping asunder the Constitutional planks that once gave us the sturdy footing for freedom.
How do you stop tyranny?
Demand from each of your elected representatives: “End income tax today! We want fair tax now!
Why end income tax? It’s a breeding ground for invasive tyrannies.
There’s not one justifiable, necessary, legal reason for income tax.
This corrosive agent has busied itself eating out the heart of America.
We now have the taxation without representation that America’s founding fathers fled from. With it comes the tyranny that has marched into and taken over America.
But this time, instead of us leaving America, let’s buckle on our chaps and spurs, gird well, and march that ugly bugger out of America!
If presented the choice between income or fair (an equitable consumption) tax, I’ll bet The Farm -American citizens would overwhelmingly choose a fair tax!
With today’s computer savvy, developing “tax split at the cash register” software, would be as easy as rolling down the river.
If we started fair taxation today, some needed affirmatives would include:
You keep your paycheck.
Economic hemorrhaging checked, and markets re-stimulated.
Song writers would weave together sunny lyrics and notes, Thingamajig inventors would make new Thingamajigs, and Builder Joe could nail together a house you could turn into “your own home.”
Charities would be rejuvenated.
Each person who sets foot in America, would buy something, pay tax, and thereby become an intrinsic part of saving America.
Shout it out! “We want fair tax! We want fair tax!”
Do it now. Save America!
Then you, your children and your grandchildren can sigh big sighs of relief, and post them on Facebook.

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