Thursday, June 25, 2009

BRAVO Congressman Salazar

Dear Congressman Salazar,

BRAVO! Your consideration, of all aspects of the Waxmen/Markey climate change/global warming bill, is commendable.
You are a true "Good Neighbor" (One who uses their own so as not to injure another.).'re a "Bunch Quitter!" ( One who doesn't go with the herd. An independent thinker and doer who gives back to their community and is beholden to no one but God.)
Few have the self- discipline to be a Good Neighbor, and even fewer have courage enough to be a Bunch Quitter!
You have an opportunity with this climate change/global warming debacle, in that you could be the one who "demands Al Gore stand before the house and publically debate" his CO2 theory with any one of the thousand non-partisan scientists whose documented findings are contraire to his.
All we've ever asked for is a debate; Al refuses.
It is dangerous to make policy based on one person's personal opinion.
Please use as your main support. It's run solely by volunteers, therefore is the purest website on the WWW - for facts and truth.
For your scientists source, please call: Bob Ferguson ( (202) 288-5699.
Bob can be in your office within minutes, with any number of "science bias - not politically bias"- scientists like Dr. Willie Soon.
They'll give you the straight facts and be happy to debate Al Gore.
After you and your colleagues get the facts about the climate, the vote against this destructive, dishonest bill - will be unanimous.
Thank you also - for taking a stand on Pinon Canyon. You are appreciated!

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Editor said...

Please stop sending me political messages. I thought we had agreed during the last Presidential campaign not to talk politics. Calling people (like me) who disagree with you about solutions to America's problems names like "communist," "fascist," and "socialist" is way over the line. Patriotism doesn't belong only to you and your fellow believers. Please don't end our long friendship over politics.