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Subject: Michael - Kjersten, there you go again...

Dear Michael Huttner,
In case you did not receive the following.
Dust ups like the one yesterday between O'Reilly, Behr and Goldberg always bring this first thought to me:
"How does hate and intolerance for commoners like me, and adoration and tolerance for such as Shariah Law reside side by side within their hearts?"
Entities including NOW, Arianna Huffington, Behr, Goldberg, Maher, either aggressively ignore or minimize ladies like me. Can you explain this?
I would be happy to come down to Denver (Or, you're all welcome to come up to our farm.) and visit with you and Kjersten about this and more.
For the health of America, we need to arrive then work together from a place of mutual respect.
Don't you agree?
Thank you Michael.
Call me: 970-284-6874

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From: Roni Bell Sylvester
Sent: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 11:51 AM
Subject: Kjersten, there you go again...

Dear Kjersten Forseth and ProgressNow/Colorado,

Freedom of speech is terrific!
Though it would be helpful to the public, if spokespersons on a subject would exercise the courtesy of first alerting the audience as to their qualifications (or lack of) to address said subject.
A suggested header alert could be: "Buyer beware. I am not a certified/authentic/learned/well trained scientist, psychologist, doctor, cowboy, attorney, statistician, mathematician, physicist, psychiatrist, geologist, peace-officer, veterinarian, foreign policy expert, agriculturalist, hydrologist, climatologist, astrophysicist, investigator, lawman, farmer, historian or war analyst. What I am about to tell you is my own personal interpretation based on my own feelings."
Now. Regards: Liberal group releases 2005 tape of Ken Buck's advice to alleged date-rape victim -
By Allison Sherry
Read more: Liberal group releases 2005 tape of Ken Buck's advice to alleged date-rape victim - The Denver Post
Let me allow my own "buyer beware," for the only qualification I have to make the following statement - frankly -disqualifies me in your eyes.
Why? I'm a woman. A woman you rank amongst those women you choose to be "insensitive" towards and dismiss.
Why? Because I'm not a socialist, Marxist, communist, fascist, eco-terrorist, Sharia law enthusiast, U.S. Constitution demolitionist, or one who's on a government teat.
Because I'm none of the before-mentioned, I fall into your category of women you faithfully profile as alarmingly "insensitive" to you and your ilk, and therefore deserving your smears, lies, denigrations and subsequent dismissal.
If Ken Buck were a woman who advised the alleged rape victim you claim he "insensitively grilled" (Were you there?), would you still hold to your personal interpretation?
The before-mentioned common characteristics of women you dismiss.
Which begs another buyer beware I'd appreciate your stating up front: "I, Kjersten Forseth, do not speak for all women."
It is unacceptable for groups like NOW and individuals like you to portend to be spokespersons for all women; particularly since you dismiss so many of us.
Recommendation: Progress Now could use their war chest to fund a trial for said alleged rape victim. Get all the involved at the table together.
Kjersten, because alleged date-rape victim has become a close friend of yours, and you have her best interest at heart, I'm sure you'll want to seize upon my suggestion and get this matter resolved plein air.
Again I ask you, "Please switch your course and hereon engage in activities that are kind, sweet, constructive, thoughtful and truthful."

Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester
A non-expert on everything.
An un-abashed solicitor of verifiable acts and truth from those who will provide them.
P.O. Box 155
LaSalle, CO 80645
Volunteer Editor
Article Discussion: Littwin: Buck will only be as scary as t
by Ronita on Today, 5:49 pm

Dear Mike, Following is my response to Mike Huttner, Alan Franklin et al at Progress Now regards their T-shirt campaign.
Click here: join the U.N. Bicycle Ambassadors while you still can. Only $25 minimum donation.
Thanks again for doing your part to turn Denver into a dreaded "United Nations Community!"
_ _ _ _ _ _ _
Mike (Littwin),
I think my note to them, and subsequent note (to a friend) applies to your write up about Ken Buck's friends.
Sadly, I see I now have to add you to those who hate the Chuck Sylvester's of our community.
Also, I love Ken's ability to update and change course when presented with new information. If he was a doctor, I'd sure as hell go to him than some who'd say, "Sorry. Can't give you the medically, scientifically, biologically sound prescription you need, for I'm beholden to the federally funded, politically correct, mandated medicine du jour. I must stay rigidly opposed to any new scientific findings that are contraire, or I'll loose my job."

Dear Alan, Mike et al,
This makes me very, very sad.
When so many honest, decent, hard working, law abiding American citizens struggle to make a living, feed the poor and hungry with what little they have left, and are kind and well mannered to everyone...just to be harassed by those whose main pursuit in life is to steal from and use the stolen money to ridicule and lie about those they stole from.
Your T-shirts and campaign are not cute or funny.
You've chosen to be cruel, ugly, and I don't know why. Do you make a lot of money? Is it your form of entertainment?
Using stolen money and funding from whomever - including maybe Stryker, Gill, Polis, Bridges, to perpetrate the present environment of lies is the cruelest action you can take against Americans; particularly our children.
Please switch your course and hereon engage in activities that are kind, sweet, constructive, thoughtful and truthful.
Dear Friend,
(Re: Huttner et al's T-shirt campaign.)
I want so much to stand on a mountain with the biggest megaphone ever, and shout, "STOP IT!!!"
Lies - once scorned, shunned, and advised against, are today's accepted fad.
Liars do it with in your face boldness.
Instead of man-ing up and debating the facts...they (always more well-funded then the seems anyway) are allowed privilege of hiding behind more ridicule, lie based campaigns.
Today's political way of going is finally wearing me down.
More lately than not, I just wish President Obama and whom ever he's Manchurian Candidating for, would just shoot us outright, instead of first stealing our paychecks, then burying us in the sand and slowly stoning us to stone at a time.
When I know how much great people like Chuck Sylvester sacrifice, quietly, without grandstanding, to support issues and people that come from places of fact and truth, stuff like Progress Now's t-shirt campaign are the constant reminders from those who hate him.

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