Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The conversation continues...

Dear Nancy,
Thank you again, for writing such a terrific article "...teach kids other side..."
Enjoyed our phone visit.
If you scroll down a bit here * you'll find the letter to East H.S.
Dr.'s Soon and Legates...and Leon Coffee are excited about the prospects of working together -visiting schools from Denver to Cheyenne in Oct.
It would be very telling to find out how many children in CO (and the U.S.) have been ostracized, bullied, ridiculed, and physically shoved by students and teachers (as have the two I mentioned to you) - just for explaining findings contraire to Mr. Gore's CO2 theory.

For facts, truth and dispassionate findings by scientists, please go to: Because it's run solely by volunteers (no paid staff.) - it's most likely the purest "go to place" for such on the WWW.
Any information you need, holler! We'll seek it out and get it to you.
Our passion is "keeping domestic resource production alive," therefore - "protect our domestic resource providers!"
Because policies connected to climate change/CO2 theories/global warming (see cap and trade as one example), are extremely destructive to domestic resource providers - and jeopardize our national security - our mission is to stop and or get them rescinded!
I made a personal commitment to force eco-activists and their political partners to return "science" to the scientists, and federal grant monies to us taxpayers!
* It's likely this and any exchanges will be posted here. No post requests will be honored.
cc: Dr.'s Soon & Legates, David Harsanyi, Vince Carroll, Leon Coffee, GNL Board & Contributing Educators
From: Gordon Fulks

Hello Everyone,
Mrs. Roni Bell contacted me after reading my latest Oregonian Op-Ed somewhere on the web. She has been active in the Colorado/Wyoming area on AGW issues.
Below you will find a letter that she wrote thanking a Denver Post reporter for her story on the indoctrination of children in local public schools. That is a big problem around here also - and something that we need to address. Elementary and secondary school teachers, typically lacking all but a superficial knowledge of science, are almost as heavily into Global Warming hysteria as are journalists and left-wing politicians.
Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)
Corbett, Oregon USA
P.S. Roni Bell has also been actively trying to set up debates between some of the big names in Global Warming. Of course, proponents refuse to face Harvard Astrophysicist Willie Soon, PhD or MIT Professor of Meteorology Richard Lindzen. One professor from the University of Chicago who responded called Lindzen a "liar" as his only excuse for refusing to debate. In my opinion, that is completely unprofessional and dangerously close to slander. But it is typical of those defending the AGW empire.
Dear Gordon,
Humble thanks.
Truly - seeing how these efforts - yours, Willie's and more, are connecting into an intelligent, reasoned force, gives...for the first time...hope to affirmatively turn the monster lies into insignificant mush.

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Editor said...

Roni This is getting to be a really big deal and is getting very political. I am still behind you, but don't know what to do. By the way this is a great letter. Proud of you.