Monday, August 3, 2009

Question: What if TNC.....

It’s a given that if TNC, Sierra Club, Defenders of Wildlife and on had to remove the words “federal - public” land/water from their materials, they’d go out of business overnight. Therefore, can’t their usage of these words be construed as their “using federal - public land/water” as equally to resource providers who have “agreements” with the government and “pay” to use these lands/waters?
Only they don’t pay fees, don’t have agreements...and furthermore, receive millions of taxpayer dollars to generate most of their income.
Now. Here’s my question: Since all the above is true, why can’t we do the trace back, and hold them as responsible (accountable) for their actions which have brought us forest fire, pine bark beetle, water diversion away from rightful users, un-necessary DDT ban and a whole lot more???.
And - shouldn’t we FOIA the feds for spread sheets on monies given to these groups since their beginning?

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