Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Just now it hit like a thousand charging Wart-hogs!
Everyone knows “someone” (We’ve yet to pinpoint who.) has been working hard to seize control of our American Republic and turn it into - only they...know what!
Maybe a Socialistic Oligarchy?
In a young man then named Barry Soetero, they found the perfect candidate.
He came with charm, good looks, smarts, body conformation and salesmanship skills, and ego enough for them to package and pitch him as: Barack Obama for President of the United States.
While carefully teaching American citizens that only the federal government could grant permission to eat, drink and be merry, they took control of us.
But we couldn’t figure out what mechanism they use to control Obama.
Here it comes. Ready or not this is not...a pretty picture. Threat. Yes. You heard it right. Threat.
Threat of un-burying the papers that prove he’s really not a U.S. Citizen?
Threat of killing him?
There’s no question what-so-ever these buggers are tough, tough, tough, evil.
They will do anything to control a person.
And I do mean...anything!
Trust me. This homemaker found out first hand- on a teensy scale - when union bosses threatened just for trying to help Colorado become a right to work state.
It would not surprise me if those “someone’s” periodically stroll past Obama and whisper, “ Surely you don’t want your beautiful daughters to get in an accident?”
Haven’t you noticed how Obama is sliding more and more into a state of angst?
His once broad easy smile has been stopped by an emerging locked jaw.
This, would explain why his agitated state of urgency to slam through un-read stimulus, bailouts, corporate takeovers, crippling taxation and universal health care policies.
They’ve ordered him to do these things...otherwise!
With this new insight, I'm going to stop screaming at President Obama, and pray for him, his family, and our nation.
Will you join me?
May God protect us equally, from evil.

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