Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This past year, we've connected Al Gore (Science czar Dr. John Holdren was one of his Inconvenient Truth consultants.), Goldman Sachs (Al Gore lied about his connection.), and eco-groups including TNC.
As you're well aware, Hank Paulson was connected to TNC as is its present CEO Marck Tereck...and also Bruce Babbitt (who worked hard to get resource providers off public land) and his WWF.
There are many eco-activists connections with US Treasury, United Nations & Center for Biological Diversity's Timothy Wirth, and GS.
In researching TNC and their request for a $45,000,000 tax exempt bond money loan from Colorado Educational and Cultural Authority (To acquisition land in New York.), I found it chilling to see TNC's presence in every big and little town in the USA!
I have strong reasons to believe some of these people are interconnected for the purpose of "taking control of our land and water," I.e. the "end game" for groups like TNC.
It's a given Al wants to be king of the globe.
When talking of Obama's fast moving policy and czardom making, I remind folks not to loose sight of this - "control of land and water" - end game.
If one took each policy coming down the Obama pike, I'd be willing to bet trace back would reveal at least 85% of those policies (Like cap `n trade, carbon credits, conservation easements, clean water and restoration act, ominibus wilderness etc.) are born out of this end game.
A non-partisan newspaper with backbone, could save America, if one of their sharp investigative reporters exposed and blew these shikepokes out of their game!
Most eco-activist groups have exceptionally well paid CEO's (Few make under $150,000 annual, with WWF & TNC CEO's receiving over $400,000.) and - receive millions and millions - perhaps billions of welfare monies from - guess who? Yes. The federal government. In other words, they take your money and use it to seize control of your land and water.
If you believe Al Gore's claims man makes global warming, then you are one of many who give answer to: Why the spam?

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