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Dr. Mike Fallon Republican Candidate CO 1st C.D. vs. Incumbent Congresswoman Diana DeGette

What might give a Dr. Mike Fallon win: * Assemblage of an exceptional "foot" army. Mike and his supporter volunteers have walked and phoned the 1st C.D. extensively! * DeGette doesn't have near the I.D. or die-hard supporters Pat Schroeder enjoyed. * 2010 tidal wave against incumbents - Democrats in particular. * Fallon's by far the best Republican candidate in the 1st. C.D. since my former husband.
Gene (Hutcheson) was good enough to have the pundits call it a horse race. So Pat and her Fourth Branch of the Government (media) pulled out their tried and true Judo Principle. Probably Gene would of lost regardless...
Gene's only regret? That he didn't deck Schroeder in their last televised interview! :-)
Interestingly enough, when I bumped into Sally Brown (Schroeder's campaign mgr.) some 12 years later and introduced myself, she stepped back, firmly looked at me and stated, "I KNOW who you are. THAT was a campaign I'll NEVER forget!"
But then I digress...
DeGette's obvious partner (Denver Post publisher William Dean Singleton) most likely instructed his employees (Some - like Chuck Plunkett strayed.), "do not acknowledge Dr. Fallon."
Because it would have raised Mike's name I.D.?
DeGette couldn't afford that, for then she would have had to attack Mike; a great E.R. Doctor with an impeccable background. That, would have been akin to attacking - someone universally admired. The backlash would of been DeGette's incumbency demise; moreover leaving it with an big ol' ugly keloid scar!
The argument could be made that Singleton chose to protect DeGette and openly support Hickenlooper and Bennet.
Haven't the foggiest. For if they win, they'll install their policies and Wyoming's (where Singleton owns a ranch next to Chuck's) economic base will crash! Their "stop fracking-capandtrade-expanded wilderness" type policies will shut down the very industries that keep resource rich states like Wyoming and Colorado vital!
If each registered Democrat votes for DeGette, she'll win. That's demographics pure.
Reverse it with Republicans, Independents and a sprinkling of true Democrats... Dr. Mike Fallon will win.
If you live in CO 1st C.D., please vote for Dr. Mike Fallon.
If you have friends in the 1st C.D. please - encourage them to do likewise.
For sure, this election cycle will go down as the only known, verifiably "Man-made (political) Climate Change!"
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