Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Chuck met Ken Buck three years ago, and was impressed enough then - to urge him to consider running for U.S. Senate. Needless to say, we're delighted with his decision to do so!
As our Weld County District Attorney, we've had opportunity to study and critique this very electable gentleman up close.
We've witnessed first hand the deep passion Ken has for working for you and I, and well - each and every Coloradoan,
No doubt you're disquieted about the ascendance of a federal government that demands your money - then uses it to control you. Ken Buck has the drive and ability to flip that right side up to where you will control your federal government!
Republicans, Independents, Democrats and Libertarians agree the economic salvation of America, lays in ending income tax and transitioning in an equitable consumption tax. We're pleased Mr. Buck has real ideas as to how that can be accomplished!
Ken understands your constitutional rights to acquire and enjoy private property. He will earnestly and effectively defend your rights.
A visionary in his pursuit to build, take risks, and LEAD, Ken is a genuine Bunch Quitter ©.
He's an independent thinker and doer who doesn't run with the crowd, is charitable to all, and beholden to no one but God.
Ken recognizes healthy utilization of America's abundant natural resources is critical to staying our nations security; and he honors and respects American Resource Providers.
As your U.S. Senator, Ken will demand public debate, human dimension considerations, and proven science be at the fore of each issue.
What other incumbent U.S.Senator, or candidate for U.S. Senator can you stake these claims? I'll betcha very, very few!
Afraid of mostly everything, most today are readily succumbing to the fast track rise of socialistic pressure.
Please join Chuck and I in proudly supporting Ken Buck for U.S. Senator from Colorado.
Thank you,

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