Thursday, August 19, 2010


by Roni Bell Sylvester

Muslims want a mosque near Ground Zero in New York, claiming this a religious want.
Homosexuals want the blessing of Marriage, claiming this a political matter.
In reality, these two things are the reverse.
Marriage between homosexuals is strictly a religious matter; a matter they should remove from the political arena, and take up with the Ecumenical Council.
The word marriage originated from the bible; a.k.a the word of God.
The Supreme Court recognizes anything built on and using the word of God, as a religion. Groups that exclude the word God are not recognized as a religion.
Example: Though widely known as a religious movement, eco-anthropogenic global warming believers are able to deeply influence government with their faith based policies, just because they don’t use the word “God” in their language. “Gods” yes. But in the text of “many.” That’s correct. Most eco-anthropogenic global warming believers worship many gods including Gaia (Where one God works fine for most of us, they fear that’s not enough to get them into heaven?).
Do Muslims really want a religious mosque in New York? If true, and their pursuit began and ended with religion, it’d be a whole different situation.
But that’s not what they want. They want a facility where they can expand “Shariah Law” world wide.
Shariah Law has nothing to do with religion. It’s 100% pure politics! A plug ugly murder homosexuals, randomly stone and behead humans, and the crush rights of children and women form of governance.
They want to remove America’s U.S. Constitution, freedoms, liberties and trial by jury protections, and implement Shariah Law.
Now that you know the wants of homosexual marriage and mosque in New York were wrongly presented to you in reverse, how do you feel about them?

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Editor said...

Cordoba Project (NYC) - when Spain was conquered by the Muslims in the 700's, they transformed a cathedral into a mosque, thus the name for this "project."
Cordovan leather comes from Cordoba Spain.
It is made from the horses ass. This is what the Muslims think of Americans and their political correctness.
Not only a joke but the way to their own self destruction.
n ungulate biology it is called "recruitment". Robert F.