Monday, May 4, 2009


Through testifying in committee, house and senate hearings, I’ve witnessed amazingly ugly actions by legislators - many times over the past 18 years.
I remember a hearing - about 2001 (A group of elderly ranchers testified on the reality of loosing their agricultural businesses.) where I watched two young, exceptionally rude whippersnapper legislators (who I later wrote and admonished thoroughly) giggle, laugh, play with their computers, and get up and walk around throughout the testimonies.
My heart broke for these gentlemen, some of who had traveled a great distance to testify, when I saw pain in their eyes as they too witnessed the arrogant behavior of these two brats.
The first time I ever testified in committee, not having any idea what that all entailed, I was cotton tongued petrified.
The committee members attack me as though I’d committed some evil crime worthy of interrogation, with eminent sentencing to 10 years of jail time.
I remember vividly, only one gentle- man, Bill Webster, at the table. He was the only legislator who was kind and really listened.
Two of the interrogators lied to me. Another is now a congressman.
I’ve since testified many times. And guess what? It’s never gotten easier.
Kind of like having a baby. The more experience you have...having them, the more terrified you are of the process; for by then you know all the horrific things that can happen…and your mind works over time adding on.
No wonder very little good ever comes from our state capital. The legislators who’ve gotten the squeeze or the big bucks under the table, have their decision made prior.
So, they don’t have to listen to us...and they don't.
Is this your story at your capital?
Let me know. I'll post your story here!

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M. S. Hollis said...

The arrogance of Legislative Committees is not state specific. During a recent experience in Texas, the disrespectful committee members frequently left the room, yawned and chatted with others members or staff during the testimony. The only time they were all present and attentive was when a big money buddy was speaking at the microphone.