Thursday, June 25, 2009


An anti-American element has quietly placed itself into every level of our governments, board rooms, unions, schools and media.
Quibbling over whether to call it socialist, fascist or communist is stupid as feuding about the exact species of rat that does the same thing they do: leave a calling card of disease, destruction and poop.
The rat controls you when you do nothing more than stand on a chair, wave your arms wildly and scream, "R. norvegicus, NO - uh, Xenopsylla!"
You control the rat when you identify it -"Yo, rat!" - and whack it in the head!
You should do the same with anti-Americans: Take out your club and demand bureaucrats end "income" tax, and start an "Equitable Consumption" tax.
Hiding in Democrat and Republican cloaks, anti-Americans use income tax complexities, that surround policy building, to snuff you out.
Via an Equitable Consumption tax, hookers, illegal immigrants, tourists, Democrats, Republicans and rats, would pay into sustaining a healthy America - each time they bought pantyhose or cheese.
A soft-ware program would be designed in a way to shoot collected monies directly to States without involving retailers.
States would send agreed percentage to federal.
Federal would re-calibrate and return to protecting our country, international trade, and highways/skyways/byways, as defined in our Constitution.
States would thereon handle all other areas like education, medical, property rights and welfare.
Unless this is done, anti-Americans will complete their modeling of America into a mirror image of a Chavez, Putin or Castro type regime.
In brief: The difference between anti-Americans and pro-American lays in anti-American's refusal to free us from "income" tax. Pro-American Democrats and Republicans will embrace an Equitable Consumption tax and abolish income tax.
An Equitable Consumption tax is death to anti-Americans, and the salvation of America.
Are you ready for this?

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