Friday, August 21, 2009


President Obama's public health/insurance proposal has been bugging me. Something seemed dreadfully wrong, but I wasn't able to pinpoint exactly what... until now; he paints a pretty picture, but neglects to tell us about the downside.
Consider that if this health care proposal was held to SEC standards, Obama's prospectus violates the main requirement of fully describing all foreseeable ways the investor could loose their money.
Every smart investor studies all the possibilities as to how their investment can turn sour; that's the first thing they look for.
Perhaps this explains why Warren Buffet now describes said plan as having potential to turn America into a Banana-Republic. He looked behind Obama's pretty picture, and saw the disturbing downside truth.Mr. Buffet became a billionaire on "slow growth" stocks. That's always fascinated me, for it's in stark contrast to those of us, who want to "get rich quick" - yet never do. President Obama wants us to invest in his "one-time-only-offer" health/insurance plan right now! Today! Hurry!
Mr. Buffet recommends we don't. Hummmm, ok. I've made up my mind. I'll take Mr. Buffet's recommendation.
Very interesting and good analogy. My bottom line is health care is not defined as a duty in Art. 1 Sec. 8 of the Constitution, the duties of Congress. For that matter, I don't see anywhere in the C where the govt. is to be a provider, e.g., welfare, education, breakfasts for children, etc. Therefore, the Congress is violating their oath in which they swore to uphold the C. Should be no discussion on healthcare. It's mute pt. Unfortunately, most Americans are not familiar or don't understand the Constitution. Yes, I saw the article yesterday by Buffet. I always listen to what he has to say. Ken Keil


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Thank you Roni for sending me this. I will forward it on to others.

This is a long article but a good one as it is a reminder of today.. the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. This article tells us how the Berlin Wall really fell down.
Only I see things happening in reverse. Our government is starting to become like East Germany. I have underlined in red the statement that says: "They would never say openly: "We intend to criminalise public protest".
People are telling their Senators and Congressman that they do not want HR3200 to be put into law. This news article pertains to the British people, yet it has a powerfull message to those of us who live in America. That message is: "The Power of the Crowd is Great!" If we all stick together with one aim, and that aim is to preserve what our founding fathers gave to us, the US Constitution we can overcome those who want to destroy us.
Thank you, Colleen

From The Times
August 19, 2009
Freedom is now flowing from West to East

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Again, AMEN, Sister!


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I heard this last night on the News.... and oh by the way, did you hear today, Obama has given $3 billion to Brazil, to assist in THEIR oil drilling? I'm flabbergasted. It's time for these people to go... starting from the top!!!

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Great point!