Thursday, October 1, 2009


Recently on Meet The Press, Tom Friedman really got up my dander when he accused parents of stupidity. "That's just stupid. Just stupid," repeated Friedman in discussing the parental uproar over President Obama's then upcoming address to school
(3 of my 4 grown children)
Although pragmatic scholars who read the president's first draft withheld censorship when providing description, parents viewed its words as parallel to youth indoctrination by cult leaders and dictators, and chose not to expose their children to it.
Apparently this pre-speech exposure encouraged Obama's speech writers to water it down.
While some baby birthers demand the government raise it, there are many American citizens who refuse welfare (because they consider it stealing), engage in healthy parenting, pay their own way, respect the property of others, and raise children who continue likewise.
They would never plop their baby onto a government teat, for they know over-suckling ends supply when a teat goes dry.
The sanctimonious, arrogant, name calling Friedman was joined by Tom Brokaw and former US Representative Harold Ford Jr., in claiming that because other presidents like Eisenhower and Reagan addressed the nation, we should eagerly await Obama's address to our children.
Lumping Eisenhower and Reagan in with Obama was a mis-categorization only skilled anti-Americans can make. For it was presidents like Eisenhower, Truman and Reagan who shielded our Democratic Republic against any onslaught by anti-American, socialistic cadres of czars.
I don't view parents who chose to refrain from Obama's talk as stupid. More likely it's people like Friedman who are stupid... for failing the manners part of their education.
Friedman, Obama and company should know motivation 101 is to build a fire within a person, not under them.
Don't you think people who psycho-babble on and on about what they want your child to see, hear and do, are adults who might be guilty of imposing psychological abuse on your child?
Don't you think that in their lust for power, control and money, too many adults have degenerated into spooky exploiters of your child?Aren't you weary of their goading and dismissals of you as stupid when you resist the garbage they ladle out?
Parents whose toleration limit of child exploitation has been reached, are taking a serious look at filing charges against any exploiter, regardless their lofty position. For examples: PETA (For knowingly terrifying children.); USDA (Mandating children I.D. location of livestock.); Schools (For promoting one side of an issue and censoring any other.); Eco-activists (For encouraging helplessness.).
As an engaged parent, something along this line might become your stalwart stand:
As an American citizen and a parent, I have the right to choose what I and my children hear, read, believe, see or say.
I will vigorously defend on the grounds of my inviolable autonomy over matters concerning my mind, voice, heart and soul.
These rights should be respected as personal choices that affect the health and future of my family.
Any legislative measure that would silence my voice and deny my right to wave subjection to any matter I deem as un-necessary, un-healthy, or contraire to my beliefs will be opposed.
I demand comprehensive education and hearty public debate between opposing views on any matter that may impact my family.
I accept the cost for my choices, so please, do not approach me for payment on any that come without my consent.
And to any who keeps trying to motivate by building fires under me, please know the charred remains you end up with may be your own.


Editor said...


Here is our story...

During the election when George W Bush ran against John Kerry our son
was in the sixth grade and the teacher announced that they would have
"wax museum" of sorts where all the kids could be one of the
presidents. It sounds like a great idea, get the kids to learn a little
history and have some fun dressing up. When my son's friends got to
dress up like John Kerry, my son asked why and the teacher told him it
was because she believed that John Kerry would be the next president -
at least she hoped he would be. My son was also called fascist and who
knows what else because he thought differently (like a conservative).

We now send our son to Wentworth Military Academy, where he has grown
into a very nice young man and carries almost a 4.0. When I asked him
what political conversations were like at his new school, he said they
were, "lively" because now there were educated people on both sides of
any one issue.

Now before you think I'm a teacher hater, I'm not. I know there are
some very good ones out there, like my sister, but the fact that the
teacher's union is one of the very strongest unions in the country and
they have a monopoly on teaching our kids. I think this is very
dangerous. I would love to see the voucher system, because we are
paying twice for your one child to go to the school of our choice.

We live in a state
where our state senator did not run for office, in
fact, I believe it was a gift for delivering the vote of the teacher's

A president should speak to students, however there are so many other
issues in question here like asking the students to read about him or
asking how students can help him. Also, with the political bent in most
public school what do you think the teachers would discuss after the
president's speech. How will any student be treated if they choose to
opt out?

America is the home of the free because we can believe in what we want,
not what we are told we can. We should study the constitution and hold
dear the fact that it is different than the governing system any where
else in the world.

Hope this helps


Editor said...

Interesting I was just thinking about this sort of thing…
Government officials have slowly stepped into every aspect of our lives. The American people have willingly, in the name of safety and security, allowed the government to tell us what is best for us, especially what is best for our children and like sheep many have allowed themselves to be herded into a corner, for slaughter.
We have stopped relying on our family and neighbors for help and support during times of trouble – Hurricane Katrina, is a good example. The Windsor tornado, is the example of the other side of the coin, farmers helped farmers….neighbors helped neighbors, but with the direction 4H is taking I believe the small farmer is on the way out.
We have also stopped relying on ourselves to think and reason.
I’ve listened to the people, with interest, who argue we should be honored Obama will speak to our children. Yet, if he had tried this only a few years ago, people would have said, “O’who”… I do not see how just becoming the us president suddenly makes a virtually unknown man so important and special. He has truly accomplished nothing which anyone should look to as honorable.
Great letter and thank-you for taking the time to write it.

Editor said...

Good letter. I no longer have children in school of course, but his presumption that he can do anything, anytime, anywhere he pleases.... because "HE WON" as he always says... just makes me furious. Our kids in school don't need HIM to tell them to stay in school, study hard, do their homework, strive to be the best they can be, graduate, etc., etc. They have parents that do that... haven't we all say those things to our kids, and emphasized their importance, etc? And they have teachers and principals and all kinds of people in education who tell them this stuff. O just thinks he's the epitome of excellence, his excellency, and that people no matter what age, want to see his face and hear his jaw flapping ALL the time. And Lord knows, if we wanted our kids to pay so much attention to him, there are any number of times during every single day they can watch him on TV, because Lord knows he's ON it all the time. Have you read "1984"? Well, it's not gotten to that point YET, but sure looking like shades of the beginnings! Anyway, he just makes me so disgusted I can't see straight. I think he's already done too much intrusion into the lives of the American people. And talk about having things shoved down your throat!!! He's shoving HIMSELF down our throats constantly. And with the TV and the kids... at least we can change the channel or turn him off... but to intrude into the school system... where the kids are captive... well, it's just too much. This is how liberals, socialists, marxists, whatever you want to call them, begin. They start out mild, subtle, almost undetectable.... to see how far they can go... and if they aren't met with any opposition, they press on to the next level, and the next until it's too late... and before you know it, you've got kids that are fully indoctrinated, and will be voting for him next election! This is how they indoctrinate. He's targeted the young people, the youth, from the moment he came on the scene... he did it all throughout his campaign for Prez... and he continues to target the YOUNG, the minds that are most impressionable... and before we know it, the kids won't listen to a word the parents say to them, especially if it's anti-O!!!! Makes me furious.