Thursday, June 11, 2009


NDALE, Mich.—A 31-year-old Detroit man faces a misdemeanor assault and battery charge after allegedly urinating on several people during an annual gay pride event. The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak reported the man had been drinking and was upset that he was splashed with water aimed at street dancers Sunday during the Motor City Pride Festival.
Police Lt. William Wilson said "he may have wanted to take revenge," turned and urinated on the leg of a man standing next to him.
The Detroit Free Press reports two other people were sprayed in the process.
The man is to be arraigned June 23.

Roni Response:

He should apply for funding from NEA...claiming his newly titled "Peedom of Expression" his "squirt of art."
Expect the UCLA to don mudders and raincoats when protecting him.

Roni Response:

Unfortunate the feds caved to Rachel Carson and EPA Director Ruckelshaus claims, and ban DDT.
That ill-conceived, politically driven ban has resulted in the continuing loss of millions of human lives.
Today, we repeat this history, by acting on Al Gore’s ill-conceived, monetarily driven notion: “Man makes the climate change.”
The feds caved to his CO2 theory, thereby generating a movement wherein we’re realizing a massive loss of money, time, talent and life.
And even though it’s been proven Al’s claim is grossly inaccurate, the feds support him.
Now Al’s global warming mistake grows un-challenged, and brings un-attainable demands and costs while harming millions.
Some bureaucrat needs to steel up, put these un-founded claims of Carson, Ruckelshaus and Gore…in a place where they won’t hurt anyone anymore.
Re-activate DDT, and stop Malaria and West Nile related deaths today.

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