Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is for a piece for Senator Inhofe has asked Al gore to testify on the global warming hoax. Gore has thus far declined. CNN and other networks have noticed the sudden disappearance. Do you think he should testify? What questions do you think he should be asked? What would you ask him? Please send comments by e-mail. Please include your name, title, and company. Please send comments by close of business this afternoon. Thank you. I have a tight deadline. 2/24/10
Gene Koprowski
Domestic resource production is on its last breath because of claims made by Mr. Gore and his colleagues; claims designed to enrich them personally, and bring America's resource providers to their knees.
Yes, Mr. Gore should be ordered to testify.
Senator Inhofe should ask him:
1) Do you know a Mr. Bruce Babbitt? If so what, if any, is your affiliation?
2) " Mr. Hank Paulson? "
3) " Mr. Tim Wirth? "
4) " Mr. Mark Tercek? "
5) " Dr. Willie Soon
6) " Dr. Richard Lindzen
7) " Lord Christopher Monckton
8) " Karen Budd-Falen, Atty
9) Please name any federal policy, regulation or designation (ESA) that has or will be made based on your claims?
a) To what degree would you claim these policies may or may not interfere with states rights.
10) Have - or will - any before mentioned (# 9) jeopardize *Domestic Resource Production (DRP)?
11) Please provide all materials you use(d) to arrive at your claims.
12) Fully provide all sources of your income.
13) To your knowledge, please provide the names of non-profit organizations that include pleads for money based on your climate change/global warming claims. Do any receive government funding?
My questions:
1) Define and demonstrate your product to me. Will it make my life easier? Do I need it? What does it cost? Does it come with a lifetime warranty? Did you test market it? If so provide where, when andtest results. Where may I obtain customer testimonies?
2) It is widely known you refuse to debate and defend your product with any of the 32,000 scientists whose findings are contraire to yours. Why?
3) If not any of them, then would you debate a 14 year old girl who - because she began debunking your theories at the age of 11 - got ridiculed by her teachers and physically abused by classmates?
* DRP: Two examples of AGW/climate change claims that jeopardize:
Friday, - 2/26/10 Jon Marvel (Western Watershed) might succeed in shutting down the entire state of Wyoming with his sage grouse claims.
Two years ago, DOI nearly gave polar bear "endangered" status, using Mr. Gore's AGW claims as "melting habitat."

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