Friday, July 17, 2009


It's time for all Good Neighbors to come to the aid of their country!

We've received wonderful notes from you (see following). Thank you.
Please know that each of you brings great value to GNL.
As the now "formal" board and Contributing Educators like Dr. Soon, Marc Morano and Lawrence Kogan; and individuals like Mike Dubrasich take on more and more "ownership interest" in GNL, Chuck and I get more and more relieved/happy/excited!
We love that you're "taking it and running with it!"
This is YOUR Good Neighbor Law!
As many of you know, many of us were urging Chief Trostel to run for governor of Colorado. We know of his leadership abilities and knowledge, and had no doubt he could of easily won and subsequently become one of Colorado's most beloved governors.
After several months, and one heck of a fishing trip pondering on this, Mark and his family decided this was wasn't something they wanted to launch.
We understand why.
For even if you're a fully qualified individual - if you're a registered Republican some of the socialistically vitriolic media types force you to raise at least 10 times as much money as the lousiest Democrat candidate. Why? Because those media types contribute millions in unreported "ink and on-camera" play to anyone who's a Democrat. The Republican has to "pay" them to try and catch up.
Although this is a clear violation of FEC rules, they do these things boldly, knowing the guy or gal they get into office will "avert their eyes."
In a visit with Mark, he shared that his "thought time" revealed his real passion lays in developing a world of Good Neighbors through building a solid, nationally involved Good Neighbor Law.
Good God...what a blessing! Thank you!
Here's a brief on Tuesday night's conference call; which by the way had lively great discussion!
Make a note: Next Conference call - August 18th.
Kimmi and Mark will have the minutes and agenda out at least a week prior.
Lawrence Kogan generously offered his continuing counsel, and we're appreciative.
Ric Frost was voted our 9th (and final) board member. We're honored to have his involvement.
Mike Dubrasich gave a very appealing proposal - (Emails will fly between us on that.).
We voted to initiate "Good Neighbor Coffees" (like mini-forums) in each of our areas.
We need to get immensely creative on generating memberships.
Something to think on: "Manners Are Fun!" books/classes for children?
The Good Neighbor Coaster Calendar (aka Calendar Coaster) will consist of excerpts from an 1883 book on business, and be printed on the same weathered type of paper and font. It will be an absolute "in demand one of a kind" calendar!
Between the Board Members and Contributing Educators, we're very proud to boast GNL's assemblage of the best, brightest, and impeccably honest folks in the USA!
Thank YOU all!
Now... go and be a Good Neighbor. (It's easy. Just go on-line at:
Chairman Trostel, Vice Chairman Maulsby, Secretary Lewis, Board Member-at-Large Koroulis, newest Board Member-at-Large Frost, Mr. Kogan and Mr. Dubrasich,

Thank you each and all for a super GNL conference call!
Chuck listened in to the entire meeting, and we want to relay our deep appreciation for your genuine participation, interest,
enthusiasm and passion to develop a world of Good Neighbors.
So proud to be a part of such a dynamic team!
Sincerely, Chuck & Roni
Dear all,
Thank you for inviting me to participate in your meeting this evening and to serve along with Harriet and Kent as a GNF legal adviser and counsel.
It has become quite apparent to me that GNF, as a grass roots organization, has evolved nicely since its humble beginning, as has its leadership and its focus. This is in no small way due to the smooth transition in leadership that you all successfully accomplished.
There is no reason why GNF could not eventually become a more specialized and influential force to be reckoned with on particular issues/matters that resonate with many other Americans throughout the region and the nation at large.
As you are well aware, this is likely to take time, dedication, discipline, prudent allocation of resources, greater internal communication and public outreach, and coordination with other similar issue-minded organizations - i.e., thru coalition-building.
Larry a/k/a EC
I'd like to thank all of you for considering and allowing me to be a part of GNL as a Board Member-at-Large.
I look forward to providing support and promoting the goals of GNL in the weeks ahead.
I hope we can make a difference in these tumultuous times.
Feel free to contact me at any time.
It was a great meeting and I am very excited to be a part of GNL.
Take care,
Roni here again...
Two of our Board members didn't make the call.
Note how Ken didn't hesitate to apologize.
When Mary called (my cell phone Wed nite - wanting to know "why doesn't the (conference code) access code work?" She'd made a mistake on the night. I told her- "Welcome to the club...of forgetters!" Nice to know someone besides me "forgets stuff!" ), she too immediately acknowledged her boo boo instead of making feeble excuses or blaming like too many do today. So refreshing!
Yesterday, I heard a new one: A title company we dealt with made a huge, costly (to us) mistake. Instead of fixing it on their dime, they claimed,
"we won't recognize this liability."
This is more the norm today, and I think very sad!
I don't know about you guys and gals, but I want more Ken and Mary "Good Neighbors," and fewer who "won't recognize this liability."
I meant to send you an email yesterday informing you that I couldn't make the teleconference call last night. I didn't forget about the mtng., but I forgot to send you the email telling you I couldn't make it. I apologize.

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