Monday, June 14, 2010


President Barack Hussein Obama is focused on putting down America's resource providers!
He's on a mission to seize control of all land and water in the United States of America.
He wants you to be dependent on, and at the mercy of - foreign countries, for your food and fuel.
Believe it!
This is true!
How's he doing this? By deploying bills - such as the attached HR 5101.
The only reason for such as this wildlife corridor project, is to shut down domestic resource production. Period!
Please. Call your representative today, and tell them to kill HR 5101 Wildlife Corridors Conservation Act of 2010 -
HR 5101 incorporates the legislative provisions of Section 481 of HR 2454 (the House version of the climate bill) and Section 6009 of the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill draft.
And regards feds inclusion of "climate" in said bill, years of thorough and non-bias research has summated that because it takes faith to believe in the ideal - "man-makes climate change," it has been subsequently identified as a religion.
Therefore, it is a given that any bill connected to such, is in clear violation of: The First Amendment to the United States Constitution: "Prohibits the making of any law respecting the establishment of religion."
Will the ACLU file suit against the federal government for its obvious violations against your First Amendment rights as pertains to freedom of religion?
The ACLU should posthaste engage in stopping the federal government in its attempts to establish the climate change/global warming/eco-movement religion as a universal religion; a religion you will be forced to tithe at least 40% of your income through taxes like cap and trade.

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