Saturday, April 11, 2009


By Roni Bell Sylvester

Today I’m surrounded by a culture that demands inhibition of debate on life threatening politics, and encourages exhibitionism of sexual intimacies.
When telling what socialism can do to me, people arch an eyebrow and scold, “I do not want to talk about you! Or your damn politics!”
This is akin to turning a deaf ear to a friend who needs to talk about their cancer; or ignoring a doctors advise on a diet you need to stay alive.
They coyly claim because words are intangible, they’re harmless bits of nothing.
This is a socialistic “behavior modification” campaign, to numb and dumb you down until they throw your “life out of balance.”
Fact! “Certain words” are easily convertible into tangibles when they come at an unreasonable monetary cost, corrode the fiber of a culture, and result in loss of life!
I’ve seen evil and can spot it instantly. Trust me, socialism is the father of evil. Its threat of danger is bigger than a tsunami, blizzard, locusts, flood, drought, plague or earthquake.
It is marching down my field with dead aim at me.
Why is socialism marching down my field?
Because I am your country.
I am America.
For over two hundred years, I’ve opened my arms to the tired and poor, helped you realize your dreams, and protected you.
I've defended your rights to own land and water, and produce food, fuel, timber, fish, minerals from it.
The main component of socialism is through government's seizing control/ownership... of all land and water; with the subsequent goal of diminishing your opportunity to produce your own food and fuel from my willing earth.
You see...socialists know that Country Takeover 101, is to encumber domestic food and fuel supplies. That makes you dependent on them and their allies who…want you dead.
They charm you along, until you’re hooked into the clump of millions who…in a stupor…crawl on carefully laid bread crumb trails that lead to the thrones of socialist dictators.
One good study of socialism is The Nature Conservancy movement.
TNC has partnered with governments world wide in executing veiled, circuitous and ingenious ways to take control of private land, water and incomes.
Socialism can be a terminal disease. If its symptoms are ignored, it grows uncontrollably into malignant states including a fascism and communism that brings “grave” consequences.
It is an abnormal condition of a social organism that impairs a country’s function and health, by breaking down its structure.
Although one can detect it through associations with specific symptoms and signs, these signs are ignored.
I’ve tried being proactive by educating, warning, and loving you until you understood this disease - and why you can’t afford for me to get sick from it; why you should pre-inoculate.
Yet, you dismiss me. Why? Do you want me to die?
Through elected representatives, my local governments have protected the freedoms of its citizens by a communications arrangement that connects with the federal government.
These communications are key components essential to maintaining my borders; borders intended not only stop a federal outgrowth, but to stop global infestation of ideology foreign and dangerous to me.
For the past several years, communications between public servants… and those they serve…have broken down.
Federal and foreign governments have jumped my borders and are spreading into local communities where they overwhelm my local systems.
I need your help today. Helping me survive will help you too!
Here’s some quick measures that will stop outbreak of socialism in me.
We now have a new president of my United States.
While many candidates campaigned, the chosen one is a carrier of the disease socialism. His name? Barack Obama.
The socialists he fronts, intend to finish me off.
They must be stopped!
How? Immediately get involved in local politics. This will boast your community’s first line of defense by controlling and limiting the socialist movement in your federal government.
Refuse federal monies from their stimulus plan. Know that in real time it’s a “Push Me Pull You” plan; they take money out of your right pocket, and return less than 30% of it into your left pocket.
Learn to recognize socialism and sustain a vigilance against its common demonstrations that include: Un-wieldy welfare programs; stingy national defense and infrastructure budgets; destructive universal health care; redistribution of wages earned; government vs. private ownership of land and water, and government mandates your purchase of products such as insurance, animal I.D., union memberships, educational programs.
Learn to recognize those “Certain words” in newspapers, music, movies, television, internet and radio programming, and block them from entering your home.
Memorize the guidebook that was set up to sustain my health. Called the "Constitution of the United States of America," it was assembled by a group of wise men who brought into being...your beautiful republic.
Ben Franklin and your forefathers gave us a “Republic”. It’s our duty to keep it!
Barack Obama and his carriers of socialism, have a plan to kill your republic, and have busied themselves (for years) planting cells of the disease socialism… everywhere in my body of people.
After reading this, I pray you’ll be able to recognize their plan... and crush it once and for all!
I’m a socialism survivor…thus far.
Unless the disease socialism is stopped today, my certain death is imminent tomorrow.
If you do not like me, please move out of me to whichever country serves your wants.
God speed with love,

Your America



I just finished reading your Blogpost .... all I can say is, WOW!
I am sending it out to everyone on my e-mail list.
Please keep up your writing.
Ann Windsor

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