Friday, May 8, 2009


Wondering about Caretakers takes up a great deal of my think’n time.
They’re plum worn out, and I don’t see many candidates who could/would/will carry on.
To qualify my “lack of Caretakers” thought, I took an informal survey, and found we’re down to perhaps a dozen or so left… in America.
With good cause our caretakers are plum worn out!
You would be too, if you’d done the heavy lifting they’ve done.
And for years.
While we’ve been out playing and make'n money, they’ve stayed in the bunkers doing what they protect you and me.
Caretakers have volunteered millions of hours, earnestly explaining facts and truths to Americans.
They’ve provided copies of the "Road Republic" America’s founding fathers mapped out. But we think ourselves smarter than Ben Franklin and company, and choose to ignore their directions.
We arch an eyebrow and respond, “Oh. I don’t talk politics. It (bad stuff) will never happen.”
Or, we make fun of Caretakers and mumble words like, “So what. China will own all of America soon. There’s nothing I can do about it now anyway, I have to prepare for an early Tee Time."
So while the Caretakers were busy taking care of us, we played golf, kept our pedicure appointments, traveled across the ocean to places where, “They don’t think too highly of America,” and honked horns and middle fingers at anyone who didn’t launch their car in a Harrier jet vertical move - out of our way.
What’s going to happen to America, once we’ve killed off our Caretakers?
There aren't many left. Most are old, and physically, mentally, and financially exhausted.
Who will replace them?
Will you?
President Obama and his gang is in for a big surprise, for when they’ve beaten down the last Caretaker, they won't have anyone to pull their gussied up Bugatti Veyron down their fast track of socialism.
Oh wait! That does look like a trifle of hope…for if that forces them to walk…?
PS: Caretakers! And you know who you are, Thank YOU!

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