Wednesday, September 23, 2009


For years I've thought about writing a book "Aura of Influence."
Something that would perfectly illustrate how the ripple affect of our actions not only impact others, but come back and hit us.
Something that would help people to see, be cognizant of, and practice good stewardship over their aura of influence.
Disconnection and complete un-awareness as to what we bring into an area contributes to the numbed down, let it all hang out, rude, if it feels good do it, me, me, me, temper tantrum, whiny, arrogant, lazy, give me your paycheck, un-healthy environment we’ve created.Visualize that everywhere you go is like one big potluck gathering. Do you bring garbage or something yummy? When you step into the gathering, do you sigh and suck out the energy? Or do you smile and re-charge it with electricity?Do you elbow others out of your way, or try and make sure you don't step on them? Do you pitch in and help, or sit, watch, and find fault with the workers?Do you use every feeble excuse you can conjure... not to help others? Or do you thank God you can still walk and talk and serve up soup to the homeless?We elect people who claim on the campaign they have the super powers that will benefit you. But the minute they’re in office, the first words out of their mouth are, "I can't do that. It will jeopardize MY career." There are doable ways to get our culture on a healthy road. We just need to find people who have the backbone, courage, and willingness to risk upsetting the apple cart...long enough to clean out the rotten.
What you bring to today's potluck is your conscious choice.
I leave you this brief to contemplate. For there's that chance I may dig up many more feeble to why I can't write the book.

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