Monday, November 1, 2010


Dear Caroline Heldman,

You're wrong! Twice!
First: Claiming government is superior to free enterprise because it doesn't have a "profit motive."
The reason government is so distinctly rotten corrupt, is because too many individuals who make up
"government" are driven by "self profiteering motives."
Power and motives so strong they wear "government programs" as masks when they shout,
"This is a stick up! Hand over your money!"
Good grief Caroline, where the hell do you think Pelosi gets her travel bucks?
Where do you think Obama gets his date with Michelle money?
Where do you think - oh heck...this list could go into infinity!
Therefore, each time you repeat, "Government doesn't have a "profit motive," it calls for one,from these two honest answers:
a) You're stupid.
b) You're aiding... and betting on... the thieves.
Which do you choose Carolyn?
Second: Claiming Obama "inherited" a surprising mess.
That's like suggesting he's Rip Van Winkle: "A cluckhen pecked husband who so despised free enterprise
he slept from 1991 to 2009.
What did Obama do with his 17 years of "grooming for the presidency?"
American Citizens are ever aware and current on the containments of America's Will.
How do you and Obama keep missing the readings?
Therefore, each time you (and Obama) repeat, "inherited," it calls for one, from these two honest answers.
a) Obama's stupid.
b) Obama's cunningly sweeping us into socialism.
Which is it Caroline?
Footnote: President Obama could clean up said mess and get America back to good health within
one year!
Abolish "income" tax in its entirety, and install the American Consumer Tax.
Everyone knows this. Even Obama.
All Obama would have to do is extend a kind, welcoming, sincere, bi-partisanship invitation to
Democrats, Republicans, Tea-Partiers, Libertarians and Independents - for a little get together
where they would enjoy demolishing the structurally un-safe "income" tax, and build a sound new
American Consumer Tax.
Caroline, if Obama did this, would you still support him?
Roni Bell Sylvester


Roberta H said...

I agree with you totally! This woman is wrong about many things. Did you hear her say on The O'Reilly Factor recently that she does not celebrate Thanksgiving because it celebrates the genocide of American Natives? She threw that out for no apparent had nothing to do with what was being discussed. I'm unimpressed with her.

Editor said...

I missed that...hummm, that's interesting. Wonder what she thinks of the REAL genocide going on in Africa...simply because depopulationists keep the ban on DDT...