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Like an Octopus, many newspapers defend their political leanings by expelling volumes of ink to camouflage their whereabouts.
The one who moves factual differences too close to these newspapers, risks being ink blackened like a pork chop charred distasteful to the hungriest dog.
A good example of such blackening, happened to Dan Maes (CO gubernatorial candidate).
Dan raised a question about Mayor Hickenlooper’s (Also a gubernatorial candidate) enrollment of Denver in a global organization known as ICLEI.
Sure. I read the accountings and wrote (see following) about it.
But - it wasn’t until this morning the thought hit me, “My God Roni. You may of been that “mystery woman" who gave Maes information about ICLEI.
After all, as I do with everyone (Regardless their party affiliation. Ask Michael Huttner), I tonaged Dan Maes with un-biased, non-partisan, documented facts and truth pertaining to land, water and individual liberty takings.
I’m not protecting Dan. I am instead scolding him. He should of known better than to make the mistake of plopping ICLEI into the sun. He should of taken the usually chosen positions of being either: Too terrified to broach such weighty truths; engaged in the business of taking our land, water and individual liberties.
Reminds me of 40 years back when my eldest was approached by three husky boys. They made him an offer: “You can stand on this side of the road and throw rocks with us, or you can stand on that side of the road and get rocks thrown at you.”
Yup! I’m probably the mystery woman guilty of giving Dan those papers.
So char me!
Bike agenda spins cities toward U.N. control, Maes warns ...
Maes said ICLEI is affiliated with the United Nations and is "signing up mayors ... All contents Copyright 2010 The Denver Post or other copyright holders. ...

_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Regardless when Denver joined ICLEI (supposedly 1992), Mayor Hickenlooper should of recognized it as the striping of state and community sovereignties via engagement with a globalization clump containing the European Union, religious Eco-Movement and United Nations, and immediately cancelled Denver’s membership.
By downplaying the destructive nature of ICLEI, ICLEI’s “Cool Mayor” Hickenlooper shows either naivety or the knowing selling out of Denver. Either makes him unacceptable as a governor.
Don’t take my word for it. Do your own homework.
ICLEI’s not the innocuous little warm, fuzzy cute little ol’ thing it portrays itself as. It is instead, another weapon used by those marching to seize control of you, your land, and your water.
This is a truthful fact. I can’t make up stuff this damn ugly.
This is not an endorsement for any other candidate running for governor of Colorado.

Dear Mike (Peters) Greeley Tribune, August 8, 2010
Thought you might be interested in this note I wrote to Dean Singleton.
After reading your column yesterday, it hit me that whoa...I may have been that mysterious woman who gave Dan Maes information on ICLEI. YIKS!
Anyway, the following for well, whatever.
Thanks your great, entertaining, spot on work!
August 5, 2010

To: Mr. William Dean Singleton
Chairman and Publisher Denver Post

Good Afternoon Mr. Singleton,

BTW, your Wyoming Split Rock ranch adjoins my husband Chuck Sylvester's Circle Bar Ranch.
In case you missed my write of yesterday, August 4, 2010, it follows this note regards your Denver Post's editorial, "GOP's big tent is a real circus."
I agree with editorial statement, (ICLEI) "Hardly a conspiracy,” but disagree with the inference it is instead some delightful global lifesaver for local dummies.
Claims of ICLEI as an “information-sharing group,” that “doesn’t come with a mandate agenda,” is contraire to their mission statement: “The 'International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives' became 'ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability' with a broader mandate to address sustainability issues.”
In the 80's, I had opportunity to get to know a world class con-artist. He un-wittingly tutored this eager student well.
Today I can spot a con an ocean away.
Unwaveringly congenial, con-artists thump bibles, lullaby babies, and peddle bikes to gain your confidence.
OK. Hopefully I’ve qualified my self as an expert enough in con-artistry that you’ll take seriously my dispassionate view of ICLEI.
Their website reveals manmade cons more devastating than anything Mother Nature thinks up!
Here’s a tiny sampling:
Agenda 21: A design for America to be one big wildland corridor. This is done by first systematically seizing control of all land and water. The elite Agenda 21 designers will herd everyone into a handful of hubs they call “sustainable communities,” while they helicopter in to their wilderness surrounded castles.
Climate Change: Earth to man-makes climate change believers! Mother Nature tampers with your weather more than you! Should you trash her? No. That's a given.
But, did you know groups like ICLEI uses climate as a way to trash you?
How? They con your federal government into giving them your money, so they can perpetuate their manmade war on climate. This conjured war is big money for them; they'll do anything, to keep your money rolling their way.
Biological Diversity: Another federally subsidized group like The Nature Conservancy and the Center for Biological Diversity; facilitators to Agenda 21's land and water takings.
How do you feel about the federal government taking your paycheck and giving to those who harm you?
In my eyes, these groups along with the United Nations and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have zero credibility. Why? They do bad stuff with your money like: Kill good science and replace it with political science; refuse to correctly and humanely lift the ban on DDT (An act that would save millions of lives.); make un-substantiated claims of endangered species and/or wetlands to deplete their target’s capital so it becomes ripe for takeover (Known on Wall Street as a “green - or hostile takeover.); finance political causes and candidates not of your choosing.
Local communities, resource producers, county commissioners/planners and extension have their own excellent tools, including Baseline Production Acre, to help determine the healthiest practices for their particular area's land and water. They don’t need global to dictate local!
And if "information sharing" is all ICLEI's engaged in, who needs them? Why do they even exist? For as volunteer editor for, I, like millions of others online, receive information from educators, scientists, attorneys, doctors and resource providers from all over the world, and share it freely to whomever wants it.
In today's communications abilities, this is not rocket science nor does it require federal/global government funding or mandates.
Mayor Hickenlooper can just go to and get all the information sharing he wants. For free. No strings attached. Yup! Won't even get Denver just a little bit pregnant!
One last note to you all,
Please. Don’t editorialize on a subject you’ve chosen not to be dispassionately equipped with the truth and facts.
Also, if you want to campaign for John Hickenlooper, do so by singing his talents as opposed to engaging in childish belittling of others.
Now that I’m through here, I’m going to check Mayor Hickenlooper’s campaign contributions filing to see whether or not he correctly reported your editorial stumping in his behalf as an in-kind contribution from the Denver Post - sure to be worth at least a couple million.
Thank you,

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