Friday, June 12, 2009


Dear David Letterman
By Michelle Malkin

June 12, 2009
Will you teach your son to talk about women and girls the way you talk about Sarah Palin and her daughters?
You called the married 45-year-old mother, grandmother and Alaska governor a "slutty flight attendant" on your national TV talk show because she happens to be a tall, beautiful and dynamic public figure who doesn't look, walk or talk the way you think she should.
You joked on national television about Palin's teenage daughter "getting knocked up" by professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez or solicited by the prostitute-addicted former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer because it's acceptable in your social and professional circles to sneer at the children of politicians you despise.
You admitted that your attacks on Palin's family were in "poor taste," but cackled while acknowledging your sophomoric judgment.
You expressed moral indignation at being misconstrued, yet you purposely omitted the name of the daughter you were mocking.
Fourteen-year-old Willow Palin was the daughter who accompanied Gov. Palin on her trip this week, not 18-year-old Bristol Palin, whom you now claim was the target of your feckless smear -- a smear you still insist is perfectly defensible. Look at yourself, Dave. Look at how lame your excuse-making was on your Wednesday night shoow:
"These are not jokes made about her 14-year-old daughter. I would never, never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl. I mean, look at my record. It has never happened. I don't think it's funny. I would never think it was funny. I wouldn't put it in a joke..."
Tell us, great comic genius, how tacking on four years to the target daughter makes it funny? We unenlightened dim bulbs who live outside of Manhattan's boundaries don't get the joke.
Will you be able to explain it to your son?
Face it: David Letterman, late-night entertainer turned partisan hack and hit man, has a deranged obsession with Palin and her family that has crossed into rank bigotry and hatred. If the CBS network cares about basic standards of decency on public airwaves and if it cares at all about bolstering its shrinking audience, the network honchos will get Letterman a therapist pronto.
Over the past year, Letterman has displayed his sexist, elitist stripes in jibe after jibe aimed at Palin. Taken cumulatively, Letterman's mockery is about much more than expressing contempt for the popular GOP governor. It's a handy device to deride a broad class of working-class and middle-class women he holds in contempt:
"You know, she reminds me, she looks like the flight attendant who won't give you a second can of Pepsi. No, you've had enough. We're landing. Looks like the waitress at the coffee shop who draws a little smiley face on your check. Have a nice day."
"She looks like the dip sample lady at Safeway. She looks like the nurse who weighs you and then makes you sit alone in your underwear for 20 minutes. She looks like the Olive Garden hostess who says, 'I'm sorry, your table isn't ready yet.' She looks like the infomercial lady who says she made $64,000 a month flipping condos."
In November 2008, Letterman told tanking CBS News anchor Katie Couric that he was "aroused" by Palin. In March 2009, Letterman attacked Bristol and snickered about her being "knocked up" again.
Letterman reminds me of the lecher at the school bus stop. Or the aging creep lurking in the dirty magazine section at the 7-Eleven. Attention, CBS: Get him help now.
This is what Michelle Malkin wrote about David Letterman. I think we should send it to CBS and tell them he is a creep and we won’t watch him any longer. I don’t watch him anyway. I always thought he was a lecherous geek with pretty women. What was just as bad, was that the audience was actually laughing, as well. LT
Letterman reminds me of most socialists. Male and female. Roni
I just thought it was in such poor taste, joke or whatever... I know some people thought it was really funny, and obviously the audience certainly did... Maybe I'm just an old fuddy duddy *LOL*... but it was bad taste, from my point of view. Oh well... Letterman will continue on with his show and his poor taste... and people will watch. LT

You're absolutely correct. And to add to that, have you ever met a socialist who didn't exercise "poor taste" as their chief way of going?
Letterman turned me off years and years I don't pay much attention to him.
He's exceptionally rude, jaded, callous, and hits people below the belt claiming humour. Well - none of it's funny to me.
But then - socialists, marxists, fascists,communists aren't funny! Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Liberatarians and Constitutionalists are!
Since Obama, many of my past... friends have emerged from their socialist closets.
You wouldn't believe (then again you might)how sarcastic and dismissive they are of me, and well anyone who works on staying our rights to freedom, liberty and private property.
They loath anyone who tries to protect our domestic resource providers and debunks Gore's CO2 theory.
When I found out one gets her news from Colbert, I thought God help us all!
Over a year ago, when I mentioned my concerns about then candidate Obama being a socialist, a friend scolded me with a blistering, "That's over the top!"
Another friend told me, "I believe man makes global warming. I'm not interested in doing research on it."
Another glorifies Rachel Carson, and thinks her deserving of canonization. Rachel Carson: The one who brought us DDT ban, based on her own personal view. The hell with science! Since the `73 ban, millions of lives have been lost to Malaria, and several humans and animals to West Nile Virus...all because we're not allowed to use DDT. How damn stupid is this!
Now we've escalated to idolizing world class lying con-artists: See Al Gore.
And so it goes...
Now look where we are.
Yes, sometimes when I slide into dwelling on the loss of so many I once thought were friends, I get very, very sad.
Particularly when my ever present low esteem (Lays in knowing I have no tag behind my name, no college, awards or authority on anything. ) is whacked each time these so-called friends don't trust my offerings enough to generate them at-the-least-a-want to do their own due-diligence.
Then Chuck reminds me of the many new friends we've made over the past three years. Great people who are fearless about speaking truth and facts...regardless risking their jobs, friends, and yes...even their life.
One friend - a former government employee, lost his job because he wouldn't promote a government mandate.
Another, a professor, was relegated to the university basement because his solid science clearly showed Al Gore's global warming claim was inaccurate.
Someone planted porn on another's computer, because this policy research analyst uncovered rot that compelled him to caution people about.
Another former government employee has been threatened, denigrated and more (by yes..our own government) simply because he exposed over 35 million pilfered from an the feds.
OK. It's terrific hanging with people who have "courage!"
But, I can see why most don't want speak up for truth and facts; for what you, I and the courageous folks who do so, the repercussions are horrendous.
Obama, the front man for God only knows what, has brought a curse on our country. His actions are astonishingly contraire to his campaign touting of being a "great mediator."
Now you know why I keep slugging away.
Just got off the phone with fair tax people. We have a fantastic gentleman in CO who many us want to run for governor, using some form of an equitable consumption tax as the main part of his platform. Just have to get facts in a he/we can properly illustrate them before the sleezy socialist Letterman's of America prattle out their usual lies, myths and arrogant dismissals.
What's happen to "grace" in our culture?
ps: Think I'll post our exchange on my blog...
And so I did...
Question to readers: What solutions do you have for saving America?
OK. I'll go first: Eliminating income tax and transitioning in an equitable consumption tax would be my highly recommended first BIG step towards the salvation of America. Roni


Editor said...

If I'm not mistaken...David Letterman's daughter was born out of
he wasn't married when she was born....or may still not be married to the
the hell is he to talk.

Editor said...

He just married the mother of his child...I think the child is about 4 years old now? Roni

Editor said...

Maybe he "knocked her up" during a commercial break on his TV show.
What a jerk. SS

Oh now that is funny!!! Roni