Monday, May 31, 2010


Who's Fred Brown? Well, after 39 years as Capitol Bureau chief for The Denver Post...he retired.
Fred still writes terrific guest columns for the Post, and is also a political analyst for 9News.
Though I've known Fred about 20 years, his attention to impartial reporting has prevented this old super sleuth from deducing his political bent.
I solicited his input. What he said surprised, humbled, and raised the bar for me. And I'm not talking about putting the Crown Royal out of reach!
Thank you Fred! Roni

Hi Roni,

I like your blog, and the way it covers global warming -- which seems to be a big part of its content. You are more reasoned and scientific, for instance, than Marc Morano. I used to think Morano was pretty objective on the question, but lately he has become much more political.
My own feeling is that global warming has become almost a religion, in that the underlying premise seems to be that people won't behave the way you think they should unless you scare them half to death. (That's why I've never been particularly religious). My own feeling about climate change is that, yes, overall the planet probably is getting warmer. But I think it's the height of hubris to believe that humanity's activities accelerated the change, and it's especially unrealistic to think we can do much to change it.
Do I think it's a good idea to find alternative energy sources and stop being so wasteful? Absolutely! Do I think if we don't curtail our consumption to less-than-third-world levels we will all die hellishly? No. Conserve, yes, but don't be hysterical about it. After all, millions of people -- possibly even a billion or more -- already live in places that we in more temperate climes would consider intolerable.
We're indoctrinated with stories about thousands of people in France and Germany dying in heat waves that are well below the summer norm in Phoenix or Las Vegas, or even Denver. I blame it all on air conditioning. Not only has it made us wimps, generating the power to support a refrigerated environment may be the major contributor of carbon dioxide to the planet's atmosphere. And personally, as someone who grew up about 50 miles from Death Valley, I'd prefer warmer to another Ice Age. We had swamp coolers, but I still spent most of my time outside.
I enjoyed the rest of your blog, too. You bring Western values to life with a deft touch, by turns serious and light -- and with welcome flashes of humor. By the way, did you make it to this year's CSU Gala? Mary and I got there late and didn't see everyone. Hope all is well with you and yours.
Fred Brown
Hi Fred,
Still thinking on this.
Question - may I have your permission to post on my blog?
It may pop open some eyes. You give terrific insight and advise.
Thank you,
Hi, Roni.
Yes, you have my permission to post on your blog. Thanks for asking.
Fred Brown

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