Thursday, June 11, 2009


Article Discussion: Bennet stuck in neutral over unionizing
Denver Post June 11, 2009

Roni Response:

If union members called on their pensions simultaneously - it'd break the unions overnight. The till is empty to the extent they're now "borrowing" money to re-fill those depleted pension funds, used by union bosses to promote the political candidates they identified as "controllable."
Controlling you is the motivation for the union/government marriage.
If not, then how do you explain the odd authoritative structure government's blessed unions with; mandate of purchase of insurance that's enforced through mafia tactics?
Unions and union bosses are in the business of making money by selling these insurance policies. Therefore, they're no different than the "BIG businesses" they so pretend to fight against.
Auto industry notes to unions came due, and "walla!" Obama thanked them for his campaign contributions by giving them your money...through a cute little way called, "bailouts."
Union bosses are not nice. They will kneecap you if you don't vote their way.
A bureaucrat can't protect you while sleeping with the unions who beat you.
Solution? Take away their stick. How? End income tax and transition in an equitable consumption tax.
Wouldn't you just love to keep your paycheck?
Response to bloggers:

Articulate, non-emotionally charged information. Thank you! Will do more homework on Labor website.
Again - the fair solution: Because the derivative of every ugly action generated by both government and private sectors is income tax, Senator's Udall, Bennett et al, should focus only on eliminating it and transitioning in an equitable consumption tax, wherein everyone "equally" would be able to keep their paycheck.
The federal government should not mandate purchase of any product. whether unions, insurance, animal I.D.'s, universal medical care, whatever...ever!
An equitable consumption tax would be duck soup to implement:
Software program would make the split based on an adjusted cash-check-credit card receipts at the cash register (The retailer would NOT be made the tax collector.). ALL collected monies would go directly to the state. Each state would have its own individually agreed on % breakout with the federal government (Based on a formula whereas federal would receive monies only for original intent of a federal government: Defense, international trade, highways/skyways/byways.) States would keep the rest and handle everything else including states education, welfare, medical needs, and etc. You get the picture.
States would enjoy at least 95 cents on each dollar it collects, because those dollars would stay in the state versus the travel charges that occur when running through D.C.- then returning a depleted insult!
With an equitable consumption tax, everyone - tourists, hookers, illegal immigrants, rich, poor, would be a part of revitalizing America, each time they purchased a Lear Jet or lipstick for their pig.
Perhaps medical would remain tax exempt...
What can be more fair than that?
Some more great things about an equitable consumption tax, it would end the divisive class warfare;invasiveness into ones private affairs; criminalization of honest citizens who un-knowingly make an error on their tax return; and a government who now takes your paycheck and gives it to entities who use it to compete with you...or entities whose way of going you strongly disagree with.
What can be...more fair than ALL THOSE THINGS?

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