Monday, August 24, 2009


President Obama is a terrible cowboy.
He keeps trying to sign on to our bunch. We keep trying to send him packing.
He rides (so slappy in the saddle one could make checker moves between his butt and saddle) in front of the herd, shoves calves through barbed wire fences, uses sparse drinking water to wash his face, whines about the food the ranch hand's 80 year old mom makes then drives all the way out to the neverlands... and more.
He's worn out the herd (dropping their weights and market values), cut up the baby calves until we ran out of Cut `n Heal, left the wranglers trigger thirsty, and worst of all...he put the cook on the fight!
I just want to put him on a Cervi bucking horse, and watch him put a spur to that!


You speak of things here only folks that have actual experience with roundups and ranch operations - folks that know you keep the horse facing the cattle that want to cut from the bunch and not turn to the blind side of the horse to chase them back to the herd when they cut to run. Too bad the vast majority of the country can't understand what is being said here - they still think milk comes from a, I mean carton...........Ric

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Editor said...

How come it now seems like the sworn arch enemies of our country don't hate President Obama..? Sure, they still burn our honored flag in their streets and say "Death to America", but for some reason the maligned effigies of George Bush haven't been replaced with likenesses of Barrack Hussein Obama. Have the naysayers of our republic become so entranced by his fame that he transcends his role as "commander and chief" of this great land..? Does hatred of America now exclude its president.? Can a person who distains America and all that it has represented in the world also be its president..?

Hey, Darlin', as for your comments, my dear Roni... I'm not sure I'd want to subject a horse, no matter how sour and contemptible that beast may be, to have to serve under the flanks of such a critter just to satisfy my own acknowledgment of his lack of skill in his job. Especially since he's already proven extensively that he's not up to the task he was given... So, I've decide to just start lookin' to future round-ups for hope that we'll all be able to see ourselves through enough mild winters and profitable harvests to get us out of this whole this Kerr-dog of politician has gotten us into... God willin'...