Thursday, May 27, 2010


Dear Senator Udall,

Here's what I want you to do with *my money.
Retrieve it! Yes. I want a full accounting of money the federal government took from me and gave - in the form grants - to any entity that can be easily defined as operating outside the limits of U.S. Constitution; this includes welfare, education, unions, environmental, health care, food stamps, school lunch programs and art (in all forms).
Honor states rights, and return these monies to states.
One area you can immediately begin to retrieve “billions” of my dollars, is from environmental groups.
They do not use my money the way I want it used, and I want it back now!
I demand a federal audit be launched immediately! Federal monies given out from about 1990 to present need to be identified, retrieved, and rightfully returned.
This is urgent!
If the federal government and these groups keep good books, it should only take about a week. If they can't do that, then you should seriously consider investigating the federal government and its non-government partners.
One area you can retrieve at least a hundred million today, is from The Nature Conservancy.
They have over 3 billion in assets; $100,000,000 of that you gave them (in 2006), and without my permission.
Governor's Jindel and Crist could put some of that to better use cleaning up their coasts.
American farmers could be paid – maybe 10 bucks a 4' X 4' X 8' bale over hard costs for their bad hay/straw/grass, then collect, ferry and distribute (and subsequently dispose) to those coastal areas impact by oil spill.
Give some of the retrieved monies to states burdened with horrific forest fires and pine bark beetle (a great deal of which can be directly attributed to bad control policies born out of said groups).
Because it is a given that the science is “un-settled” regards weather, I want you to stop all policies in the works, and rescind any that show a hint of connection to Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)/climate change/global warming/CO2 theories. This includes Endangered Species Act (ESA), Cap and Trade, EPA, Clean Air and Water Act.
Another reason no policies should be made connected to AGW theories, is because the widely drawn consensus labels them all as religions. Our First Amendment makes it very clear about Congress prohibiting the establishment of a religion. Therefore, federal has a duty to stay the hell out of anything connected to such.
And please – do not allow any colleague hook “non” to “navigable water” into any language in any bill! Keep an eye on them. You have some colleagues who are very sneaky, and will stop at nothing to seize control over our land and water.
Speaking of land and water, federal needs to stop acquisitioning America's land and water, and start liquidating a great deal of it.
Did you know that the way federal now runs these monument/park/open space/roadless/wild and scenic rivers-trails and other wilderness areas, it costs each taxpayer more than a scalped ticket to the Super Bowl just so one, OK maybe two can have an “enjoyable experience” looking at a feral horse or mosquito and noxious weed infested wetland, then running to a dilapidated park potty.
At least the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land use agreements are with resource providers who not only pay to use the land, as true conservationists they voluntarily maintain these lands and waters beautifully!
This is true.
Regards jobs? This is easy. You and the Obama administration could go down as heroes in American history, if you'd do one very simple thing: Eliminate “Income” tax completely, and transition in the American Consumer Tax. You can read more about it on Click on: “Wouldn't you like to keep your paycheck?”
There isn't one good thing about “income” tax, and there are a gazillion benefits – including generation of jobs – with ACT! Why not ACT now?
A quick way you could generate jobs in Colorado, would be to make it a “Right To Work” state. For sure, one industry, the film industry, would come here in droves tomorrow!
You could also encourage all union members to draw on their pensions simultaneously, and thereon control their own money.
Regards renewable energy: Remember, to replace the coal plant that energizes Boulder, CO, you’d need about 26,000 acres (or approximately 41 square miles) - for wind turbines, and respective of solar - one smart physics professor advised, “There’s not one thing man can do to make the sun shine at night.”
Better check with Boulder to make sure they’re prepared to give up all their green and open spaces to facilitate such turbines.
If your constituency completely understood these things, they may not want to jump the gun so fast on shutting down coal plants. FYI, if we were to go full bore on domestic fossil fuel production, there'd still be ample reserves even if new innovative means of energizing this country take a hundred years to get on board operating clean, and at the same minimal costs of nuclear, natural gas and coal.
You mentioned getting “Free credit reports.” Big deal! They should be eliminated all together. The credit reporting agencies are nothing more than the present day way of knee-capping one if they don't “pay up” what ever amount of money another conjures they owe. Anyone can pluck a number out of the air, decide they want another to “give them” that money, and if they don't they threaten “We'll just ruin your credit.”
This is the choice collection method of the I.R.S. and other un-scrupulous entities.
To summarize simply, just eliminate “income” tax. That – would take care of everything else.
Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester
*my money: Because the federal government does not have a product and therefore does not generate income, its lively hood is dependent upon gifts of my money.


Editor said...

Your writing has reached excellence. The message is concise and well stated. Bravo.

How sad that some of our state and federal politicians cannot or will not read and thus they delegate the intellectual endeavors to the more literate members of their staff as Udall indicated in his reply.
Continue to make your voice heard.

Editor said...

Wonder if we all sent this letter, personalized of course, if one of us would get something in return besides a damn form letter??? Roni
Time will only tell.
You have to realize Udall is against everything you state in your email. My guess you will get a form ltr. telling you he values your opinion, blah, blah, blah. I hope I'm wrong and he will take the time to answer your email. Ken

Wonder if we all sent this letter, personalized of course, if one of us would get something in return besides a damn form letter???