Saturday, October 30, 2010


Dear Mike Ditto, Michael Huttner, Kjersten Forseth (ProgressNow)
{An answser to their plead for money using Ken Buck as their tool.)
Being gay is like being happy.
That was the original time honored definition - and a pretty nice one too... of the word gay.
It, along with many beautiful words, have been hijacked and changed into some kind of foreign language to be used by the changers to police vocabularies and pop a public into paralysis.
Now. If you'd like to address homosexuality, here's my overview:
Man cannot change the weather or his gender.
Nature (see God) makes both the climate change and one's gender pre-disposition.
Man neither has the power to force the sun to shine brighter or dimmer, or change his gender.
We have the man-makes climate change faithful, who believe taxing any not of their belief will stop the sun in its rays.
We have those who claim psychological treatment will adjust ones chemical levels of testosterone and estrogen while morphing the genes into another kind of an animal.
I think it's arrogant of man to waste one moment of time trying to re-adjust that which God bestowed.
There is though, something man does make, that damages us thousand-fold more than any catastrophic act by God.
It's called lying.
It's unbelievable to listen to Mike Littwin or Al Gore repeat the lie, "man-makes climate change," to explain away their offensive treatment of scientists whose findings reveal otherwise.
Unbelievably, despite decades of scientific evidence and documented research that clearly show man has little if anything to do with changing the weather, politicians including Barack Obama
just don't get it.
As one who's requested Al Gore debate scientists, his arrogant, "I'm not interested in debating (whomever)," and getting a free pass not to do so, is the type of thing that makes my blood boil!
And I can guarantee you that lying is in fact, a lifestyle choice!
Not to defend Mr. Buck, but instead to give you a little more humane, compassionate way to address his innocent goof, consider that as a D.A., he's probably had to deal with many world class liars.
Some could have been those lying heterosexuals who dally in an odd little sport of "Let's pretend I'm a Gay or Lesbian?"
When I was about 11, I learned from observing a tough little heifer with a tiny udder (worthless milker my dad called her) that "rode" other heifers and shunned the bull, that humans are also born with those different degrees of masculinity or femininity that result in bi-sexuals, trans-genders, homosexuals and lesbians.
Now, after learning this, I'm sure that as broadminded, honest folks, you'll concede this lying little game further confuses the equation of sexuality; particularly to those un-schooled in genetics, physiology, chemistry.
Therefore, I'd like to suggest to you, that instead of wasting your time and perhaps my money (if you get money with trace back to government grants) wagging your finger at confused innocents like Ken Buck, set up a campaign to help liars choose a healthy lifestyle of honesty.
You could set up schools that would help liars stop lying and to respect the honest. Regardless their gender.
Thank you,
Roni Bell Sylvester
Homemaker, volunteer editor
cc: Mike Littwin, Ken Buck
Sort of surprised you’d publicly call me a liar. But if that’s what you need to do, I guess that’s what you need to do.
Mike (Littwin)_________________________________________________________________
Read it closer. I did not call you a liar. I simply said you "'repeat the lie, "man-makes climate change,"'.....
Huge difference.
I would no more call you a liar, than I'd accuse myself of being a writer.
Get it now?
Then who is lying exactly? Willfully repeating a lie is lying. There’s no difference.
After saying Gore won’t debate whomever, you say lying is a lifestyle choice. You’re clearly suggesting Gore is lying. You use Gore and me in the same sentence as repeating lies.
If I’m not lying, who is lying?
Mike,'re forcing me to think. Ouch!
You've plopped in words that weren't in my text.
You're only referenced in one sentence - albeit with Gore - that pertained only to the subject of global warming; but that was the end of any reference to you.
Why? Because I consider your "repeat" of Al Gore's lie as not done willfully, nor with intent to deceive.
You're simply mimicking... perhaps playfully - to tweak the reader - to see if they're paying attention?
I continued with Mr. Gore, because his alarmist and grossly inaccurate CO2 claims have served him well. His tried and true formula of lying has unjustly enriched and empowered him.
He's smart enough to know this, therefore it is obvious to even this lowly educated homemaker, that what he does - he does with very practiced intent to deceive.
If he wasn't getting so damn wealthy off his formula, it'd be too easy to state otherwise then dismiss him as a buffoon!
Lying is a lifestyle choice. A curable choice.
Gore is lying. You're toying. :-)
I do though, stand corrected on this sentence: "I would no more call you a liar, than I'd accuse myself of being a writer." What I meant to write is: I would no more call you a liar, than YOU would accuse me of being a writer.
Ok I take your word for it. But I'm not thin-skinned, so I'm pretty sure others would think the same thing.
Let's just say that we differ on the opinion of homosexuality.
I do agree and am tired of the bastardization of the word Gay.
Well, I could say more, but as a dear friends you and Chuck are...let's just agree to disagree!
Jim R
Yeh, I know.
I was trying to make a point - regards climate change.
Maybe I'll post the exchange I had with Littwin.
Hey! How are you anyway?
Making Chili - better go stir. :-)
Always love your feedback!!!
With exception to a phone visit (I initiated.) with Michael Huttner,
ProgressNow never responded.
Mike Littwin is always decent enough to engage in debate. Thank you Mike!

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