Sunday, September 6, 2009


On Meet the Press this morning, Tom Friedman really got up my dander when he accused parents for being stupid. "That's just stupid. Just stupid," repeated Friedman in discussing the parental uproar over President Obama’s upcoming address to school children.Friedman, Tom Brokaw, and former US Representative Harold Ford Jr. chimed in claiming that because other presidents like Eisenhower and Reagan addressed the nation, that we should be giddy with joy over the idea of Obama addressing our school children.Their sanctimonious, arrogant attitude in billing Obama’s address as some sweet innocent, innocuous thing has me boiling. And to lump Eisenhower and Reagan in with Obama is a leap of arrogant categorization only skilled anti-Americans can make. After all, it was presidents like Eisenhower, Truman and Reagan, who protected our Democratic Republic against any threat from the likes of an Obama and his cadre of czars. Maybe some who have a baby think that baby’s birthright is to thereon have the federal government raise it. Plopping it onto the fed’s teat, they have nary a care what that baby will be fed, or that over-suckling ends the supply when the teat goes dry. But, what about those who refuse welfare? Those who engage in healthy parenting, make wise choices and therefore raise families that contribute goodness into a culture? I don't think these parents are stupid. I think people like Friedman are stupid for failing the manners part of his education. People who psycho-babble on and on about what they want our children to see, hear and do, are adults guilty of psychologically abusing our children. They exploit our children for personal gain of power, control and money. Good parents, whose toleration limit of bullies and stinky behaviors has been reached, are now taking a serious look at filing charges against anyone (Including Peta for willingly terrifying our children, and USDA for mandating our children I.D. their animals.), regardless their lofty position, who tries to exercise such psychological abuse through indoctrinating a child with material that that child's parent determines as unfit.

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