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The following comment and response is in respect to the following write: Are You Ready For This, posted 6/25/06

Please stop sending me political messages. I thought we had agreed during the last Presidential campaign not to talk politics. Calling people (like me) who disagree with you about solutions to America's problems names like "communist," "fascist," and "socialist" is way over the line. Patriotism doesn't belong only to you and your fellow believers. Please don't end our long friendship over politics. CJ

Dear CJ

It's unfortunate that you don't set aside your autopilot defensiveness long enough to read...I mean really read and think on what I write.
Over time, your responses show that you either don't read or understand what I write. Which, because of my use of ultra simplistic language and really bad punctuation that can be understood by your average Joe the plumber, I find hard to believe.
Maybe you don't care enough about my subjects to rip off your blinders?
You claim I call you a socialist, fascist or communist. Once again, I reread my own write to see where I'd inferred this.
Here's what I found: "Quibbling over whether to call it socialist, fascist or communist is stupid as feuding about the exact species of rat that does the same thing they do: leave a calling card of disease, destruction and poop."
To translate that into my claiming you're one of the before mentioned is one hell of a stretchy creative move.
Anti-Americans are those who want the U.S. to morph completely away from the Republic our forefathers founded.
Now. If that's what you're up to, then you'd fall into what I define as anti-American.
One cannot be anti-American and patriotic simultaneously.
People who cannot build, are always the first to tear down that which someone else built.
I'm fed up with people who sit around and do nothing more than judge me and my "fellow believers" (whatever the hell that means), and never create doable solutions.
I've yet to witness any man with the foresight, insight, love of country, benevolence towards mankind, and whole picture thinking abilities of our forefathers.
I like and fully trust what they built, and intend to do everything I can to keep it! Even if it means loosing so-called...friends.
We have an abundance of people like Bill Maher (A so-so comedian who knows how to smoke pot.), and not near enough people like Ben Franklin who was really funny, clever, and a damn good inventor, philosopher, journalist, swimmer, problem solver, statesman, equestrian, business man, deep thinker, and one who worked always - to be a better person.
And where's a Thomas Jefferson today? Most of today's elected officials don't know the difference between a weed and a 2 penny nail; yet they make laws about them.
Maybe why you don't understand my concerns, is because the government and its NGO partners have never stolen anything that belongs to you.
Look at the blue/red election map. Urban people who don't generally own land and the rights to use water, voted for Obama. Rural people who do own land and rights to use water have either had them stolen, or live under constant threat of such government theft - did not vote for Obama!
Though America's resource providers work hard to give us essentials, they're our most over-regulated, attacked and defamed, and least compensated, honored and protected.
I don't write books. You do. I would never be so arrogant as to tell you how to do so. Yet, for some odd reason, non-resource people think they know more than we (They don't!), and constantly dictate how they want us to do our job.
How would you like it if, the government and let's say...The Nature Conservancy... hovered over you, and ordered you to use a certain font, typewriter, ink color, computer, adjective, software program, noun, and type size?
What if they implemented laws that lined out when you could write, how many words you could write, subject material, what paper, ink and glue to use and how you should dispose of them, and who you could send your work to?
Just how creative do you think you'd be?
Then pretend you start a garden, and suddenly the before mentioned are in your yard- your private property - telling you that they just interpreted some sentence in NEPA, ESA, CWRA and arbitrarily determined you broke the law, because you what? Oh, maybe diverted dirt and water one inch too close to a phantom gummer snail...
This forces you into spending all your time and money defending yourself. After a few years of dealing with this, you're out of money and patience. That's when they waltz in and declare you a "willing seller, while you sit on the ground, contemplate suicide, and watch your home and typewriter vanish.
Or, they could dump a truck load of prairie rats, feral horses and wolves on your lawn, and tell you what they tell us: "These are the last great, most precious, threatened, jewels on the face of the earth. We want them, so YOU take care of them!"
Some of my urban friends are so far removed from what we're subjected to daily, that they can't even make the connection between Eve Ensler's dreamy little poem about Polar bears, and the fact it was a propaganda piece attacking domestic resource providers.
Carla, we are attack, attack, attack, from every damn direction.
Urban people won't help save or protect us. What they do instead is say, "I'm not interested in you. You're stupid. You're a hick. You're a red neck. You're too political!"
They see not how embracing words from people including Eve Ensler, Rachael Carson and Oprah Winfrey, absolutely and undoubtedly kills America's resource providers.
They don't know that domestic provisions of fuel and food is a matter of national security.
And they don't know that they're contributing - whether knowingly or not - towards actions that...if left to continue in the ill-conceived direction they're headed, will most certainly end our safe, economic, locally provided supplies of natural resources.
If that happens, the anti-Americans will win...and Americans will loose. Period!
Did you know that the suicide rate amongst resource providers is once again raising?
Why? Because like PharLap, the great race horse, they're being un-reasonably weighted down until they can no longer move.
And as far as loosing a friendship? Been there, done that. Since this past fall, I've lost many I once called friend.
I guess identifying problems and problem makers flushed out and stepped on their delicate, super-sensitive little feelings (A word I've come to hate more than any other.).
They wagged their fingers at me and scolded: "Give it lack critical thinking...remove me from your mass mailing list (although I've never had one), take a drug and call me in the morning, and the best one of all, "Don't you want to feed the poor and hungry?" Well DUH! That one really proves how disconnected people are from resource production. What the hell do they think we do?
I will not succumb to peer pressure, nor will I take time to worry about popularity contests, cave to threats, or play sand box games; like what's going on right this minute with Congressman John Salazar and the Al Gore driven climate change bill.
Just because John is taking time to consider the whole picture around this bill, his peers are threatening him, "We're gonna strip you down to your socks, short sheet your bed, tell your brother on you, and put X-lax in your brownies if you don't play our game!"
Politics is forced down every throat of every resource provider every waking moment of their day. We aren't given the choice to "avoid" it.
Because the genesis impacting everything you eat, drink and do today comes from politics, I'd challenge anyone to talk about anything...without involving politics. They are inseparable.
Heck some are even merging politics and religion together, by wanting to use the biblical word "marriage" - in defining any kind of union.
They've also marched the religions of the Obama Church and Gore Church right into the White House. That's a God-awful mix of religions and politics.
One takes a deep risk in shunning membership in these churches. I ask you, "Do you really think that's OK?"
If you want us to have a friendship sans politics, then why don't you tell the anti-Americans to get the hell out of my way.
Better yet, tell them to get the hell out of America and go live in a country that's tailor made to their needs.
Don't destroy America!
Thank you for caring,

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