Friday, May 29, 2009


Should we be thoughtful about using our own so as not to injure our neighbor? Darn right!
Should the federal government mandate laws based on climate change? Hell no!
Why? Man does not make the climate change. The sun does.
The save lynx, polar bear, non-navigable waters, gummer snail, the earth's most precious wilderness, roadless, last great jewel programs, are in reality schemes to enrich and empower the few who push them.
Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if it didn't harm my American Resource Providers!
But it does. It's killing them.
Remember Phar Lap, the New Zealand born later champion Thoroughbred? Phar Lap was a great runner. So greedy people started betting more and more on him while simultaneously weighting him down. Ultimately they weighted him down so much they killed him.
Partnered with groups (includes TNC, Sierra Club, Center for Biodiversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Earthjustice, World Wildlife Foundation) our government is hurting our domestic resource providers.
No non-government group should be allowed the power to usurp our legislative process and force government agencies into performing any task.
Though we haven't voted them to be land and water "oversight" committees, your government allows them un-checked authority.
Their goal? Use bogus endangered species and climate change, to seize control of your land and water.
They use an abundance of lies and thimble of facts, while taking taxpayer dollars (government grants that mount to millions) to produce fallow, untouchable view sheds.
In their global money making market, they want you to be at the mercy of un-friendly nations for your food and fuel.
Probably they also used your money at the recent climate change conference in Copenhagen...for relaxation at brothels.
One way they get by with this blatant, destructive stinkiness, is by skipping the "Human Dimension" requirement under NEPA.
A recent article about Lynx, stated: "One step in that process is a critical habitat designation, which sets strict guidelines for land-use decisions that could affect the cats."
They state nothing about actions that will affect the critical habitat of humans.
Who do you think executes these so-called "strict guidelines for land-use decisions?" Yes. The before-mentioned who propagandize with their media buddies to sway you and weak politicians.
Those cutesy little "home gardens" that are popping up? It won't be long before a gardener is busted for breaking some obscure, hen clucker law made up (albeit un-enforceable if challenged) by this partnership.
For years, this partnership has slammed penalties and jail time on resource providers who cleaned up a swill on property they owned; or had a government agreement to use.
Just look at the 2008 blue/red votes map. It reveals who's had socialism crammed down their throats, and who's doing the cramming.
In a recent article on want of a roadless/climate change marriage, a Mr. Nelson Bock proves what we've known for years (Environmentalists are cult like followers of eco-religion.) when he claimed, "Climate change is not just an environmental issue, it's also profoundly spiritual."
I don't make up these things. My imagination is not that fertile. These facts are indeed, stranger than fiction.
Do you have a plan for heating your home, fueling your car, feeding your child... if you allow this partnership to weight down America's resource providers until they kill them?
Suggestions: Stop giving them your money. Demand the government stop giving them your money. Demand they give back your money.
The government has no right to give your money to groups who have no compunction about using it to weight you down into certain death.

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Editor said...

e: "Men and Climate Change" at

Dr. Tom Keenan tells us that "some form of climate change is happening." Yes, indeed. That statement could be correctly made every day for the last several billion years, although there is no evidence that gorgons or dinosaurs spoke English.
And yes, "something is happening out there." Some people die in heat waves. What is missing in that cherry-picked datum is that a warmer earth has fewer nasty cold snaps, which are far more dangerous to human health than warm spells.
Keenan worries about "opportunistic pests carrying tropical diseases to places they've never been." Never been? Dr. W.W. Mayo built his clinic in Rochester Minnesota specifically because he had been infected with malaria in Indiana and hoped for a better environment in Minnesota. In fact, malaria was a very common disease throughout early America, and was also common in Siberia.
In any case, real data show that the earth has been cooling throughout the 21st Century. Perhaps Canadians might want to consider buying a home in your neighbor to the south. You'll find some people worried about the climate, and others of us worried more about the intellectual climate.

Howard Hayden
Professor Emeritus of Physics, UConn
(Now living in Colorado)