Friday, July 31, 2009


See the website below: It will show that 31 states across the U.S. have experienced record lows thus far in 2009.
By all appearances, one could now state with confidence that Al Gore and his chums, Nancy Pelosi, President Obama, Harry Reid, Goldman Sachs, Bruce Babbitt, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club and World Wildlife Foundation, have meet their goal to lower the earth’s temperature by 2 degrees.
This success comes earlier than they had projected.
I could tell by watching them on TV, that they were heavy with grief over the idea of being tied up for the next 39 years trying to hawk Al’s CO2 product while strapping Mother Nature down long enough to pull those two degrees out of her.
Plus, they probably knew they risked staying alive long enough to face Americans, angry as the dickens over finding out the Al Gore CO2 product they paid an arm and a leg for, was damn defective and came without a warranty.
Mother Nature must of heard their huffing and puffing, and thought, “Hey! OK! I give! I’m tired of having that darn old Sun push me around anyway, so what the heck, I’ll give `em the 2nd degree early!"
Mission accomplished. Their work is done, they can all go home now.
For more evidence that debunks man-made climate change theories, please go to:

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