Tuesday, June 9, 2009


To: Congressman John Salazar
Attn: Laura Allen (Fax 202-226-9669)
From: Roni Bell Sylvester (970)-284-6874
Dear Congressman Salazar,

THANK YOU for continuing to stand strong for the rights of our indigenous people of South East Colorado - Pinon Canyon.
They raise good products and terrific families, and deserve to be treated with honor and respect.
You'll get a better sense of what's really going on with US Army/TNC and Pinon Canyon when you read my testimony RE: Colorado Educational and Cultural Facilities Authority tax exempt bond loan - (for approx. $45,000,000) to The Nature Conservancy -for their purpose of land acquisition in New York.
The culmination of fast track land and water tie ups by The Nature Conservancy and affiliates, constitutes the massive shut downs and destruction of American Resource Production. Their actions not only harm our Domestic Resource Providers, they jeopardize our safe, economical supplies of domestic fuel and food.
What's really ugly, is the fact they receive government funding to do these things.
We demand this administration stop giving our money to TNC and affiliates.
Please note: In conversations with Eric Rothaus (CO Deputy Treasurer), I learned I was the only person to testify live - within the past two years - on matters like CECFA & TNC tax exempt bonds. The treasurer's office and I wonder why.
Requirements of TNC are so loose that residents (of areas targeted "in want" by TNC) are bluntly steam-rolled.
We strongly stay our observation that it's The Nature Conservancy who wants South East Colorado. Not the Army.
This most likely explains why - the Army is still confused as to "their?" needs.
John, you could save Americans billions of dollars, while simultaneously saving domestic resource production, by exposing the very bad TNC and the rank company it keeps.
Connected to this is Al Gore's (inaccurate) CO2 theory. Please demand he debate a non-partisan, not- bought-off-scientist like Dr. Willie Soon.
Please demand that no law should be made because of claims connected to Al Gore's theory; claims that include climate change, global warming, green jobs and endangered species.
When you do this, you'll be known as: "The humble cowboy who un-covered Ponzi schemers, and prevented them from hurting us!"
You'll be - "The cowboy who saved America!"
Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester
For facts and truths go to: www.GoodNeighborLaw.com

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