Monday, June 7, 2010


Environmental groups can sue the heck out of BP, but, that won’t clean up one grain of sand.
Besides, that’s my money they’re using to sue!
How do I figure that? Because the federal government does not generate income, its lively hood is dependent upon taking earned incomes; yours and mine!
The government takes our money and gifts it (in the form of grants) to groups like The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and the far reaching branches in its * family tree.
Did you know environment groups are grossly obese corporate cats?
For example, TNC has over 3 billion dollars in assets. Over a hundred million of that was received from you (federal grants), just in the year 2006 alone.
Wouldn’t you like to know how much of your money the feds have given them since their inception? We’re not talking membership contributions here. In plain speaking, we’re talking money your government took from you, behind your back, without your permission, and gifted to them!
Maybe this dolled up way of stealing would be a little bit OK, but the way they use our money isn’t. It’s like having someone remove all the lug nuts from your car then using them to sling- shot holes in your head. If you complain about the pains of not being able to drive anywhere and the gigantic headache, they tell you they did that, and with federal’s blessing, for your own good.
You have the right to demand a citizens audit of federal grants to environment groups. Once identified, that money should be returned to you!
If they keep good books, it should only take about a week. If they can't do that, then you have the right to initiate a full investigation.
Suing BP will not clean up coastal areas impact by the oil spill. It will though, further enrich the environmental groups suing. How? History’s been very good to these groups; for the feds have also been consistent in simply paying them off - just to make them go away; another ingenious sneaky way for environment groups to double... triple... dip into your pocketbook..
If environmental groups really wanted to save the environment, they’d take the honestly raised through memberships money, and give that money, in this case, to Governor's Jindel and Crist.
One immediate and easy to execute way to start helping coastal areas? Pay (maybe 10 bucks a 4' X 4' X 8' bale over hard costs) American farmers for their bad hay/straw/grass. Then collect, ferry and distribute outside the shore areas. This hay would catch and filter the oil before it reached shore. Burning the hay in the water, will be much easier than scrubbing ducks into infinity.
Call your representative the minute you finish reading this, and tell them you want your money back. Tell them you’ll use some of it to help those really in need.
Tell them you’ll use a little to scrub environmental fat cats clean.
Oh. And tell them you’ll use some of it to scrub them clean too!
*A year ago, I found out TNC wanted $25,000,000 in tax exempt bond money from The Colorado Educational and Cultural Authority to acquisition land in New York. This was quite a surprise, for not more than two years prior, TNC told me personally, “We no longer acquisition land.” Subsequent research revealed TNC’s presence in every little teensy berg in the United States of America, thereby the observation “far reaching branches in its family tree.”

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