Sunday, May 24, 2009


Reid Neureiter (Cooperating Atty for ACLU.) recently wrote about ACLU's suit against Weld County D.A. Ken Buck.
This brought to mind National Animal Identification System; a walloping government assault on privacy rights of US Citizens.
Briefly, it's a Government attempt to mandate animal/premise identifications, and gain personal information from livestock owners by using shameful methods including - exploiting our children.
USDA listening sessions claim fairness through drawing numbers that determine who gets to address them. In registering, prospective addressees get a number affixed to their name. Allegedly, if a government official doesn't want a person to testify, they won't draw their number.
Regards Mr. Buck? Probably would of been less messy had he simply queried the big three credit reporting agencies.
Nothing more than clubs for thugs who threaten, "We'll report you and destroy your credit if you don't pay up!" - they freely open reports to anyone, except those whose names and personal information are on them.
As you're aware, "income" tax is the genesis of government's trespass on each American's civil liberties; i.e. the first breech of our constitutional right to privacy.
Most Americans, regardless their political, religious, economic standings, want government out of their personal business. They agree the main way to accomplish this is by ending income tax and transitioning in some fair form of consumption tax.
I understand Mr. Buck concurs government needs to butt out of our personal affairs. Could be why he's exploring several excellent, non-intrusive, consumption tax proposals.
A great mission for ACLU attorneys? Help Mr. Buck - and all other Americans - end income tax.
Meantime ACLU attorneys. Please attend USDA listening session on NAIS: June 1st, The Ranch - Larimer County Fairgrounds (CO).
After witnessing government putting "privacy in jeopardy," it's likely you'll want to do something nice for livestock owners.
Roni Bell Sylvester

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