Friday, August 6, 2010


"Man-makes globe hot believers" claim the temp's gotten a macro degree warmer - well, the cycling weather is peddling back to cooling.
Some observers caution: "Let us not create new technologies that generate a whole set of problems of their own. Wind farms are a case in point. There's plenty of controversy over their possible [4] health effects and habitation disturbances [5]."
I agree.
Watch. In the very near future I personally guarantee you'll see skeletal wind turbines scattered...and not by the wind.
Solar fields will consist of vacuous twisted panels, surrounded by noxious weeds and wolves, glaring up at the skies through broken panes, cobwebs and sage grouse poop.
The first layer of opportunists on the pyramid scheme, will be spending their days on fossil fueled yachts, and nights in their coal warmed castles...laughing at the rest of us dummies who, will be shivering in the global cooling and unable to squeeze enough dung outta our single buffalo nickel to buy milk. If - we can find any.
Roni-spot on.
When we were in China three years ago we visited some of the energy producing areas. We saw huge wind mill farms where only one or two of 50 windmills were actually working. Having seen this first hand, I do believe that the picture you painted is exactly right.
Best, John
You can tell the enormity of a scam, by the number of opportunistic "cottage industries" and federal government involvement that pop up around it.
When the government and its non-government partners see a means to seize control of our land and water “locally,” they’ll use it to govern “globally.”
Your hard earned money goes (without your permission) to lavishly fund federal partners like the Nature Conservancy, Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club and more, to orchestrate land and water takings.
To get control of our land and water, they use circuitous routes including: Wildlands, man makes the climate change, wetlands, most precious jewel this and jewel that, wild and scenic rivers/ flatlands/ prairies/ mountain/gullies/puddles and poodles, allegedly endangered mosquitos/weeds/feral horses/ rats/noise hairs and goose poop, last great vistas/porta potties and view sheds, conservation easements/land trusts/buffer zones and wildlife corridors, cap and trade, penalties on pre-existing energy company that serve us, heavy praise and perks to the new cute little baby energy ideas and on.
Surely your email box is glutted with cottage industries du jour, all claiming if you’ll send them money, they’ll protect you against climate change believers, skeptics and yourself. They will “save you.”
Remember too, the Carson/Ruckelhaus “de-population” theory, using EPA programs as: Ban DDT. Yes. They got legislation that now saves mosquitos and kills humans.
All those roads trace back to taking control of us, our land, and our water.

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