Wednesday, April 29, 2009


To those in want of a socialistic oligarchy, David Axelrod and company groomed the perfect person to lead that charge.
To those who want to stay Ben Franklin and company’s REPUBLIC, he’s in absolute contraire.
Obama is not a conciliator/mediator. He’s instead one who stirs us in order to keep us under a controlled, paralyzed state of divisiveness.
This will lead to anarchy, and of course Obama, Chavez, Soros, Castro, Putin, maybe even Gore et al, will appear with little trinkets and claims of “helping” us dumb slugs.
There you have it ladies and gentlemen...their end run; “global” oligarchy.
Then of course, in jockeying for the throne, they’ll start picking off one another.
Obama’s just a chump. He’s being used royally. Again, Axelrod and company picked and groomed along for 17 years, the perfect kiddo to front their game.
For if in fact they were sincere about cleaning up the economic mess, they’d immediately end “income” tax, and transition in an equitable consumption tax.
They’re not sincere, they want the turmoil, therefore....
Those of us who saw this coming near two years back, tried cautioning, educating, enlightening people, but to no avail. It was a futile effort no different than a wise parent seeing the jerk in full armor wooing the daughter and trying to forewarn. You can’t. It just fires up the daughter with even more determination.... to marry the ugly behaving jerk.
So there you have it. Some people love being conned. It’s just too bad their self-indulgence took on an art form that’s bringing immeasurable harm to each of us.

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